How To Simple And Unique Decorate Halloween For The Classroom

Decorating the classroom for Halloween is gradually becoming a popular activity these days. If you are "secret" for Halloween decoration ideas for your classroom, you can refer to our suggestions below. Surely these unique and new Halloween decorations will make your classroom space more attractive and magical on this special occasion. 

Paper Halloween decorations

Paper Halloween decorations are often applied to preschool or elementary classrooms. Most paper Halloween decorations are handmade, safe and economical. If you are skillful, your students or teachers can also prepare paper pumpkin lanterns, masks, candy baskets, hats, mannequins... to decorate the classroom. 

Balloon Halloween decoration ideas

Balloons are also one of the familiar and intimate accessories used to decorate Halloween for the classroom.

Currently, on the market there are many models of Halloween balloons for you to choose from with all different sizes, colors and shapes.

Balloon Halloween decoration ideas also abound. If you don't have time or you just have a simple, not too picky Halloween decoration idea, you can use the available balloon templates. If you want to be more impressive, you can use balloons as a Halloween ball gate 

Horror and creepy Halloween decoration ideas

To get the creepy solution above, you should use food coloring to mix it, then pour it into glass bottles, test tubes... Next, you give fake body parts bought at stores selling scientific instruments and then put them in jars. And if you want to have a creepy fork head, you just need to apply a blue layer like embalming solution on a glass jar, then put a picture of a head inside. Surely your class' Halloween festival will be "so many and so many things" 

Halloween decoration ideas for the classroom with photo frames

Halloween decoration ideas for the classroom with photo frames

You can find pictures with old photos online or you can also use photos of your own friends to troll them. Then, print them out and add fangs, cut out eyes and a small light bulb in the back, use cotton wool to make a spider web to "decorate" more. Surely your classroom space will be very magical. 

Halloween decoration ideas for the classroom with skeletons

For those of you who love ghosts, there must be the appearance of skeletons in the classroom like the image. Depending on your preferences, you can decorate with more fabrics and colors to stimulate fear and imagination. However, be careful because you can scare your friends! 

Horror Halloween decoration ideas with ghost balloons

Ordinary balloons painted with a few more details and then covered with a thin layer of fabric are also a very interesting idea for this Halloween season

Halloween with flags and pumpkins

Halloween with flags and pumpkins

In addition to balloons, lanterns, flags, or pumpkins are also one of the impressive and easy-to-follow Halloween decorations so you can bring the Halloween atmosphere into your classroom.

Halloween glass door ideas

The window frames, glass doors are also an ideal location for you to unleash your creativity to bring Halloween atmosphere to your classroom. Usually, Halloween decorations on glass doors will often use paper decals, stickers, flags or pumpkin lanterns..

Preschool Halloween ideas

Kindergarten children are also very excited every Halloween, so teachers and parents can refer to some Preschool Halloween ideas. However, you should note that you should not choose a decoration that is too sophisticated, cumbersome, do not use sharp objects or images that are too scary to avoid causing fear for your baby. 


Above is a collection of ideas and pictures of Halloween decorations with paper, balloons... from cute, simple to horror for Halloween classes. Hopefully, with these ideas, you will turn your classroom into a very special space for the upcoming Halloween. In addition to saving costs when decorating, you can search for discount codes on to be able to buy decorations at the cheapest price. 

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