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97 Review

Brown Nov-11-2018

I seem to take well to lions mane and so far this product is awesome. Hope to be able to budget for more of the heathy items offered. Well packaged too and oh so delicious in my coffee

FOLE INC Nov-07-2018

I feel great since I've taking it for over a week. Way better than a cup of coffee.

Schuyler Nov-04-2018

Great product. Noticeable difference on the days I don't use it. Great product support/service.

J-Money Nov-03-2018

Don't know if it's made my brain any bigger, but I'll take whatever advantage I can get!Great in a protein shake, or in hot tea. I like it in chaga tea for dual benefit!

Ms Salsa Nov-01-2018

Some caveats(1) Placebo effect is real. People who say there is no placebo effect on them, they are not being objective. The placebo effect is scientifically proven. It's probably got the MORE data behind it than most of the data for many of the medicines we take. It absolutely has more data behind it than the data supporting most of the supplements we take.But who cares, really. It is real. Your health benefits from placebo effect are real health benefits!(2) There are some very striking effects with this supplement. I've noticed a variety of effects with other mushroom products, except for cordyceps, which do nothing for me. They have to be effective in some way that science hasn't quite caught up to yet. For Lion's mane, I see effects of (1) brighter colors (2) improved sequential memory (3) ability to hold attention and complete tasks.[For Reishi I found increased energy. But I haven't noticed this so much for Lion's Mane.]All the effects of Lion's Mane are subtle except for the visual acuity, which is very striking. I'm enjoying this! The world just looks...prettier. I am enjoying the fall leaves. There is a more technicolor aspect to the trees this year.I can repeat sequences of numbers more easily, and I can also hold attention on monotonous or repetitive tasks more easily. The number sequence things surprises me. I'm not taking it for that, but I'll take it.Other things could be more observational or placebo effect but I do notice that I am slightly more creative and more easily solve problems. My mood also seems improved. But it's hard to say.I've been taking 1 tsp (1/2 tsp. 2x a day).I'm happy about this supplement because it appears to have no dangerous side effects. So you should probably not go crazy with it (which wouldn't be financially wise). However, if you did take a bit too much, you would likely be unharmed (except for the pocketbook).I would say for nootropics, this is a good investment. (1) You are unlikely to hurt yourself with it (2) It isn't financially out of reach. The bag lasts for awhile (3) You may find beneficial effects that go beyond memory.

kristi roeder Nov-01-2018

I like taking lions mane, I feel as if it gives me an extra boost to my day. I mix this in my coffee in my morning. I was using four sigmatic but that brand is outlandishly expensive. I also find that this brand works better I think. It has a nice flavor if you mix it in hot water by itself as well. I will repurchase.

R. Groves Oct-26-2018

I always have a good experience with Wild products and this is no different. Even threw in a free sample.

Adam Oct-22-2018

I added mine to coffee and liked it

William Oct-21-2018

Really great quality and goes down with everything. I recommend in the morning coffee. Gives an almost nutty/cinnamon flavor. My wife doesn't agree, but what we both agree on is that it doesnt take away from anything it's in. All in all, great stuff and great company. Will buy again.

James Oct-16-2018

Good stuff

None Oct-02-2018

I received my package on time and a mini pack of cocoa was included. I have been adding lion's mane to my tea in the morning. I have energy all day.

Ella Sep-29-2018

That's the best product!!!

Sherri K., Iowa Sep-28-2018

I love The Wild Foods Lion's Mane mushroom! It's the first time I tried this so was some what leery - I started very slowly and added it to coffee and then to smoothies. Now I add a lot to both! I Love it!

Patricia Sep-27-2018

Very satisfied with long term results. I put this in my smoothies every day and I definitely notice a difference in my overall mood + performance! Will probably buy again :)

Sommer G. Sep-24-2018

I really love the heart behind the company and it's desire to provide great quality and health minded products at a reasonable cost, and thought it was really sweet that they included a sample packet for a 1 person serving size of an additional inventory item they stock as trial.

Chris Sep-22-2018

I have tried lots of various lions mane products and some of them are pretty questionable. This is high quality stuff.I have ordered 3 times from wild food co. These guys are super professional and will resolve any issues or answer any questions.

Amazon Customer Sep-21-2018

I got the lion's mane powder, it is grand! I know it sounds too good to be true but i swear, after 4-5 days of using it daily, i am thinking much faster and "smoother", as well as have an improved mood. The taste is even good, I mix it with a cup of hot watet to make a tea and drink it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I will definitely buy this again!Thanks for

Cristiano C. Duarte Sep-18-2018

This is an excelent quality product and it tastes really good. I am taking half tablespoon twice a day with coffee and milk. I will add more info on the results.

