The Best Smart Technology to Buy for Your Home

With technology ever changing, it’s no wonder there seems to be a new gadget released every two minutes. However, when it comes to smart technology, there are some equally smart purchases that can make real changes to your home. 

In the same way that fridges and microwaves revolutionised our kitchens last century, these cutting-edge smart gadgets are designed to make our lives simpler. Increasing numbers of modern technology can be controlled remotely from your phone, making them perfect for modern lifestyles. 

From the home office to the living room, there’s smart technology for every corner of your home. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top gadgets that are worth investing in.

Smart Technology

New smart technology for the kitchen

There’s always going to be a drive to make our lives easier, but never more so than when it involves chores. From bread makers to washing machines, we’re well accustomed to having gadgets to split the workload with.

In 2020, more and more pieces of smart technology are emerging that make cooking, cleaning and even caring for your pets tons easier. 

One lifechanging example is the robot vacuum cleaner. When the first one was released it revolutionised the vacuum market but now there are more and more options available and the quality is just getting better. Today, you can control your robot vacuum cleaner using your phone or voice so you barely even need to move. Whilst some people love vacuuming, the odds are one of these nifty devices would revolutionise your home. 

This trend for smart technology extends further than the carpets. From the windows to the cat litter, robotic gadgets can help eliminate many a chore. For example, a robotic window cleaner can help clean years’ worth of grime from your windows. They’re normally controlled via remote so you can target stubborn marks. 

Similarly, a self-cleaning litter box eliminates one of the least enjoyable chores around. It’ll keep your house looking and smelling great without needing to lift a finger. So, if you have a feline friend living with you, we’d definitely recommend one of these cat gadgets. 

The list goes on and on because there are constantly new kitchen gadgets hitting the market. You simply need to think of your least favourite chore and there’ll be a gadget that makes it easier. 

Smart Technology for Living Room

Smart technology for living rooms

Living rooms are where most of us relax and unwind after a long day. So, why not invest in some gadgets to help make your life even easier? 

Gone are the days when you had to plug multiple different cables into your television to watch a film or even use your Freeview box. Nowadays smart technology has been cleverly integrated into our televisions, so you only need one remote control and only a couple of cables. Even modern streaming platforms like Netflix have been joined by the likes of Amazon Prime, Hayu and Now TV. Almost every single one of them can be cast or integrated into your smart TV. So, if there’s one thing to invest in for your living room, a smart TV is the answer.

The best part is that modern televisions aren’t big, chunky and sit out like a sore thumb in your living room. Today you can find streamlined, aesthetically pleasing TVs that can sit proudly in your living room as a work of art rather than a functional piece of tech.

Smart security

Smart security devices are where the real technological advances come into play. So, before you even open the door, there are plenty of smart gadgets that keep your home safe and secure.

In the past, mentioning CCTV cameras bought to mind industrial looking black cameras that stand out from a mile away. However, the next generation of security cameras is much more aesthetically pleasing. You can proudly position them on the outside of your house without ruining your home’s aesthetic. Plus, with many to choose from there is bound to be one that fits your style.

You’ll also find increasing numbers of smart locks available on the market. You can choose between different styles to suit your needs. For example, if you regularly have your hands full then you may want a smart lock that opens automatically once you’re nearby. If you’re often losing your keys, then how about a fingerprint sensor lock? That way you’ll never find yourself locked out.

Smart security technology can also be useful when welcoming guests. For example, a smart doorbell. You can use these to unlock the door for guests, make sure your parcels are left in the right place and make sure your home is secure.

Smart technology for the office

Kitting out your home office has become even more essential since everyone began working from home more. Making your office work for you is more than just finding a comfortable chair and using an ergonomic mouse. As such, home office technology has had to advance pretty quickly.

First up is your computer. Working from home poses extra challenges and your computer shouldn’t be one of them. If you’re regularly making trips into the office then a lightweight laptop is likely a good choice for you. This means you won’t be lugging round a heavy computer during your commute. If you prefer having a larger screen then you could also invest in a portable monitor. These connect to your laptop via Bluetooth and there are increasing numbers of them around so there’s plenty to choose from. Technology can also benefit for marketing

With dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms transforming into office spaces during the day then versatility is key. So, when it comes to things like lighting it needs to be functional whilst blending in with your home’s surroundings. So, have a look for USB-powered desk light that you can pack away at the end of the day. Nowadays these incorporate things like wireless phone charging, enhancing your home office even more. We imagine USB lights will become even more popular in the coming months and years. So, keep your eyes peeled for new releases with even more integrated technology.


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