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15 Very Simple Scary Halloween Decorations 2023

Halloween is one of the most special festivals of the year, attracting not only children but also adults to participate. On this holiday, families will decorate their houses most uniquely and creepily.

Today, CouponUpto will suggest you 15 ways to decorate Halloween scary, simple and unique. With these 15 spooky, simple and unique Halloween decorations, you can decorate by yourself, choose to buy materials, and decorate the space to be unique, impressive, inexpensive, and extremely attractive to visitors on upcoming Halloween.

1. Paper Halloween decorations

As long as you invest a little time, effort, and meticulousness, you will surely have an impressive and unique Halloween party with decorations made of paper such as paper pumpkins. , paper lanterns, paper ghosts, paper masquerade masks,... 

15 Very Simple Scary Halloween Decorations 2022

 2. Decorate Halloween with glass decals

Halloween glass window decorations and Halloween decorations for cafes with glass decals are the most popular choice today. In addition to the convenience in construction, Halloween decorative glass decals with a variety of images bearing the character of the devil's day such as pumpkins, bats, ghost cities, and spider webs, ... just look viewers have already felt a chill about a horror-like atmosphere behind the door.

You can find and buy these decals yourself to decorate your home on Halloween. During this holiday, stores will have a lot of discounts, and launch discount codes, and coupons to attract customers. row. Make good use of these discount codes to save money on shopping.

3. Decorate Halloween with wall decals

Along with the makeup, wearing strange faces, costumes, and decorating Halloween accessories, if the walls appear creepy and impressive images of Halloween wall decals, it will help the festive atmosphere. This special extra is perfect.

4. Decorate Halloween with pumpkins

Referring to Halloween, it is indispensable to have unique images of pumpkins, right? You just need to use a sharp knife to cut a small piece at the stem of the fruit to remove all the intestines, then cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth, and then drop the led light inside. Trim the squash into different horror faces, and creative shapes to add uniqueness.

5. Use Halloween decorations

15 Very Simple Scary Halloween Decorations 2022

And indispensable for the Halloween decorations is the words to congratulate the festival or the shape of pumpkins, skulls, spiders, ...

6. Halloween decorations

The words to congratulate Halloween, cut by yourself and combined with decorative accessories, will make the festival atmosphere more lively.

7. DIY Halloween decorations

For those who have skillful hands, self-painted pictures, painted on paper, or bottles will become extremely impressive Halloween decorations.

8. Make Halloween skulls

Skulls are scary and scary images but are loved to decorate this devil's day.

9. Design a simple Halloween decoration background

Some typical Halloween color tones are often chosen as black, orange, silver, wine red, and white. These colors, not only make the space fancy and luxurious but also give you a ghostly and bold atmosphere typical of Halloween night. You can cut and paste the words "Happy Halloween", some typical horror images, and there will be an interesting corner to welcome guests to your Halloween party.

10. Make a spider web for Halloween decoration

15 Very Simple Scary Halloween Decorations 2022

Spider webs are a familiar Halloween decoration. You can make your own from easy-to-find materials such as nylon, silk, parachute cord, and rope, .. Hang a few spider webs on the corner of the roof, the green canopy will instantly transform the space, creating a ghost look. freaky, creepy feeling.

11. Decorate Halloween with balloons

Using balloons to decorate Halloween is very popular with many people, with a variety of colorful balloons and many different shapes, shapes, and sizes to choose from. You can create an impressive space according to your quality by decorating balloons into Halloween ball gates, Halloween balloons,...

12. Halloween decoration bats

Some animals always bring a scary feeling to everyone, not to mention the bat,... This animal is black, every time one sees a blood-sucking bat, everyone must think of it. something scary, goosebumps, and mysterious, isn't it? Decorative bats are often pasted on windows, doors, or walls.

13. Make a Devil Face for Halloween

The devil mask is an indispensable Halloween decoration. Demon face images can transform and have different designs. It can be creepy, the horror that scares many people, or you can transform them into a lovely, lovely way to decorate or disguise to create a Halloween atmosphere that is not too scary or haunting.

14. Halloween decorations with human skeletons

In ghost movies, the image of human skeletons and zombies must not be too strange anymore. Skeletons, zombies made from many materials such as paper or cloth, ... can be placed everywhere in the house. It will startle many people because of the sudden encounter and because of its gruesome appearance.

15. Make a spooky garland incorporating typical Halloween decorations

This is a fairly new decoration but also very impressive for the Halloween season. Like the laurel wreath in the Christmas season, the spooky Halloween wreath is also very beautiful, very splendid, and magical. You can take advantage of old photo frames and "scattered" them with weed flowers intentionally "messed up", combined with Halloween decoration accessories, ensuring you will be extremely surprised and happy. satisfied with the results I got.


Hopefully the simple, creepy, horror, and unique Halloween decoration ideas that the article shared above will help you have a magical and impressive Halloween space.

And don't forget to use discount codes, and coupons when buying unique, beautiful, and creepy Halloween decorations such as pumpkins, Halloween decals, spooky dummies, or masks of classic movie characters to decorate the house with the spirit of Halloween. Wishing you all a happy and impressive Halloween night.


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