T. Murphy Sep-12-2018

Great packaging, even included mini freebies and lots of information on various products. I've been using the Lions Mane for 2 weeks now and love it. Mixes well with coffee or tea.

SKohlhiem Sep-11-2018

The product arrived in a timely manner. I have been taking it for about 2 weeks and have noticed a definite change in my memory and concentration. My anxiety level has also decreased.. I love this product and will be ordering more!

Amazon Customer Sep-09-2018

Arrived as promised

Robert K. Aug-31-2018

Good quality Good price.Not much of a nutrttion guy.I am noticing good results.

Cathy Schuetz Aug-27-2018

I am taking Lions Mane for brain fog.I have only been taking it for a few days, so I don’t see a difference yet.It does dissolve easily in my tea and I don’t notice any taste or smell.

Jett Aug-26-2018

This does help My anxiety and a great detox. This mixes good enough for me . Had a very mild earthy taste but I love it . Looks just like the photo shown

Booklover Aug-26-2018

I’ve used many Lions Mane supplements and this is the best.

George L Aug-21-2018

Great price and great quality. There's nothing more you can ask for.

Kurtis L Aug-17-2018

I am so happy with my order! I threw it on my kitchen scale after a week of use and it weighed over 4.5 oz.I can tell this is a premium quality mushroom powder. Clearer mind, better focus. Thank you, Wild!! I would LOVE to try the rest of your mushrooms for my college semester!

Sean A Aug-08-2018

I take this with my coffee every morning. Really helps me to concentrate while putting me in s better mood throughout the day. Ill be ordering more soon. Can't really notice the taste, very mild, when mixed up with coffee. I recommend Lion's Maine for people with ADHD/ADD or even people that have PTSD or for anyone that would just like to think more sharply & clearly.

cathryn l Jul-21-2018

So glad I ordered! Excellent quality. I will definitely purchase from this company again.

Danielle Haden Jul-19-2018

So far so good - too soon to tell.

Enall Jul-12-2018

Your Lion's Main mushroom powder is exceptional as well as your Spirulina powder; great job.....

Amazon Customer Jul-06-2018

Easily dissolves in my coffee. Good value for the price.

Amazon Customer Jul-02-2018

I have lost 10 pounds in one month, libido is out of control, my IQ has soared and my brain tumor is gone!

giskard Jun-28-2018

I love this stuff. Have bought 5 thus far. Tastes great stirred into my just-pulled espresso, before pouring in the steamed milk.

the 3rd Jun-17-2018

Awesome product, once I started using Wild Shrooms I am hooked. I get a clear boost in vitality and focus.

Don Bishop Jun-13-2018

At the age of 83, I was having serious problems recalling names and words and experiencing some "brain fog". I was tested by a psychologist at Kaiser, who said that I could expect progressive mental deterioration, I was unwilling to accept this, and began researching. One of the items I found was that Lion's Mane could actually rebuild brain connections. I use it as a part of my "Brain Longevity" (an excellent source -- also recommended), A year later, my memory, although not youthful, is greatly improved, and my attitude toward life is optimistic. I can effectively debug problems with our three computers.I mix the recommend half-teaspoon in my coffee 3-4 times a week. It mixes easily, and has no noticeable taste.

Nicole Lesmeister Jun-13-2018

Can't taste it in smoothies at all!

Oktoba Tasa Jun-09-2018

Taste and smells very good. Reminds me of a wild fruit we used to eat as kids. Looking forward to the benefits. I feel the uplifting effect already thought I'm using a number of herbs together with this.

J Hugo Jun-08-2018

use it in keto coffee :)

H. Wood Jun-03-2018

Wild foods states that this is made from 100% fruiting bodies, with none of that (in my opinion) very questionable business of grinding up a mixture of mycelium and rice, so that the final product is more rice starch than anything else. The reason I trust this to be as they say is that all their other products have been so good. Recommend.

Amazon Customer Jun-02-2018

deffinitely happy with it, what best works for me is a green tea

unknown May-30-2018

Great healthy addition to the morning

JFO May-18-2018


Chris Byrd May-13-2018

Lion's mane is an amazing mushroom!!! Great addition to any tonic blend or tea!!! Impressive stuff!!!

John Gilbert May-13-2018

instead of dragging all day i have 1 cup in the morning and i dont need coffee

Amazon Customer May-08-2018

Works great in a tea, helps with epilepsy

David A Sheppard May-06-2018

Very good product!

Kaila May-02-2018

I love all the wild food products! This one especially! I can really tell a difference on the mornings I don’t have it in my coffee. Just groggy and hazy. Gives a nice boost.

