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About Zi Chun Teas

Zi Chun Teas Coupon - Health and Wellness Tea

Zi Chun Teas specializes in providing special teas and herbal tisanes which help reduces stress, anxiety and hangover.

Zi Chun Teas story

Zi Chun Teas was found by a tea connoisseur and international tea trader Peter Wescombe - an Australian born entrepreneur who lived in Asia for over 25 years. He has spent a lot of time understanding and enjoying the Chinese tea culture in Taiwan, China and other Asia countries. Peter had the opportunity to learn from highly regarded Chinese tea masters and tea connoisseurs which developed rich understanding, appreciation and depth of experience with high quality, authentic teas and herbals to make Zi Chun Teas special.

After deciding to establish his own tea brand, a tea master friend of Peter suggest a Chinese name for him “Zi Chun” in which “Zi” means vibrant, nourishing - referring to a taste, flavor or a feeling and “Chun” means rich, pure, full bodied, genuine, pristine – sometimes used to describe a fine gourmet wine or cognac. The logo was designed by a famous Taiwanese calligraphy artist in calligraphic style which mix the two Chinese characters with a little outline of a tea leaf added on the top of the black character. That’s how Zi Chun Teas was found.

Zi Chun Teas goal

The founder of Zi Chun Teas has a deep passion for tea. That’s why he wants everyone can have the chance to enjoy tea. Zi Chun Teas aims to bring joy and happiness to your life by offering the best quality tea.

Things you would love at Zi Chun Teas

Zi Chun Teas Coupon - Tea

Reliable sources of tea

Zi Chun Teas team spreads in 5 different countries to source their teas. They all have their own tea gardens and harvest and process most of their teas. Also, they partner with other local tea farmers in their region to make sure their tea supply are always available. Most of the tea gardens are organic - using only natural fertilizers and organic pesticides. They can provide full transparency and traceability for their teas including names of tea gardens, locations, elevation and types of tea plants used for their single estate teas. With many tea harvest in 5 countries, Zi Chun Teas always has the freshest teas.

Remedy for anxiety, stress and hangover

Zi Chun Teas helps you to calm yourself and relax better after a long hard working day. Or you can take a sip of tea in the morning to have a fresh start.

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Zi Chun Teas FAQ

Zi Chun Teas Coupon - Tea factZi Chun Teas Coupon - Tea fact

What are my payment options?

Orders can be paid by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal or Bank deposit. These options will be available at checkout

What are my shipping options?

Shipping is free for all Standard shipping (3-5 business days) within the US. Expedited shipping (2 days) and Priority shipping (next day) options are also available and can be selected at checkout. Additional costs apply

Shipping is done by Amazon Fulfillment Services

Can I get a refund if the tea is no good?

If you find our product is faulty or unsatisfactory in some way we will provide a replacement free of charge, or a full refund - whichever you prefer. This offer is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase. (Please see our refund policy)

Is there an expiration date on the teas?

Yes, we have a 2 year expiry/best before date on all our teas. Although if the tea is stored correctly however it can last much longer. (see below)

What is the best way to store the tea?

Tea is affected by moisture, temperature and aromas. Try to find a cool, dry place away from smells and fumes. A sealed metal, ceramic or safe plastic container kept in cupboard away from the excessive kitchen heat and aromas usually work fine.

Do the teas come in tea bags or loose?

All our teas are high grade, loose leaf teas, which means that you will need an infuser of some kind to brew the tea.

What is the best way to brew tea?

There are many infusers and brewing devices available now from the simple mesh ball that you fill with tea and drop in your cup, to some very elaborate and expensive automatic tea brewers.

Whatever you prefer to use make your brew, the 3 main factors are 1.) Amount of tea; 2.) Water temperature and 3.) Steeping time. These can vary according to the tea and also according to personal preference (see tea brewing tips)

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