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When it comes to prestigious stores around the world that provide attractive coupons and high-quality products, Explore Naturals is the top priority in the list of options that can meet your demand. This is one of the best stores you must visit because here you can discover a huge number of top-notch products at amazingly reasonable costs. Explore Naturals provides you with paying advancement, quick conveyance to pretty much every nation on this planet, and guarantee that your adventure of shopping on their store is destined to be glad and satisfied. In addition, Explore Naturals always provides optimal coupons, promo codes, vouchers codes to help you not to be "out of pocket" average 3 times per month. Shopper can take them on special events such as Labor Day Sales, much more. Don't miss the chance to take advantage of Explore Naturals coupon for great savings, discounts, free shipping, exclusive offers, and special promotions on your purchase. You can shop here with confidence without worrying about breaking your bank. Be budget savvy and enjoy all the hottest deals and more here while shopping. Just with a few clicks, you can have all the great benefits that you cannot find anywhere else. Explore Naturals recently launch many coupon codes with a great amount upto 60% off sidewide.  


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Last Updated: Oct 5th, 2022

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15% OFF
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15% off sitewide at Explore Naturals

For Limited Time Only, This Great Deals To Help You Save.

10% OFF
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save 10% on orders of 3 (or more) deodorants at Explore Naturals

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About Explore Naturals

Explore Naturals scented deodorants

Explore Naturals is an online retailer which popular in Amazon. There, you can explore the full range of superbly scented deodorants. They don’t just smell good—they are seriously the most effective natural deodorant anyone on Explore Naturals team has ever used. Naturals is high-performance, natural, 100% aluminum-free deodorant. Explore Naturals challenge you to find a better-smelling, more effective deodorant on the market.

All of Explore Naturals deodorants are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and cruelty-free. All of their ingredients are botanically derived, including the fragrance. And all of our deodorants are made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial preservatives or animal testing.

The things you would love at Explore Naturals

Explore Naturals natural deodorant

Free U.S shipping on all orders

Explore Naturals

Aluminum-free deodorant, made for life's everyday adventures.

Aluminum-free, natural deodorant hand-poured in Austin, Texas.

All of the deodorants are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and cruelty-free. All of their ingredients are botanically derived, including the fragrance.

Explore Naturals deodorants

How to get the active Explore Naturals promo code and have the products at the best price

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3.At the Explore Naturals 's Website, choose the product you want to buy

4.Proceed to payment but REMEMBER to PASTE the discount/promotional code before finalizing the purchase


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People also ask

Does natural deodorant work?

YES! Does it ever. We are based in Austin, Texas, and in case you haven’t heard, it gets HOT here. We tested our deodorant over a long Texas summer, and trust us: It works.

We use baking soda and arrowroot, two time-tested natural ingredients that will keep you smelling fine all day long.


Explore Naturals. Love the name. But what is it?

It’s high-performance, natural, 100% aluminum-free deodorant. We challenge you to find a better-smelling, more effective deodorant on the market. (Spoiler alert: You won’t.)


All of our deodorants are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and cruelty-free. All of our ingredients are botanically derived, including the fragrance. And all of our deodorants are made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial preservatives or animal testing.

Oh, and if you’re curious, we’re a small team based in Austin, Texas, with a female-centric leadership that had a hand in creating the internet’s top-selling natural deodorant. But that’s another story for another day...

Why should I use natural deodorant?

Because it’s awesome? Also, it’s better for you.

But let’s back up a bit and make this simple. Water + salt + bacteria = body odor. Your body provides the water and salt via sweat; your skin provides the bacteria via, well, bacteria.

To combat body odor, antiperspirants attack the sweat part of the equation—powered by aluminum, they prevent your body from producing sweat by blocking your sweat glands. That ain’t healthy. Or natural. In fact, some of those aluminum compounds have been linked to instances of Alzheimer’s and breast cancer, which means you might want to think twice before rubbing it near your lymph nodes.


Deodorants, on the other hand, attack bacteria. There are a lot of ingredients that can do this—we use baking soda and arrowroot, two powerful natural ingredients that just work. (Some brands use questionable ingredients, including parabens, that can be harmful or even toxic. We don’t do that.) Baking soda is friendly for most of the population, but if you have a sensitivity, good news: Our unscented Non-Scents deodorant is baking soda-free.


I’ve heard aluminum deodorant is bad. Is it?

If a body odor-fighting product has aluminum in it, it’s an antiperspirant—meaning it literally stops your body from perspiring. Well, it turns out your body needs to sweat—that’s part of how you pass toxins out of your body, and how you regulate your temperature. Plus, sweat itself is made from salt and water—it’s only when sweat interacts with the bacteria in your pits that things start to get stinky.

More to the point, antiperspirants block your sweat glands with aluminum compounds, and that blockage—in addition to being just gross—has been linked to instances of Alzheimer’s and cancer. It’s not conclusive, but why risk it?