Elli516 May-01-2018

I am planning on buying more and try it for a longer period of time. Has helped focus more than most supplements. I would have already ordered more, but there was none in stock on Amazon or Wild Foods.

Eric S. McGlothlin Apr-18-2018

Great Quality, I will continue to buy my lion's mane through Wild Foods

Tommy Apr-10-2018

This stuff is great. I am always very skeptical with supplements because I try to avoid the placebo effect but this actually works. I take it consistently in the morning with tea/coffee and have noticed definite suttle benefits. The most profound benefit is the articulation enhancement I receive. Responding to others and putting sentences together just seems to flow so much better. Would highly recommend. This brand is affordable and quality

Kristen Apr-07-2018

I like this stuff. I add it to tea or smoothies. You can't taste it at all, and you get a slight energy boost from it. Good for mornings.

Jean Apr-06-2018

This is the second time we have ordered the Lions's Mane - Wild Mushroom #4. This is an excellent product and really enhances one's overall health. It has really helped both of us to focus better, relax with less anxiety, and Lion's Mane is also known for it's anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. We are impressed with the overall changes we have noticed over the past couple of months since starting this product.If you are still undecided, please just do an internet search and read the benefits of Lion's Mane.

Danielle Kaspari Thomas Mar-26-2018

Wonderful I wish I could buy a pound at a time.

Roger Holt Mar-25-2018

good as any i have tried

Amazon Customer Mar-23-2018

This stuff is amazing it took bout week to real notice ,but I can definitely see the results

Matt Mar-15-2018

Great taste and helps me focus. I got this to use as part of my homemade pre-workout I make, but can't help but fixing a hot cup of mushroom tea every morning before work. I can go all day without coffee after mixing 1/4 teaspoon of the Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Mucuna Pruriens extracts into a mug of hot water.

Casey Mar-06-2018

Heard so many good things about this type of mushroom. Smells great and mixes well. So far so good!

highlander Feb-25-2018

I ordered this for my 17yo son who is finishing his senior year of HS. He says it works well and seems to improve his cognitive functioning. He says it helps him focus and concentrate better.

Billy Ginoski Feb-25-2018

I'm one of those people that like to be sipping on a cup of coffee all day. Which I can't do, as too much is no good. Now... I'm sipping on these Wild Shroom extracts instead! Wow!! Not only do these extracts dissolve in water as well as instant coffee. But I can honestly say, they never tastes bitter and are just as satisfying.PS: I've already placed my 3rd order. This one for the 4 oz Chaga.

alana myers Feb-24-2018

My girlfriend and I have ordered 4 of these. I have to say, mixed with Niacin, this product is amazing. No fillers, and great brand.One frustration, however, is that even though she and I take this product each morning at the recommend does of a 1/2tsp, it seems for some reason that my bag after a few weeks is noticeably more empty than hers.I'm still giving 5 stars because the product is great. However, maybe my bag for some reason or other was filled with a machine using the last of product in the hopper? Not sure, but what can you do? I'm sure it was just a coincidence during bagging.

Amazon Customer Feb-23-2018

I have issues with fatigue related to MS. I feel like this product is more helpful than other things I have tried. It doesn't "kick in" every day but having more good days is awesome in my book.

Amazon Customer Feb-20-2018

Great product 3rd time ordering it.

Yadira Moscoso Feb-16-2018

I wanted to give it a try since I have purchased so many products for memory and concentration. After the 2nd day of drinking it I noticed a hint of energy and alertness. Today I am starting week 2 and I have to say it works. I quit drinking coffee in the mornings. This has been a great substitute. I love the flavor of it. I drink it with hazelnut milk and some honey..I am willing to try the rest of the mushroom teas.Thanks for such a great product

N. Scheller Feb-15-2018

The Lions Mane helped me stop using a whole host of herbal sleep aids. No longer need valerian or massive quantities of 5-HTP. When I wake up, Im able to get back to sleep. Good quality sleep and I can remember my dreams!

