15 Fun And Unique Halloween Gifts For Kids

Halloween is a traditional festival held on October 31 every year. This is the day that many children around the world look forward to, on this day they dress up, participate in festival activities, are given gifts and candies. Halloween is coming, so have you prepared any gifts for your baby yet? Check out the list of top 15 Fun And Unique Halloween Gifts For Kids

1. Chupa Chups Alpenliebe Halloween Pumpkin 30 sticks

Chupa Chups Alpenliebe Halloween Pumpkin 30 sticks

On Halloween, we can't be without colorful candies, right? With a pumpkin box full of Chupa Chups and Alpenliebe candies, you and your children can freely "give candy or be teased".

This year's Halloween pumpkin box is back with a creative and mysterious design, bold Halloween colors. In this super pumpkin, box are Chupa Chups lollipops, Alpenliebe 2Chew candies, and caramelized milk Alpenliebe candies. 

2. Halloween cake tags

To create a happy, lively, and memorable Halloween, you can make pretty cupcakes with a Halloween theme for your baby. At that time, you will need a lovely and handy set of cake tags to decorate the cakes more beautifully.

The most unique and bold Halloween for kids. Even if you are not too skillful, it's okay, you just need to make simple, unfussy cupcakes and decorate them with these beautiful cake tags to have Halloween cakes with style. extremely interesting, mysterious with festive colors. These cute little decorations will bring the perfect beauty to your Halloween party and lots of fun for the kids.

3. Set of witch robes and Halloween hats for kids

Referring to Halloween, it is impossible not to mention the colorful costumes and shapes. Do not forget to take your baby to choose beautiful, outstanding, and suitable costumes for your baby.

You can refer to the set of witch robes with Halloween costume hats for children. This product is suitable for children aged 2 years and up. Set includes 1 cape and 1 witch hat in free size. The material of the costume is a soft, shiny satin fabric with a black background decorated with eye-catching glitter patterns. The fabric is thin, soft, lightly draped, creating a feeling of lightness and the flying effect is extremely mysterious and attractive. Witch cape with collar and tie, size 80cm x 70cm. This shirt has many colors for you to choose for your baby, suitable for both boys and girls. Surely when you put on this costume and participate in the festive atmosphere, your baby will have a wonderful and memorable Halloween. You can easily find these things out on Amazon, eBay, or Haloween stores. And better, if you can find coupons, discounts for Halloween provided by the stores, you can save a lot of money buying gifts for kids. 

4. Batman character Halloween mask

Besides a Halloween costume, a Halloween mask is also a great gift you can give your baby. Not only children but also adults are extremely fascinated by these unique masks.

You should choose the mask with thick material, good quality but should not be too expensive because Halloween only happens once a year, maybe next year your baby will fall in love with another one. What about some other character? This Batman/Batman character mask is made of sturdy PP material, which can be used many times without worrying about breaking, but the price is very affordable. The mask is suitable for children 3 years and older, even adults can use it. 

5. Halloween witch broom

Halloween witch broom

The Halloween Magic Broom is made of plastic material with a mesh that is very durable and can be used for a long time. The brush has a length of about 60cm, the floating thread is decorated at the top and at the end of the brush to create a beauty that is both mysterious and pretty, and cute. This Halloween Magic Broom is an extremely realistic prop for children and their family and friends to participate in cosplay parties, creating a vibrant and memorable Halloween. Besides Halloween, your baby can also use this broom in themed parties, costume shows,... Magic Broom has many different bright and cute colors for you to choose from such as blue. leaves, orange, purple.

6. Rattan candy basket

"Give candy or be teased" is a typical culture of Halloween. You can give your baby a lucky rattan candy basket so that he can go and ask for juniper candies to win.

The candy basket is made from natural rattan material combined with soft velvet fabric. The basket has a lovely round shape, weighs 70g, and is decorated with funny and cute decorative shapes such as pumpkins, black cats, ghosts, zombies,... Rattan basket has size 18cm x 17cm, small Moderately beautiful, suitable for even young children who cannot carry too heavy things. The color of this basket is very bright with a simple design and safe for the baby to use. 

7. No-Face Savings Box

No Face, also known in English as No Face, is a famous cartoon character in the movie Spirited Away released by Ghibli in 2011. This is a character that is loved by many people at all levels. beloved and especially a very cute symbol in Halloween.

