Ways to Keep Up With Teenage Fashion Trends on a Student Budget 

Who does not love new clothes and new looks? Even people who are not fond of shopping adore the power of self-expression fashion trends have. Naturally, when a child grows up to become a teenager the desire to stand out of the crowd and express themselves is bigger than ever. In the period of adolescence, high schoolers and students often find homework and assignments boring, and only fear of losing pocket money, usually their only income, gets in the way of total rebellion.

Adolescence is a difficult period in life to get over, especially when you are in high school. While you’re a student, there are copious obstacles that you have to deal with in your life, not mentioning loads of homework. If a teacher asks you to do some research for an adolescence essay, you’ll surely be able to write a lot about it. And the issue of self-identification will be one of the major struggles teenagers deal with. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of hacks that will help you shop even with a very limited budget and express yourself through new looks. 

It’s Not the Brand

When it comes to picking a genuinely trendy outlook, there are no particular rules or guidelines as there are for writing an essay. Being trendy does not actually mean buying a particular brand; it is all about the ability to find what suits you and not someone else. By trying out lots of clothes in various forms and colours, one may find their personal style or even create a new trend. So, don’t rush to buy only trendy clothes in brand shops. Instead, shopping at a thrift store can help you find real treasures at an affordable price.

It’s Not the Brand

Search for Discounts

Regardless of how overpriced today’s fashion market might be, there is always a chance to buy something worth big money for quite a reasonable price. Stores are nowadays cooperating with a lot of other related brands, producing perfumes, accessories, and other miscellaneous things, as today’s mass market is a tightly intertwined system of commodities that go together, thus creating the complete image that the end customer is supposed to be craving for.

Each of these stores, either online or a brick-and-mortar one, offers a number of discount programs that are aimed at making even high-end fashionable clothes more affordable. For example, you can get a coupon or a promo code sent to your email, and it might eventually reduce the price in half. So, always remember to check your messengers for notifications about free coupons or promo codes. Also, you can find them printed out on paper in malls and other places.

Wait for It

One of the common mistakes that your budget suffers from is that you have no patience. Whenever a new collection comes, would you be so kind as to wait a week or two? Of course, it might be hard for you to see your rich coequals buy the newest drops from the worldwide known teenage brands the very day they were issues. But listen, there are no daily fashion checks in your school or campus, so it won’t be a problem if you demonstrate your student fashion a week or two following the drop. The prices will fall, and you will be able to buy what you need and, most importantly, what you like.

Fix the Roof Before It Starts to Rain

Fashion is cyclical, that is correct. Yet, it is not that fast as you might think about it. This year’s summer collection will be on a huge sale by the mid of fall. Nonetheless, it will still be fashionable by the end of next spring. Consider buying in advance: set off on shopping sprees when nobody expects you to. Buy summer clothes when the winter starts, and do it vice versa when spring blossoms. No extensive research skills are required here; you just need to look at the retailer’s website, check what’s on sale now, and off you go to the nearest store.

Develop a Style of Your Own

Another mistake that all the fashionistas embark upon is having no style. Imagine yourself writing a college essay. No teacher in the world would appreciate it if you wrote it in a mix of slang and business English. Just like in writing, you have to stick to a particular style, as this will help you gain a fashionable identity. Remember, the class is permanent, so get yourself one if you want to get a good grade both in writing and staying trendy. Furthermore, sticking with a peculiar style sets the boundaries when it comes to buying new clothes, meaning you will be spending less on the things that don’t match your image.

Develop a Style of Your Own

Get on With a Mix

In today’s world, it is not a rarity that even the most famous designers collaborate with the fast fashion brands in order to get more attention from the mass market. These things look trendy as hell, and most likely, they are not that expensive as unique designer clothes. It is all about the right kind of education, or shall we call it self-education when it comes to not only following trends but also setting them. What is more, a unique look is not what teenagers and college students appreciate. You have to look like your crew, as your pack.

There is Boutique at Home

You might find it hard to believe, but fashion is quite cyclical in nature. What if we told you that your old wardrobe knows more about how to be stylish than the trendy boutiques do. Sometimes, creating a trendy look isn’t about buying new clothes. It simply boils down to checking what’s in your wardrobe and creating one from what has been through fashionable rejuvenation.  


Staying trendy while on a tight budget is quite a challenge that today’s society and the fashion industry throw at students and teenagers. The age when people are the most willing to impress those around them is being accompanied by financial insufficiency that lures young people to succumb to the baits of the marketing machine. Nonetheless, as a social cohort, students have always been quite witty, and it always led them to find loopholes in any unfair system. Now you know that being trendy is not necessarily expensive.

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