What are effective ways of saving money as a student?

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Typical Money-Eaters

Coffee-to-go, chocolate bars at the pay desk, coke at the gas station... This list can go on and on. It seems that two of three dollars will make no difference. But it would be best if you counted how many such trinkets you buy within a week or a month. The amount will be impressive.

Impulsive purchases that you make. We all love window shopping. And we are all familiar with that sensation of falling in love with an item. As a result, you buy something unnecessary, but at a bargain price.

Public transport. If you use public transport all the time, consider purchasing a card for a certain number of rides or a special pass.

Special-purpose kitchen appliances and gadgets. Are you sure you need a knife for slicing bananas with rings? Or do you really need that garlic grater? Is your life genuinely impossible without that smartwatch? Usually, we use these items a couple of times and then just ditch.

Of course, this list is far from being complete. You may have your own money-eaters. It is crucial to understand what products you really need and what items you buy under the marketing and social pressure.

How to save money on shopping?

Use bonus cards and loyalty programs

Earn a cashback on online shopping

Use Coupons and Promo Codes

Coupons are promotions that give discounts on goods and services. It is convenient to test new places with coupons and save on entertainment and going out with friends. They are no longer printed in newspapers but are placed on sites with the ability to store in particular applications, so it has become quite a popular method of saving.

How to use coupons successfully?

Pay attention to independent brands, not store brands

Start slowly and be careful.

Pay attention to the marking of the object, its weight, the expiration date of the coupon, additional terms. Otherwise, the discount might not be as big as you have expected. Always read everything written in small print.

Daily Rituals of Saving Money

  1. Keep your apartment clean. It only takes 20-30 minutes a day. How does it help to save money? Start cleaning the surfaces immediately after cooking, and you will not need to buy expensive means to remove old-fashioned fat. You will have less dust and germs, meaning you have a lower risk of getting sick and buying meds.
  2. Cook in advance and keep it in the freezer. This simple rule can help when there is no time for cooking and will cost much cheaper than ordering a pizza.