Best mobile coupon apps to save money in 2020

best mobile app in 2020

Whether you are a broke student or a highly paid lawyer, you should manage your money wisely. And when it comes to shopping and dining, you should know what coupon apps to use to pay less for the same products and services.

There are lots of coupon apps available at Google Play Market and App Store, and it might be challenging to choose one. But no worries, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of top ten apps that are worth installation.

Groupon – Best for Dining and Experiences

If you want to spend less money on spa procedures, gym membership, dental care, park admissions, flower delivery, and other popular services – check out this app. On Groupon, you can find coupons that come in the form of a special deal – you pay a discounted rate for a chosen service or product. For instance, a current Groupon deal may offer you to pay $20 for a sushi set that costs $40.

It’s worth mentioning that Groupon vouchers expire if you don’t use them in the allotted time frame. However, the amount you have paid for the voucher still can be used toward the purchase of the goods or services advertised in the deal. For example, if you paid $20 for $40 worth of sushi set at a local Japanese restaurant, your expired Groupon is still valid for $20 of sushi at that restaurant.

Ibotta – Best for Groceries

If you have a big family and a pretty tight budget for groceries, this app is right for you. “Using Ibotta you can earn cashback on everyday purchases and save more at your favorite retailers. Well, you might find it tricky to use this mobile app for the first time, but you should try it out,” says Ellen Williams, a mom of three and reviewer at BestWritersOnline.

Here is how it works. Before you go grocery shopping, open up the Ibotta app to find out whether there are any coupons for products you are going to buy. If you find a relevant coupon – mark it in the app. After that, go visit a grocery store, purchase the chosen product, and keep your receipt.

Once you arrive home, open up Ibotta and choose the option to redeem the coupon. The app will ask you to scan the receipt and the barcode on the item. Once you complete this simple task, you will get credit. And when your credit amount exceeds $20, you will be able to cash out at PayPal and get real money back.

CouponUpTo – Best for eCommerce business and blogging

Do you want to cut expenses on cloud storage, WordPress themes, hosting platforms, and other digital products and services? Visit CouponUpTo, and you will get access to the internet’s best deals, promo codes, and savings.

Here is a short guide on how to use the CouponUpTo website. Use the search bar to find coupons for a specific product or service you are going to buy. Or, if you are not ready to make a purchasing decision yet, look through the promo codes and discounts displayed on the home page.

Once you choose a specific service provider, do the following. Pick a discount code you would like to use and click the “Show Code”, and then click “Tap To Copy”.

After that, go to the website of the service provider, and add a service of your choice to the shopping cart. During checkout, find the box labeled “Promo Code” and paste your copied promo code in it. And voila! You will get the product you want for less money.

SnipSnap – Best for Digitizing Paper Coupons

If you like to use various paper coupons, but just don’t have enough space in your pocket to keep them all – use SnipSnap. This mobile app will help you transform ordinary paper coupons from newspapers and magazines into digital ones.

This app is easy to use. Just snap a picture of the paper coupon using your phone, and you are all set. A digital copy of the coupon will be stored in the app. You will be able to use it at any moment – hand your phone to the cashier to scan your coupon, and you will get a discount.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that your coupons will be shared with the wider community of users, who also share their coupons using the app. By using SnipSnap, you will get access to coupons uploaded by other shoppers, and it will help you to save even more money.

Rakuten Ebates Best for shopping at local stores and Lyft rides

Are you too busy to go and check special coupons and deals at your favorite stores on a daily basis? Use the Rakuten app, and you will never miss a good deal again.

The app will send you notifications when you’re within walking distance of a store offering in-store cashback. So you will know when exactly you should go shopping to save more money.

“Geo-push notifications will help you to save not only your money but also your precious time. You will spend fewer hours on shopping and be able to focus on activities you enjoy,” says Gabriel Gomez, a translation expert and editor at PickWriters.

Another great thing about Rakuten Ebates app is that you can get cashback on every ride you take with Lyft. If you use ridesharing services regularly – this app will help you to cut your expenses significantly. So don’t hesitate to install it right now.

It’s time to shop more wisely

Thanks to digital technologies, you can access dozens of coupon codes and discounts using your phone. And that’s a great way to save more money while keep buying high-quality products.

Your task for today is to choose one or a few apps from the list and install them. In a month, you will be surprised to know how much money you have saved using coupon codes and promo codes.

And remember that even celebrities and wealthy people like Hilary Swank, Warren Buffett, Kristen Bell, and Lady Gaga use coupons. You have no reason to feel embarrassed to take advantage of coupons and discounts.