How to save money on groceries

save money on favorite groceries

Did you feel confused when running out of money to buy some groceries without planning ahead? Do you have no methodology to shop on your budget, no strategies to save money or not know how to use coupon codes for groceries effectively? If you got any troubles in saving money on groceries shopping journey, this blog is for you.

The followings are 10 ways to help you save money on groceries:

1. Set up a menu before going to the grocery

Being fond of going out for lunch or dinner, you could make some mistakes when choosing many dishes according to your cravings. Therefore, making a menu ensures that you will have the proper ingredients to prepare a healthy meal at home every night instead of going out to eat or ordering pizza. In brief, creating a menu and a grocery list of necessary items will help you buy the fastest way without forgeting anything.

In addition, you also need to design a standardized list to buy items for breakfast, lunch, snacks and something else for your daily need. Setting up a menu will make you not buy far more than you need.

2. Buy In-Season Products

As you know, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a perfect way to keep us healthy. Unfortunately, fresh produce can be expensive. however, if you buy them when being in season, they absolutely cost less than off-season fruits.

3. Hunt promotion, discount code, coupon code

Many people still spread the promotional information to each other on big occasions of the year. And thanks to these huge promotional occasions, they buy their favorite items at extremely unexpected prices, which saves a large amount of living expenses for the family.

Currently there are several forms of sales promotion that can help you buy cheap goods such as sale, coupon, deal, flash sale, etc. To get information about the latest and greatest promotions, you should regularly visit the reputable e-commerce websites. Couponupto is a place like that which is one of the great suggestion about online shopping locations for customers. By connecting with more than 100,000 stores around the world and constantly updating hundreds of promotional campaigns and discount codes every day, Couponupto will provide you with the most economical shopping solution and give you many useful saving tips which make you become a smart consumer.

4. Use coupons

Whether you are an extreme couponer or regular coupon user, coupons are extremely helpful for any grocery shopper. Although the savings on each coupon may be small, many a little makes a mickle, right? However, be wise when standing in front of attractive coupons to avoid impulsive purchasing. Therefore, a predefined list will definitely work at this time.

5. Save With Your Smartphone

If you would like to use coupons online instead of clipping each coupon, try to experience the best mobile coupon apps to save money which are coupon apps to help customers pay less for the same high-quality products and services.

Another app you absolutely need is Ibotta which is free to download. All you need to do is take a photo of your grocery receipt and then get paid. As the result, you’ll receive a $10 bonus just for signing up. In addition, you can find others like Ibotta to earn rebates and get cash back.

6. Shop as little as possible

Try to shop only once per month and shop at a maximum of two different stores. Although you can not use many coupon codes and great deals, this method helps you not only save time but also save money. In adddition, if the stores have membership policies to attract the old customers by accumulating points to receive the greater discounts, is it worthy to try? However, the main focus of this method is to simply avoid convenience stores as much as possible.

7. Choose a Budget-Friendly Store

If you don't have enough patience to clip the coupons and study to use the best one, you should go shopping at stores. But remember to choose the stores offers the cheaper prices such as Walmart, Aldi and WinCo. Please refer to the cheapest grocery stores in the US to save money and avoid the expensive stores in order not to waste your money.

8. Shop smart with Dollar stores

While many dollar stores do not sell as much food or utensils as convenience stores, there are some items you should buy at dollar stores because it can save quite a bit, eg spice. At supermarkets, spices usually cost a few dollars and never seem to get a discount. So you just need to go to the dollar store to get a great price and here are some items you should buy at the dollar store.

However, there are many items at dollar stores that are more expensive at unit prices (due to the smaller weight or package volume) than regular grocery stores, so your task is shopping wisely.

9. Leave your children at home

This can be a challenge for you because you would rather shop during the day and take your children with you than go in the evening- time for relax. But the fact is that when you bring your children with you, more money is spent since they will always require something they want. Moreover, you will be in a rush to get what you need instead of taking the time to compare unit prices and get the best deals.

10. Watch your goods get scanned and pay with cash

Sometimes, items are mislabeled, coupons are scanned incorrectly or the cashier enters the wrong code. Notify the cashier if there is any problem and make sure you check the receipt before you leave the store. In addition, remember to bring cash to pay instead of swiping your credit card to avoid spending beyond your budget


Finally, I immensely hope that with 8 useful tips mentioned above, you have got yourself good tips to be able to save much money when participating in both online and in-store purchases, to avoid falling into attractive promotion traps and to become a smart buyer who always purchases great quality goods at a discounted price. Moreover, if you are devotees to books, consult some smart ways to not only save much money but also enjoy many favorite books.