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The “Ross ice streams,” which flow through the West Antarctic inland ice into the Ross Ice Shelf, are distinct in character, differing even from other ice streams in the marine ice sheet of West Antarctica. ... Lina Arbelaez-Moreno, Streamlined hard beds formed by palaeo-ice streams: A review, Sedimentary Geology, 10.1016/j.sedgeo.2015.12 ...
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An ice stream is a part of an inland ice sheet that flows rapidly through the surrounding ice. The distinction between an ice sheet and an outlet glacier is clear in principle but muddy in practice ‐‐ many Antarctic glaciers are intermediate in character.
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 · Ice streams observed in modern-ice sheets show considerable spatial and temporal variability, with changes in their velocity observed over timescales of hours to decades (Bindschadler et al., 2003, Joughin et al., 2003); and with some ice streams known to have switched on and off, and others changing their flow trajectory (Retzlaff and Bentley, 1993, Conway et al., 2002).
 · Ice streams are typically large features (> 20 km in width, >150 km in length), with a convergent onset zone feeding in to a main channel[3]. Modern ice streams are associated with pervasively deformed till and offshore trough-mouth fans, depo-centres for the large volumes of sediment that are transported from the interior of the ice sheet outwards to the continental shelves.
 · The Late Wisconsin Cordilleran Ice Sheet (CIS) of western North America is thought to have reached its maximum extent (∼2.5 × 10 6 km 2) as late at c. 14.5 ka.Most (80%) of the ice sheet's bed consists of high mountains but its ‘core zone’ sited on plateaux of the Intermontane Belt of British Columbia and coterminous parts of the USA, shows broad swaths of subglacially-streamlined rock ...
Fig. 2. Map of the Siple Ice Streams. See Fig. 1 for location. M.R. Bennett / Earth-Science Reviews 61 (2003) 309–339 311
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Ice streams in the Laurentide Ice Sheet: a new mapping inventory ... A brief review of previous work Recognition of the importance of ice streams in the LIS was outlined by Hughes et al. (1977) and Denton and Hughes (1981), who depicted a number of ice streams, based mainly on topographic inferences. Dyke (1984), Dyke and Morris (1988) and ...
We review the literature on the occupation of Hudson Strait (800 km long by 90 km wide) by late Quaternary ice streams, and the importance of Hudson Strait as the major source for sediments associated with the North Atlantic Heinrich (H‐) events.
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Bentley, C. R. (1987). Antarctic Ice Streams – A review. Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth and. Planets, 92 (B9), 8843 ...
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ice streams that operated at the land-terminating margins of palaeo-ice sheets (Margold, Stokes, Clark, and Kleman, 2015b). Thus, a more useful distinction from a process point of view is to define ice streams according to their topographic setting (Bentley 1987). Following Bentley (1987), Stokes and
Abstract. Ice-stream networks constitute the arteries of ice sheets through which large volumes of glacial ice are rapidly delivered from the continent to the ocean. Modifications in ice-stream networks have a major impact on ice sheet mass balance and global sea level. Reorganizations in the drainage network of ice streams have been reported in both modern and paleo-ice sheets and usually ...
Streamlined hard beds formed by palaeo-ice streams: A review.pdf. Content available from Maarten Krabbendam: 56b1ccca08ae56d7b06b6889.pdf. Str eaml in ed hard be ds fo rme d by palae o-ice st ream ...
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Palaeo ice streams. Ice streams are fast flowing corridors embedded within slower flowing ice sheets. For Antarctica they are responsible for around 90% of ice mass lost from the system, even though they occupy only a small part of the perimeter (12 %).
The Antarctic Peninsula, known as O'Higgins Land in Chile and Tierra de San Martin in Argentina, and originally as the Palmer Peninsula in the US and Graham Land in the United Kingdom, is the northernmost part of the mainland of Antarctica.. The Antarctic Peninsula is part of the larger peninsula of West Antarctica, protruding 1,300 km (810 miles) from a line between Cape Adams (Weddell Sea ...
Sedimentary Geology is a journal that rapidly publishes high quality, original research and review papers that cover all aspects of sediments and sedimentary rocks at all spatial and temporal scales. Submitted papers must make a SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION to the field of study and must place the research in a BROAD CONTEXT, so that it is of interest to the DIVERSE, INTERNATIONAL READERSHIP of ...
Abstract. Ice streams provide a fundamental control on ice sheet discharge and depositional patterns along glaciated margins. This paper investigates ancient ice streams by presenting the first 3D seismic geomorphological analysis of a major glacigenic succession offshore Greenland. In Melville Bugt, northwest Greenland, six sets of landforms (five buried and one on the seafloor) have been ...
 · Ice streams are relatively fast-moving corridors of ice that operate within an ice sheet, at a speed of about 800 meters per year. In Antarctica, 90 percent of the melting ice and sediment from the ice sheets is drained by ice streams (typically, around 20 km wide and 150 km long), making them critical for overall ice sheet dynamics.
The early Holocene sea level rise (EHSLR) was a significant jump in sea level by about 60 m during the early Holocene, between about 12,000 and 7,000 years ago, spanning the Eurasian Mesolithic. The rapid rise in sea level and associated climate change, notably the 8.2 ka cooling event (8,200 years ago), and the loss of coastal land favoured by early farmers, may have contributed to the spread ...
Whillans Ice Stream, moving belt of ice in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet that deposits ice onto the massive Ross Ice Shelf. Whillans Ice Stream is approximately 2,600–3,000 feet (792–914 metres) thick and about 50–60 miles (80.5–96.5 km) wide. It is named for American glaciologist Ian Whillans, who
Ice Sheet Dynamics Contacts, for more information: Robert Hallberg Olga Sergienko Related Areas of Research: Ocean and Ice ProcessesTabular Icebergs The present-day ice sheets contain the equivalent of about 65 meters of global sea level rise, locked in the form of ice.
 · The average global temperature during the last Ice Age 20,000 years ago was 46°F (7.7°C) — 11°F (6°C) colder than today — a study has reported. Researchers from the US combined data from ...

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