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About Eagle Eyes

Eagle Eyes began at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory where scientists developed ground-breaking technology that would protect human eyesight from the harmful effects of solar radiation light. NASA researchers first looked to nature for a solution.

Their findings revealed that eagles have unique oil droplets in their eyes that selectively filter out harmful radiation and permit only specific wavelengths of light to enter their eyes giving them extremely powerful visual clarity, even at great distances. NASA then replicated this discovery into a lens technology that, in turn, resulted in Eagle Eyes a leader in high performance eyewear.

Space Foundation Grants Eagle Eyes Lifetime Certification for Sunglass Lens Technology

In February 2006, Eagle Eyes has earned official recognition from the Space Certification Program and is the only sunglass lens to receive the Lifetime Certified Space Technology™ seal.

"The Space Foundation is pleased to certify Eagle Eyes lens technology for its application of this innovative technology that enhances and protects human vision," said Kevin Cook, Director of Space Technology Awareness for the Space Foundation.

Eagle Eyes


Why choose Eagle Eyes?

100% Quality Guarantee

Free shipping on orders $55+

UV& Blue Light Protection

Enhance definition and contrast, to improve visual acuity in dim lighting.

Filter out high-intensity glare from oncoming cars, street-lights, and billboards, headlight while enhancing clarity and visual acuity for night driving.

Protect your eyes from digital eye strain, prevent scattered blue light emission and reduce squinting, fatigue and eye strain.

Eagle EyesEagle EyesEagle Eyes

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People also ask

Do you offer Prescription Lenses?  

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer Prescription Eagle Eyes® lenses.  However, we do offer FitOn® & ClipOn styles you can wear over your Rx Lenses in many sizes and shapes.

Can I add Prescription Lenses to my SuperSight® 3in1 and 4in1 frames?

Yes. Here are the limits to adding prescription:

Max +4 to Rx

Max base curve of +4.5

No limit to a minus Rx except base curve may not exceed +4.5

DISCLAIMER: Please use this information as a guideline only. Check with your optical professional before proceeding with your prescription request. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for frames or lenses that were lost, damaged or tampered with by other labs. We are also not responsible for the cost to replace the Rx lenses. Any modifications made to Eagle Eyes products will automatically void the 12-month warranty.

Is there a retail store near me? 

We do not have official Eagle Eyes® retail outlets, although a few retailers carry Eagle Eyes® products.  Check with your local online directory to see if there is one in your area.

Are eagle eyes sunglasses really good?

Yes.Protection: 100% UV plus blue-light protection and polarized for clarity.The amber lenses make everything look like it is bathed in golden sunshine and combined with the polarization it makes things more colorful. While driving at twilight and in the dark Oncoming headlights are a nice mellow yellow. If you need sunglasses to look into direct sunlight, you should get something darker. If you mostly use it for regular or bright sunshine (without looking into the actual sun), these are great.

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15 Review

Thomas E Jarrett Sep-27-2018

Excellent. Much less glare. May get the ones for night driving next.

Kathy Sep-10-2018

These fitover sunglasses were well made. I bought size small, but they were way too big. I returned them. Putting more size info (measurements) in the description would have been helpful.

fmeza1 Jun-09-2018

Cheap and perfect for sunny days

Michael Cargile May-26-2018

Light weight, and very comfortable.Can see comfortably in variable lighting without any glare.Cannot beat the price, the quality and the value to protect your eyes.

Donna L. Aslinger May-19-2018

I love these glasses so much that I ordered a second pair for my sister, who also suffers from macular degeneration. The clarity and protection are great and I love the wrap around protection. They fit comfortably over my other glasses. I even use them when reading on my covered back porch.

Amazon Customer Apr-12-2018

very good. I liked them. they did exactly what they were supposed to do. block out the sun rays. Good Job!

mp Mar-29-2018

helps with clarity during the daylight. night time it helps darken all the man made lights but also darkens mother nature.

Wayne D. Gass Mar-20-2018

This is my second pair (an accident destroyed my first pair). I immediately replaced the broken pair. Other sun glasses just can't compare especially on cloudy days when it is not the sun, but the glare that is the problem. Graet in the snow.

Robert Weinstein Jan-12-2018

Great for reducing daytime glare. Makes everything more vivid. Perfect fit over my prescription glasses.

Amazon Customer Jan-09-2018

I broke my first pair after 4 yrs of wear. I have tried other polarized shades, but these are the best. I have cataracts and macular problem. These are smaller than my first pair, but actually fit more comfortable over my glasses.

Artistic (. Dec-19-2017

great look at life

Joan Wilbanks Aug-26-2017

These sunglasses are great. They really help reduce the glare from the sunshine.

Nancy Bredewater May-15-2017

i have macular degeneration and they really help

Amazon Customer Mar-17-2017


Roberta Mar-15-2017

Fits well over prescription glasses. Great polarization.

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Eagle Eyes - Classic Aviator NL

Own the road all night long with our award-winning yellow night driving glasses in classic aviator style. Our Night-Lite® technology integrates non-polarized and anti-glare lens protection for nighttime driving.

Price: $59.95 $0

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Eagle Eyes - Optiflex DT

Developed with Deposition Lens Technology, these smart shades block blue light emissions from computers and other screens, reducing eyestrain and fatigue and maximizing your screen time.

Price: $79.95 $0

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Eagle Eyes - Charlie NL

If your day is just beginning to heat up when the sun goes down, meet your new wingman: the Charlie Night-Lite.

Price: $69.95 $0

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Eagle Eyes - 4in1 System

Imagine 24/7, 4-way eye protection contained in a single pair of stylish frames. Whether day, night or digital light, these frames are ready to be worn in any lighting condition.

Price: $119.95 $0

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Eagle Eyes - FitOn

Premium, custom-made polarized sunglasses designed to fit over prescription eye wear. Now, you can experience Eagle Eyes' TriLenium® clarity and protection without taking off your glasses.

Price: $44.95 $0