What’s the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

Deodorant: Fights bacteria. And in our case, does it with natural ingredients. Nice!

Antiperspirant: Fights sweat by blocking your glands with aluminum. Yuck.

Okay, you’ve convinced me. But … does natural deodorant actually work?

YES! Does it ever. We are based in Austin, Texas, and in case you haven’t heard, it gets HOT here. We tested our deodorant over a long Texas summer, and trust us: It works.

And again: We use baking soda and arrowroot, two time-tested natural ingredients that will keep you smelling fine all day long.

That said, there might be a transition period. Some people, especially if they use antiperspirant, find it helps to spend a few days using nothing to help your sweat glands detox. If you go that route, using soap and water will help fight smelliness, as will sweating, believe it or not. (That’ll clear out any toxins.) Obviously, you do you, but it might be easier on your skin if you air out for a few days.

I have sensitive skin. Can you help me?

We feel your pain. While most people have no issue whatsoever with baking soda, some people do, and for those people, we have Non-Scents, o

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Explore Naturals​ FAQs

Are there any military discounts at Explore Naturals?

Normally, the military discounts programs on some occasions of the year. In order to know whether it is offered or not is depended on Explore Naturals's policy sales, you can visit the store now for your reference.

Where does Explore Naturals put Entire Purchase Coupon?

Simply, you can access their site, we constantly update both the latest and previous coupon codes that are fully shown on the list of Explore Naturals coupons. You can type "Explore Naturals Promo Codes & Coupons" on the searching tool of their website to get the list of the entire purchase codes in a moment.

Is one discount code applicable to multiple items at Explore Naturals?

Normally, one discount code is only applied for one offer. However, If the users put a vast of items in their cart, it is easy to use one coupon code to purchase items. It depends on Explore Naturals's policy, you can contact Explore Naturals via mail for your reference.

Which occasion does Explore Naturals offer the most coupons?

Most Big Discount Events of the year witnessed a vast number of coupons from Explore Naturals released. Especially, on federal holidays such as New Year’s Sale, Thanksgiving, Christmas... or on other important days such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Father’s Day..., customers also can buy at Explore Naturals with numerous coupons.

How long do Explore Naturals Coupon Codes, Promo Codes... last?

There are now 7S offers on our site and Explore Naturals Coupon Codes usually end in 3-4 days. However, some Explore Naturals Deals don't have a definite end date, so it's possible that the code will be working until the store runs out of inventory for the promotional item.

Where will Year-End Deals from Explore Naturals be shown?

All deals from Promotion Programs of Explore Naturals are collected here. For each certain occasion, its coupons will be on the top of the coupon list, and surely they always come with an expiry date.

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10% OFF
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save 10% on orders of 3 (or more) deodorants at Explore Naturals now

Make Sure That You Take That Opportunity To Save.

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Free US Shipping On All Orders

Save Effortlessly When You Shop

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See All The Deals Today At Explore Naturals

This particular offer allows customers to save 50% off Explore Naturals products

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The Easiest Way Is To Get Lower Prices On Any Orders

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Explore Naturals Coupons and Promo Code

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Labor Day Sale! Save 20% off when buy 3 or more Deodorants at Explore Naturals

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BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Take 40% off all deodorants at Explore Naturals

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Explore Naturals Reviews

You are in demand to buy something that Explore Naturals is selling, but you are confused whether to buy it or not. The best way to solve your worry, take Explore Naturals's reviews from thousands of shoppers from other countries about Explore Naturals's service quality, yearly promotions, or more as the best reference. Explore Naturals will show publicly all the comments both negative and positive ones. Let's keep reading the real Explore Naturals reviews below to make the best decision.

Natural is becoming a necessity. Because what you put on your body, often goes in your body. Thing is, the normal brands you grew up on aren’t very natural. And the natural ones, aren’t exactly normal. So we created Explore Naturals. Made without compromise from real ingredients by real people who really care.
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Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick (That Works) Jasmine/Rose - Stay Fresh All Day - Underarmed for Women & Men - Organic, Healthy, Safe, Non Toxic - Phthalate, Paraben, Gluten & Cruelty Free 4.1 out of 5 stars 808 $15.99 $ 15. 99
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Explore Naturals, Aluminum-free Deodorant. “For two years now I have been on a quest to find a natural deodorant that smells great all day.
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Explore Naturals, Austin, Texas. 263 likes. Natural and aluminum-free deodorant—made for life’s everyday adventures.
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Amazon.com : Natural Deodorant – Aluminum-Free, All-Day Performance for Women & Men by Explore Naturals - Paraben, Phthalate, Sulfate & Cruelty Free - Multiple Scents Available, Made in the USA (Coconut Delight) : Beauty
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Explore Naturals has 2 deodorant series – Performance, and Baking Soda-free – which are available in multiple scents that are mild and mellow, and also in unscented versions. Both these series are gender-neutral and are formulated to suit different skin types, without the use …
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