You can buy your baby a No-Face savings box so that he can both feel happy and excited on Halloween and form the habit of saving pocket money for him. This really makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? The savings box has a size of 17cm x 13cm, which can be used as a decoration in the bedroom, on the study table, on the child's bookshelf, and at the same time helps the child save money for the New Year, pocket money for people. Surely your baby will be extremely excited by this interesting and unique Halloween gift. You can prepare these unique gifts by ordering on Amazon or eBay and you can get a great price using coupons, discounts for Halloween. On this big holiday, there are tons of vouchers and promotion Sales for shoppers. 

8. Halloween Pumpkin Jumping Toy

There's no child who doesn't love a toy, especially a Halloween toy. You should pay attention to choosing toys that are made from high-quality materials that are safe for your health.

Jumping pumpkin Halloween toy is a very colorful Halloween toy that is loved by children. The product is made of high-quality plastic material, which is durable, tough, completely non-toxic, absolutely safe for children. This jumping pumpkin toy requires no batteries, only a wind-up motor, so it's eco-friendly. At the same time, this toy also works as an educational toy for children. 

9. Pumpkin pendant

Pumpkin pendant

Beautiful jewelry is always loved by children, especially girls. If you give your baby a pendant with a typical Halloween decoration, the baby will be even more excited and happy.

The Halloween-style pendant is made of high-quality enameled alloy material, completely non-irritating, very safe for baby's skin. The product has a beautiful, unique, fancy, and extremely delicate design. The pumpkin-shaped pendant can be easily combined with many different costumes and will be a subtle highlight to complete your baby's Halloween costume set, helping her to stand out and be different. on a vibrant and memorable Halloween night.

10. Halloween Stuffed Pumpkin

A Teddy bear is a very familiar toy for children. Please help your child add to the teddy bear collection a very unique and cute Halloween stuffed pumpkin. Your baby will be very happy and excited to receive this lovely gift.

Halloween stuffed pumpkins are made of velvet fabric with high elasticity and elasticity, especially very safe for users' health. The inside of the Halloween stuffed pumpkin is 100% pure elastic white cotton, which makes the pumpkin very stretchy, soft, smooth, creating a plump and cute appearance. You can also use this item to display and decorate in your baby's bedroom, reading room, it will be very pretty and outstanding. Halloween stuffed pumpkin products have gentle, bright colors, suitable for young children.

11. Wooden picture lamp

One more suggestion for those who want gentle, delicate Halloween gifts. To show love, people often choose gentle gifts such as wooden picture lamps. Tailor-made photos that light up in a light frame bring back fond memories.

12. Dreamcatcher

Life Tree Feather Dream Catcher Girls Dreamcatcher Gift Room Decorations Pink Girl Heart Dream Catcher Lovely

Most of the girls will often be easily haunted when watching horror movies or being scared of ghosts. So, the Halloween gift is a Dreamcatcher charm that will make her feel less scared.

Dreamcatcher (or dream catcher) is a charm created by the Ojibwa tribe (USA). It is believed that when hanging Dreamcatcher in the bedroom, these bracelets will keep bad, scary dreams and release sweet, beautiful dreams.

13. Handmade

DIY (Do it yourself) is no stranger to today's youth. If you still don't know what Halloween gifts to give to relatives and friends, why not think of "doing it all yourself". From food, accessories, and decorations that are modeled on Halloween, it will definitely be an impressive and surprising Halloween gift for everyone. Search for Halloween cake decorating recipes or Halloween-themed accessories and roll up your sleeves!

14. Pumpkin

Seeing pumpkins decorated and shaped, people will immediately think of Halloween costumes. Pumpkin is considered a traditional symbol of Halloween. So pumpkin-shaped objects and foods will be extremely lovely Halloween gifts. Lovely pumpkin cookies or cotton pumpkins, etc. will make everyone feel more Halloween atmosphere.

15. School things

There are many Halloween-themed school supplies on sale this holiday season. Although the price is more expensive than usual, it is still preferred by the effect it brings. This is an encouraging and encouraging Halloween gift for the little ones. When holding unique learning materials, the learning inspiration of the little ones is also increased.


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