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Some facts you don't know about Food Huggers

Food Huggers was established by Michelle and Adrienne who have many experience in fashionable products for the home.

Nowadays, they establish Food Huggers with mission is provide tools to help preserve fresh fruits and vegetables. As a matter of fact, these tools will help decrease the waste fruit and vegetables.

Coming to Food Huggers, there is something that you will love

  • Firstly,You will become a hero when you contribute protect the environment by decreasing waste foods.
  • Secondly, you can love arrange food into fridge because all tools are designed so colorful and unique.
  • Finally, each product that you purchase, you help support future innovations.

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  3. Do avocado huggers work?

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Food Huggers Website

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70 Review

Charlotte soto Oct-31-2018

Great for food you need to keep fresh and also to eliminate smells in your refrigerator.

Amazon Customer Oct-28-2018

Would prefer these as transparent, but despite that they are fantastic replacement for cling film or zip locks that damage our earth.

Kate Oct-28-2018

Best gift for fruit and vegetable lovers

Elizabeth Miller Oct-27-2018

I use these on fruit, vegs, open cans of pop and soup. I bought some for my daughter, mom, stepmom, and mother in law. Definitely recommend!

Lorene Oct-20-2018

I love the smaller size Food Huggers on bananas, cucumbers, shallots, and Roma tomatoes. I don't understand why they work so week, but they do. They fit snuggly over the cut end of these foods. and it's perfectly fresh and ready to eat when you remove the Hugger, even after as much as 2 days. However, I wish they sold them separately because I can't use the larger sizes; I don't eat grapefruit or anything that size.

Andrea Oct-13-2018

Exactly what I wanted and needed.

Deborah Gawlik Oct-13-2018

Great to save half of onion or tomato. Also have used to cover glass decanter that lost its lid

Wolfe Oct-12-2018

These are great and actually work. Have had to wash them by hand. Overall pleased with them!

Joe Oct-08-2018


Jackson Oct-07-2018

These are great. I am going to buy a few sets as gifts!

Jeff Fisher Oct-04-2018

Perfect for the bachelor like me. I constantly only need half a can of something or dicing half an onion.

Amazon Customer Oct-02-2018


Carol Lynn Sep-30-2018

I love these, but keep forgetting to use them. I guess I need to keep them somewhere that will remind me to use them.

JAG Sep-27-2018

Haven't had these very long but did use on a cucumber; lasted longer than usual

Amazon Customer Sep-27-2018

Amazing item

Cyndi Sep-27-2018

These are incredible I would recommend them to anybody they keep the food fresh I don't waste money on Saran Wrap and if you use an onion the rubber does not suck up the smell it's great easy cleaning

Marlee J. Cannon Sep-25-2018

I love these, but found it difficult to use with 1/2 limes. They are juicy and small and the silicone keeps slipping off.

Elizgangsta Sep-22-2018

Very easy to use and clean. Sometimes the small size that is good for bananas is too big for our bananas, but besides that we love them. Saw on GMA.

C. Usherwood Sep-21-2018

These are great! I love not having to use so much plastic to keep my food.

picky vickie Sep-17-2018

Cuts down of plastic wrap & keeps your unused fruit & veggies fresh!

Beth Sep-17-2018

Easy to use

holiday shopper Sep-14-2018

I don't write many product reviews but I have to say how impressed I am with this product. I first saw it on "Innovation Nation" and was curious. I decided to order a couple of sets and these really work. Here are two experiences: 1) I cooked a dish requiring 1/2 an onion two days before going on vacation; I nearly threw out the remainder of the onion fully expecting that it would go bad before I got back. I decided it would be a great test for the food huggers. I put the appropriate-sized food hugger on the onion and simply sat it on the shelf in my fridge. Two days later I left town for 10 days. Another day went by before I checked the fridge to see what I had to get at the grocery store and still didn't look at the onion, what was noticeable at that point was that the entire refrigerator did NOT smell like onion. A day or so after that, I went to cook a meal requiring onion and fully expected that the onion I left behind would not be usable. Not only was it not rotten or moldy, but it still smelled fresh and was still juicy not dried out or withered perfectly fine to use. 2.) I skeptically used a food hugger on 1/2 a heirloom tomato planning to use the other half a day or two later. Life got busy, plans changed and a full week later, the tomato was still sitting there. The tomato was fine and only suffered a little from being in too cold of a section of my fridge. Very impressive. The only thing that requires some adjustment is cutting your vegetables in such a way that a circular cross-section is there for the food hugger to fit onto. I consider this to be only a minor inconvenience.

