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Virtual reality is changing many industries around the world and has a lot of benefits such as surgery planning, phobia treatment, pain relief, robotic surgery, skills training, etc. Virtual reality (VR) has proven to be a mainstream form of entertainment.

If you are thinking about the places where to buy them, this is your choice.

Founded in Berlin, MR. CARDBOARD is leading in the field of Virtual Reality Viewer (Google Cardboard). Mr.Cardboard are specialized in unique designed Cardboards for end customers as well as customized cardboards for their business partners (fairs, giveaways, promotions ...).

All Mr.Cardboard's Cardboards are made in Germany and are super easy to use.

Things you would love at Mr.Cardboard

Super easy to use

Comfort fit and sharp lenses

The functionality of the POP!

Cardboard is stunningly simple and impressive coupon-Virtual reality

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Mr.Cardboard FAQ

Is my mobile compatible?

Our POP! CARDBOARD works in general with every Android and Apple smartphone that is younger than 3 years. To check compatibility you can download the Google Cardboard app for Android and iOS.

Does my smartphone fit in your POP! CARDBOARD?

Our POP! CARDBOARD supports all smartphones with a display size of 6 inches or less. That includes for example

  • Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7
  • Sony Xperia Z5
  • HTC One M9
  • Google Nexus 5, 6
  • iPhone 4, 5, 6 Plus
  • any many more

Is this an original Google Cardboard?

Short answer: No. We took the basic cutting templates available from Google, put some more effort into this and developed your own version of a Google Cardboard: Our POP! CARDBOARD. This is not a kit nor requires it your effort to be assembled. In addition is our POP! CARDBOARD certified by Google: WWGC - Works with Google Cardboard.

What is WWGC? Is your viewer certified by Google?

The “Works with Google Cardboard” (WWGC) badge and term are designed to indicate that our VR viewer has been certified to be compatible with a Google Cardboard application ecosystem. In short: Our viewer has been confirmed by Google to work with all Google Cardboard applications.

Is this a Google Cardboard v1 or v2?

Neither. The size of the viewer is same as the Google Cardboard v2. However, we omitted the bigger lenses and the conductive button to ensure maximum compatibility with phones and the best user experience. Please also ready the FAQ about the lenses, magnet switch and conductive button below.

What is the magnet for and why you do not have one?

The magnet or rather the magnets (one on the inside and one on the outside) were intended as an input for your phone. If you pull the outside magnet down, the magnetic field changes and your magnetic sensor recognizes this as a click. So far so good. However, every smartphone has its magnetic sensor at a different position. Even if you have Google's Nexus phone, the magnetic switch would only work about half the time.

We prefer to use a thumb cut-out at the bottom of the cardboard. This allows you to touch the screen at any time, accurate and intuitive. In addition the thumb-cut-out grands faster clicking and swiping movements, perfect for gaming. And yes, all phones and apps work with our thumb cut-out :).

What lenses do you use?

As defined by Google we are using double-convex lenses. Those lenses focus the light due to the double curvature stronger and enlarge the field of view, which improves the virtual reality experience significantly.

Great! Then why don't you use bigger lenses?

Nobody has exactly the ideal distance between the eyes. Due to the higher refraction of the bigger lenses, a slide off-center position results in a blurry image, and therefore dizziness. Smaller lenses as we use them, do not have that issue. In addition, they are about 10 times lighter.

Can the lens distance be adjusted?

On first sight, adjustable lenses seem a good idea. However, we got the feedback that it is rather confused to set the lenses in the "right" distance. Especially when you are trying VR the first time. Most likely you will end up with a position to much left or right, and the image will get blurry. Plus, when using the Cardboards the lens piece will move and you have to do the trouble all over again.

With our Cardboards there is on need to adjust the lenses. We are Google certified, hence our viewer matches all Cardboard app specification. With our Viewer Profile (QR-Code) all apps get automatically calibrated to our POP! CARDBOARD.

So, adjustable lenses are actually not necessary, but most important they have to always be setup, hence they are a disadvantage.

What is the NFC chip for?

If you have a NFC (Near Field Communication) Sensor in your phone, the NFC launches automatically the Google Cardboard App. This is very handy the first or secound time, after this it is maybe annoying. Therefore, we omit the NFC chip.

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