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About Gutter Viper

 Gutter Viper clean high gutters

Gutter Viper specializes in offering a tool for Do-It-Yourself homeowners to clean high gutters without a ladder. Attaches to most any leaf blower, electric, gas or battery powered. Suspended by telescoping painters pole. When you come to Gutter Viper, Gutter Viper green "head" and mirror, 25-foot ripstop nylon tube, shoulder strap, adjustable clamp to connect to a leaf blower, instructions. With the Gutter Viper, you can easily clean the second-story gutters safely from the ground. With this leaf blower attachment, blow two-story gutters clean. Removes Leaves and compacted debris.

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Gutter Viper clean high gutters          

Attaches to most any leaf blower, electric, gas or battery powered.

Suspended by telescoping painters pole.

Blows Gutters Clean.

Safe, Innovative, Efficient

Gutter Viper

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People also ask

How do I set up the Gutter Viper the first time?

Here is a link to a video to set up the Gutter Viper using your consumer-grade handheld leaf blower, or using a more powerful backpack leaf blower.  You definitely don't need to have a backpack leaf blower, by the way. Handheld blowers work great.

Will the Gutter Viper work with a standard painters pole?

The Gutter Viper will work with painters poles that have the typical thread found in the United States.   There are adapters that will convert from a British thread to a US thread, which will then fit in the Gutter Viper.

For the longest reach, we recommend you consider the Mr. Long Arm pole, which extends 22 feet.   These are available at most Home Depots, Lowes and Menards stores, and also online.   We sell them on our web site as well.  There are three sizes.  If you have two-story gutters, you'll want the 17 foot of the 22-foot pole.  

Will the Gutter Viper work on my leaf blower?

The Gutter Viper will attach to gas or electric leaf blowers.   And hand-held or backpack style leaf blowers.   It even attaches to reversible shop vacuums.   The nylon air conduit tube clamps to the outlet of the leaf blower, using an adjustable clamp.  The adjustable clamp allows the user to adjust and clamp the nylon tube to blowers with round outlets as large as 4.5 inches in diameter.   If your blower has an oval outlet, and you want to measure the circumference (rather than the diameter), just check that the circumference is less than 14 inches.   These specifications fit the vast majority of leaf blowers.  If you are uncertain, measure yours. 

Will my leaf blower be powerful enough?

Yes, almost definitely.   If your leaf blower does a pretty good job blowing leaves on the ground, it should work well on the Gutter Viper.   The outlet of your leaf blower needs to be less than 4. 25 inches diameter.  If you have an oblong opening, and you want to be sure, you can measure around it (it should be less than 13.3 inches).  Its a very rare blower that has a larger opening

Backpack leaf blowers work well also.  It's nice to have your hands free.  But we supply a strap for people with hand-held blowers, so their hands are free to.

Most every leaf blower has a throttle that you can lock once you start blowing.  Backpack leaf blowers may need to be throttled back to about half throttle.  They are plenty powerful, almost too powerful sometimes.

How high will the Gutter Viper Reach?

The Gutter Viper will reach at least 27 feet if you put your leaf blower on a strap, and throw it over your shoulder (or use a backpack blower) so the leaf blower is at waist level.  The black ripstop air supply tube is 25 feet long, so at waist level, its lower end will be at least 2-3 feet off the ground - that puts the Gutter Viper 27-28 feet from the ground.

Will the Gutter Viper Work if I have heavy debris in my gutters or web debris?

Yes, we routinely see this type of buildup in gutters and the Gutter Viper does a great job in these situations.    If the air forces alone do not blow your gutters clean thats where the "plow" part of the Gutter Viper comes in.  The plow lifts up wet or heavier debris, which allows the air to get under the debris and blow it out.  The Viper "tongue" helps as well, to agitate any stubborn debris-free and out of your gutter.

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