red hen Sep-13-2018

Product fits most sizes of produce and extends the life of the left-over. Very pleased.

Amazon Customer Sep-12-2018

I love using these to store partially used produce. I mainly use them on apples, bananas, and cucumbers (my kids eat a lot of these), but am sure I will find more things that will work. I bought these to help cut back on my use of plastic wrap - between these and a set of silicone lids, I can't remember the last time I used plastic wrap.

Amazon Customer Sep-12-2018

Food Huggers are so easy to use and they really work to keep fresh fruits and veggies fresh longer.

Karen Richard Sep-04-2018

Keeps foods fresh without absorbing odor.

Mary A Aug-29-2018

How did I manage without these? They're wonderful.

Diane Sanders Aug-27-2018

Great for keeping foods fresh and using less plastic bags.

Mona Aug-26-2018

They are not very elastic.

Ann P. Aug-25-2018

The food huggers are colorful and works great.

Raquel Aug-20-2018

Love these, wish I'd gotten more as I find I constantly need multiple of one size instead of a wide variety of sizes. Works great!

chemigirl Aug-20-2018

I haven't had them long, but my onions are lasting longer than they used to! Very impressed.

Lexyandrex Aug-19-2018

I'm satisfy 100% keeps my fruits fresh highly recommend this product you will not regret it seller is on point with item & delivery

Anschel V. Aug-17-2018

When these arrived, I wasn't so sure about them. Upon inspection, my first thought was that they would be difficult to wash---everyone knows how hard it is to get water out of an unmounted auto tire.....but this is not the case. the 'sidewall' is very flexible, and you can simply pull it out a bit and the water drains out. I use them almost every day for something, and find them quite handy. I would like more of the largest size--or even one larger YET. Or Maybe I will need to purchase smaller grapefruits. I enjoy not having to throw away plastic wrap and not needing to recycle anything.

E. Goldman Aug-14-2018

So useful! Great sizes, love this product.

etrain450 Aug-13-2018

These were a present for my mom and she loves them, uses them everyday...At least thats what she said, I think moms are suppose to say that though.

LCarbone23 Aug-09-2018

So far, so good. They keep food fresh. Not sure what else can be said.

Denise Pen Aug-03-2018

It could just be my imagination but I think these actually work! I used them for tomatoes and red onions; I have just to use them on avocados, though.

Casey Nelson Aug-02-2018

Exactly what I expected. They're great for reducing plastic in the kitchen. The deal is so effective that you can turn a pop can upside down without leaks and the soda will stillbe fizzy later.

Lani B Aug-02-2018

I like them. The have sizes appropriate for tomato, cucumber, lemon and lime. Seem to work like they should. Not really sure what's with all the negative reviews but what I got was exactly what I expected.

IwantwhatIpayfor Aug-01-2018

so far so good. I saw this product on “Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation” tv show, so ordered thes for my wife. Works well on bananas and onions so far.

Amazon Customer Jul-30-2018

These really work.

munchie Jul-26-2018

Wonderful invention. They can be used for so many things. No more plastic bags! 😀

Amazon Customer Jul-22-2018

The product is great

Jim Van Valkenburgh Jul-19-2018

Clever solution to those "ackward" veggies. Easier and (at least, so far) every bit as effective as plastic wrap. Versatile and easy to clean. Downside ... like "tupperware" ... is keeping track of them. Oh, and this is also a woman-owned company.

Jose Jul-18-2018

They work! Lemons are still fresh!

Amazon Customer Jul-17-2018

I love the extra small topper. Perfect for bananas as shown.

