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About Invigorated Water

Invigorated Water water filler bottle, faucet & tap filter, shower filters, countertop unit

Invigorated Water specializes in offering pitchers, water filler bottle, faucet & tap filter, shower filters, countertop unit, replacement filters, PH Test Kits. Let Invigorated Water help you live a happy, healthy & Invigorated Life. Water is essential to life, but much of our water is acidic, dirty, polluted, & dead.Invigorated Water can help you remove the bad stuff, & adding the good stuff, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle, you can live a truly Invigorated Life. Beside, Invigorated Water are a very proud supporter of charity: water by donating a portion of your purchase, and our profits, to this awesome charity, so they can build sustainable water supplies for people who need it most.

The things you would love at Invigorated Water

Invigorated Water water filler bottle, faucet & tap filter, shower filters, countertop unit

Alkalize - Increase water pH levels to help balance your body’s pH

Ionize - Deliver water high in antioxidants & negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP)

Structure - Organize water molecules into structured groups for better absorption & hydration

Mineralize - Add trace elements & minerals, including magnesium, calcium, zinc & selenium

Purify - Removes heavy metals like lead & aluminium, chemicals like fluoride & chlorine, and impurities like dust & rust

Invigorate - Soften hard water while improving taste and smell

Invigorated Water water filler bottle, faucet & tap filter, shower filters, countertop unit

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People also ask


The simple definition is – water that has a pH greater than 7. The pH of alkaline water used for drinking purposes usually ranges between 7.5 and 10.0. Alkaline water provides you with silky fresh ionized water that is micro-clustered and free from toxins, chemicals and pollutants like chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals and fluoride, with added essential minerals and trace elements.



Micro-clustering means the process that happens naturally when tap water comes in to contact with the alkaline filter elements. This is also called ionization. The water molecules are drastically reduced in size and number, providing you with a silky velvety felling and tasting water that your body can actually absorb. Better absorption or hydration means your body can heal and restore faster and better. This is why there are so many reputed facts about alkaline water and health..



Doctors say it is beneficial to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. If you are not used to drinking a lot of water, start out by drinking 3-4 glasses of alkaline water per day (approx. 1 litre) and gradually increase your water intake to 8-12 glasses per day (2 to 3 litres).



No. Some people have been known to drink 4 or more litres of alkaline ionized water every day and gotten great benefit from it. On the contrary, one of the most common imbalances people have today that leads to health problems is that they are too acidic. The more acidic we are, the greater the chances of illness taking hold in our body. In fact, it is rare for a person to acquire alkalosis, the condition of being too alkaline. To maintain optimal health we should maintain a balanced pH diet that includes alkaline water and alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables.



Yes. Because alkaline water has a higher pH level than plain tap water, it is said that alkaline water can help neutralize acid build up in your body and bloodstream, as well as boost your metabolism and assist your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Many physicians use alkaline water and diets as part of their prescription for regaining your health when faced with medical diagnosis. Alkaline water can help prevent disease and slow the aging process, as for example it has been proven that cancer cannot survive in a non-acidic environment. Our society today is increasingly acidic in behaviour when it comes to food and drink, as well as unfortunate additives to our most important source of nutrition – our drinking water. Adding in alkaline water will help neutralise this acidity and counteract the effect it has on you. We always recommend consulting your physician for in depth individual advice. Artificial and processed foods, purified and distilled water, sodas and flavoured, sugared beverages are all highly acidic. As a rule of thumb, the more touched by man and processed, the more acidic and nutrient deficient it will be. Scientific results have proven that degenerative diseases and other states of ill health such as cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, allergy, kidney stones and gallstones, have all been scientifically linked to mineral deficiencies that result in your body fluids becoming more acidic. All diseases thrive in an acidic environment. Parasites, viruses, bad bacteria and disease cannot survive in an alkaline body. Invigorated Living’s alkaline pitcher and filter can provide alkaline water up to 11 on the pH scale. This will help counteract, neutralize and minimize the acidic pH of your body and diet. The results will depend on your local water source. For more info please contact your local water authority



“pH” stands for Potential of Hydrogen. A pH scale is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The scale ranges from 0 to 14, 0 being highly acidic, 7 being neutral and the body’s natural pH value, and 10-14 being highly alkaline. The pH scale is logarithmic, this means each score equals tenfold. For example, a pH of 6 is tenfold more acidic than a pH of 7.0, a pH of 5.0 would be 100 times more acidic than a pH of 7.0, and a pH of 4.0 would be a 1000 times more acidic than a pH of 7.0. The smallest of change makes a big difference. Please refer to your physician for more advice about your body’s natural pH levels.


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