is an event registration portal of Good Technology, a platform enabling enterprises to securely move between business and personal productivity applications on today's popular mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone devices. The company's Good Dynamics platform secures mobile applications and data across mobile operating systems. Its flagship Good for Enterprise collaboration application delivers secure email, calendar, and contacts functionality, as well as Mobile Device Management capabilities.

Attendees in the events hosted by Good Technology register via this portal. However, registration is now closed and there is currently no available information about it.


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According to Cheryl Tang, Senior Product Manager, Symantec Corp., Mobile Application Management is vital to securing the future of "anywhere" business. Today’s mobile business environment requires a holistic approach to security and management. A comprehensive mobile strategy extends beyond managing devices to protecting the apps and information.

  • It’s about the apps, people: For all the talk about mobile devices, the reality is that it’s about the apps. Mobile apps and the data they access are what drive mobile productivity and efficiency. Today’s tech-savvy workforce isn’t waiting for IT to give them mobile apps either. Employees are increasingly using whatever apps they want for file sync and share, note-taking, communication, and more to maximize their job performance. According to Forrester, 25% of employees globally are bringing their own mobile apps to make up for the missing apps they need to get their jobs done.
  • Protect corporate data, regardless of device ownership: Support for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is the new normal. However, companies are struggling with how best to secure corporate data on personally owned devices. According to Gartner, 20% of BYOD programs will fail because IT is trying to implement MDM solutions that are too restrictive. Restricting what users can do on their devices and threatening to wipe data – both corporate and personal – makes users leery. Instead, organizations are turning to mobility solutions that separate personal and corporate data, allowing IT to retain control of corporate data while leaving personal apps and data alone.
  • Maintain user privacy: MAM protects employees from the enterprise. It sounds odd because so often the focus is on IT preventing corporate data from mixing with unauthorized personal apps. Yet, the reverse is also true. With MAM, personal apps and data stay personal. Employees, partners and consultants can rest easy knowing that corporate IT doesn’t have visibility or control over personal stuff. That’s also good for IT organizations, which don’t want the added liability and overhead of managing personal devices.


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  • Simplify the multi-platform headache: Today’s mobile device diversity is an IT management migraine. IDC research indicates that the enterprise device landscape continues to become increasingly fragmented with IT departments supporting multiple mobile operating systems. These operating systems all provide different API interfaces and security management capabilities making it practically impossible to ensure consistent policies and controls. MAM solutions, like Symantec App Center, simplify this multi-platform headache by providing consistent security and management across the mix of devices, operating systems and ownership models within the enterprise.
  • Expand mobility to the extended enterprise: Ultimately, mobility is about boosting mobile productivity and transforming business processes across the extended enterprise of employees, partners, suppliers, contractors/consultants and customers. However, for a variety of logistical and regulatory reasons, a device-based approach to mobile security just isn’t feasible. For example, consultants, suppliers and partners will not give your IT organization control over their tablets and smartphones. Only when apps and data can be protected and managed independent of device-level controls, can organizations broaden support to the entire enterprise and truly reap the benefits of mobility. (via


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