Grandma E Jul-13-2018

I use these food huggers all the time. I have saved many a vegatable and fruit. Love the avacado keepers.. I only eat a half at a time. Now I can save the other half for days later. Love that it was created by women and is a woman company. Thanks ladies!

The Cosmic Ruler Jul-08-2018

as described

K. M. Carr Jul-08-2018

Very versatile! Use for cut fruits and veggies, or open cans or jars. Really like that I'm not constantly throwing away plastic wrap.

Victoria Dhooge Jul-05-2018

multiple sizes work great. Need another set.Perfect gift set.

Mary W. Jun-30-2018

These are AWESOME! I'm BIG on not using plastic wrap (I keep and re-use cereal inner bags and bread bags to slip bowls into in the fridge!) and these are PERFECT for so many uses!! Cut fruit and veggies, on glasses and ramekins (which I used for dibs and dabs of things) etc. At least several of them are always in use at our house at any given time. This was my second set, as the first set of 3 was just not enough and I was always looking for one more. The larger size of the biggest one and small size of the smallest are both very useful!

Amazon Customer Jun-27-2018

They work, great Christmas stocking filler.

Dale Holden Jun-27-2018

Love these. They really work by keeping your foods fresh for much longer.

M Jun-26-2018

Love these, they’re so versatile. My mom liked them so much she immediately got some herself. I feel like I find a new use for them everyday.

Tanya Jun-21-2018

We love these! They save so much space, food, and plastic baggies (which is how we kept our halves of onions and things previously). They are so easy to use!

Elizabeth Zehnpfennig Jun-20-2018

Works great, I also use it on my shaving can in the shower/tub and there are no more rust rings in the bathroom shower or tub.

WJ Mac Jun-20-2018

These are the gift I bought. You have to try to believe. See my first review.

WJ Mac Jun-20-2018

I have to say...I wasn't sure in the begining, but now a true believer! They are FANTASTIC little floppy...rubbery...amazing food keepers. I love them so much I bought some as a gift for my sister. So glad I watched the video about the two wonderful women who came up with these "huggers", they REALLY work!

Paula Horley Jun-20-2018

This product was featured on an educational television show.I liked what I saw and purchased this set. I am surprised that these "huggers" actually preserved a cut onion, a cut pepper, half of a cucumber, even half of a tomato ( in the fridge). Follow directions and insert the food properly for best results. I'm not throwing away halves of veggies that I don't need right away! One caveat: I bought the brand name product. There are imitations but I don't know if the silicone is as good or if they are made as well.I wish I had purchased the one made for avocados. It has the unique shape that would work best.

Nancy E Hansen Jun-19-2018

Loved them to death! Cute little things and really work!

Curious Streamer Jun-19-2018

I love these things. Have used them for cucumbers, onions, lemons and limes so far. Really like them a lot. Keeps things fresh very well and stays on, unlike wraps. Recommend these for certain.

Jorge Grande Jun-15-2018

These little guys work great! Love them!

H_Green Jun-15-2018

Very cool, I forget to use them but once I started I realize how well these preserve freshness. Great to have and more economical and green over time!

Pfl Jun-12-2018

I am using the food huggers regularly. They keep citrus, onions and avocados fresh without having to use a bag or container. Only slight negative is that they are not always a perfect fit. I bought them for 3 family members who also are finding them useful.

Amazon Customer Jun-11-2018

Love these

Joanna Jun-11-2018

I got the second set for the color choice. I really love the way it keeps the food fresh so you can use partial portions and not loose the left over.

Joanna Jun-11-2018

Just the right size and really hug the food. The size choice is great for all the fruit choices.

Michele Jun-10-2018

I saw these on the Rachael Ray Show and thought I need to try them. So glad I did!

KLH Jun-08-2018

Really like these things and this color gives you a fresh feel. We had been looking for something to cover up the end of our Freshpet Refrigerated dog food log and the large green one fit perfect. It does accumulate some water inside, but each day I just soak up with paper towel. As for use with fruits, it doesn't seem to get the moisture collecting like the dog food.

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