The Most Popular Coupon Codes among Students in the UK

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University students face a huge load of stress. Many of them experience anxiety, irritability, consistent worry, and a feeling that they are not enjoying their youth. This situation is caused by the pressure of classes, grades, assignments, and challenging relationships. Another fact contributes to the stressful situation: an average student in the United Kingdom has difficulties to cover all expenses that the schooling system imposes. You have to calculate everything.

We all know what helps us achieve the goal to save money:  discounts!

They work because they give you the same value that you would get under the full price.

How about a list of the most popular coupon codes for British students?

Top Coupon Codes for Students in the UK

1. Adobe Creative Cloud Student Discount

Students and teachers from all around the world can get 60% off on the complete Adobe Creative Cloud package. It includes Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, and Photoshop. For someone who studies graphic design, computer science, or any other discipline that requires the use of these programs, the price reduction is massive (from $52.99 to $19.99 per month).

All you need to do is indicate that you’re a student at the checkout, and provide your school’s name. You will have to use an email address that’s been issued by your school, and the system will require proof of eligibility (a transcript, school ID card, tuition bill or statement, or report card).

2. Coupons for Assignment Writing

Many advanced students, who like to take advantage of discounts, are aware of modern online tools that help them with essays and any other type of writing assignments. For this reason, they often look for a team of assignment writers for hire. These professional writers can help them overcome difficulties with academic writing. As a final result, students can improve their grades by hiring the right service.

The question is: are coupons available for writing assistance? Yes! If you’re a first-time user of a particular website, you will get a coupon for a price reduction, which is usually between 10% and 20%. Academic writing help providers also offer loyalty programs and seasonal discounts. In essence, you’re always getting a lower price than the standard one featured on the website.

Be careful; not all writing services deliver the same quality. You can get top-notch writing for an affordable price, but you’ll have to read a few reviews to find the right service. 

3. Apple Education Pricing

A good laptop or tablet can make your education easier. You can take it to all classes and use it without worrying about it getting stuck in the middle of a process. The battery life is important, too. Apple’s devices are known as a durable and smart investment for students.

The company offers special education pricing to students, teachers, and staff. You will get a reduced price at an official Apple Store in the UK by showing proof of eligibility. The discount is available at the start of every school year.

Samsung and Microsoft offer similar price reductions to students. With Samsung, you’ll get an educational discount of 10% on a selection of the company’s tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Microsoft also offers a 10% discount on selected computers, Surface products, and accessories. You can also get some of the company’s programs for free if you’re a student (Microsoft Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word). 

4. Coupons for UK Supermarkets

You spend a significant percentage of your weekly budget on food, drinks, and all kinds of groceries. A coupon may not save you a lot on a weekly basis, but the savings will add up. If you calculate them, you’ll see that you can easily save up to £100 a term with a good couponing strategy.

Check the cashback offers and printable coupon offers at the supermarkets that you usually visit. You’ll also benefit from browsing through, which collects coupon codes, discounts, and promo codes from thousands of brands in one place.

Saving Money Is an Art

Coupons and savings can come from everywhere: apps, magazines, newspapers, websites, and more. Hunting for them is not an easy thing to do, since it takes time to find the ones you need. But if you follow a platform that collects them for you, the process gets easier.

You can save a lot of money if you use coupons smartly. When you’re about to spend a higher amount of money on something, always look for a way to reduce the final cost!

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