Aaron Pino Feb-14-2018

This actually gives you a ton of mental energy and as a bonus it stimulates the growth of neurons! would highly reccomend

Amazon Customer Feb-11-2018

I like the recipes that were included and that it was in another plastic bag that sealed

Ben Jan-29-2018

Hello Everyone,I can't compare Wild Foods' #4 Lion's Mane 10:1 Extract with any other product because this is the only lion's mane powder I have experimented with. I am giving it 5 stars though, because after taking it for about 1.5 months, I have felt a noticeable change for the better. I have struggled with mental illness for a long time, but things took a turn for the worse after a moderately severe head injury I sustained in college about 10 years ago. I have generally improved with time, but after a recent, frightening down-cycle, I committed to doing what I can to change my trajectory. Pharmaceuticals have never worked for me (and in a couple cases made things MUCH worse), and the placebo effect no longer affects my experience, so I knew I'd need a more holistic approach. I decided to try a lion's mane extract powder after reading a few abstracts from studies on the beneficial effects of the neurotrophic factors contained in lion's mane mushrooms, and based on the reviews weighed with the price/oz and company reputation, I went with Wild Foods. The product itself is a fine powder that needs coaxing to get it to mix well into a liquid, and it has a malty flavor that isn't offensive. I mix it into a daily "vitamin" shake with a greens powder, berry powder, maca, pine pollen, and raw cacao powder. Over the course of about a month and a half of use, I have noticed an incremental trend towards decreased anxiety, slightly better mental acuity and focus, slightly better memory, and a slight filling-in of color, like things just don't seem as bleak and drab as they did a month ago. Taking this powder isn't the only thing I'm doing for self improvement (I am also implementing diet and behavioral changes, with mindfulness meditation and supplementation), but I know the effects belong to it because I started taking the powder months after beginning the other changes, and as I said before, I am too jaded for the placebo effect to be a factor. I can't prove it without clinical testing, so by all means do your own research, but I think that the neurotrophic chemicals in the lion's mane extract are improving my brain's plasticity, making the mindfulness training and the other changes easier and more effective. Nothing is magic, and while none of the effects are as yet spectacular, my improvement has accelerated greatly since beginning Wild Foods' extract, and I feel hope for the first time in a while that I have the ability, with effort, to radically change my life's trajectory. Wild Foods has a repeat customer here, and I have gotten my family interested in trying the lion's mane powder as well. Wild Foods sent me a sample of their cocoa butter with my second order, which I will review separately after I've ordered some and have tested it out. I appreciated the gesture, and at first blush the cocoa butter seems like a quality product as well, with a strong chocolate smell, and a subtly-sweet chocolatey taste and creamy mouthfeel. I hope this review has been helpful.

Rale Don Jan-26-2018

Good product.

Clint Jan-25-2018

Arrived in a timely manner and came with samples of the brands other products, very cool! Will purchase again.

ME Fiorini Jan-18-2018

I've been using the recommended 1/2 tsp amount daily in my morning coffee and love it! I notice a difference in my cognitive functioning at work. Combined with my Chaga tea, I'm well energized for the daily grind!

Hello Hello Jan-14-2018

Excellent company, excellent product. Highly recommended

Will Strong Jan-08-2018

I'm pretty sure it affects acetylcholine levels so consider working your way up slowly. It is easy to overwhelm those receptors if you live an otherwise unhealthy lifestyle with high consumption of simple carbs.

Kat Jan-02-2018

I’ve been using 1/2tsp of this powder in my coffee every morning and I definitely feel more energized and alert.

suseq Dec-24-2017

All fruiting bodies, NO mycelium and log grown so no added stach from grain. Beta glucagon #'s better than average. Mixes well with coffee.Pleased so far.

M. A. Kelley Dec-19-2017

Great product at a good price!

taylor481 Dec-14-2017

Nice product ,quick shipping

Andrew Mash Dec-11-2017

Been taking 2x recommended dose for a week now. Believe I can see preliminary results. I chose to encapsulate mine, flavor was okay but this is easier. Thank you very much.

Amazon Customer Dec-04-2017


Ted B Nov-24-2017

Light nutty, earthy flavor and goes well with vanilla or chocolate shake.Good focusing effect so far - will have to wait for long term memory benefits.

Dixon M. Nov-24-2017

This has become part of my morning routine. I add it to my bulletproof coffee with a scoop of their cordyceps and maca and feel like a superhero for the rest of the day.

Wilson Horne Nov-19-2017

Great quality product and I truly have noticed a better memory.

Goldie Nov-05-2017

Great taste. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because it is not organic. I thought it was, but that was my mistake.

B Oct-21-2017

Excellent mushroom extract , ordered this and other extracts multiple times and am happy with Wild Foods products and packaging .

Gretta mcelhaney Oct-12-2017

Love it!!!! Will order again and again!

James Callahan Oct-10-2017

I just thought this was going to be healthy. Then strange things were happening and i had to tead more about it. The first night i made a smooty and used two large teaspoons instead of a half of a tea spoon. I was up most of the night. Also in one part of my sleep i slapped my wifes back because of a dream i had about a baby with a bee on its but. Crystal clear dream. And why i would slap a baby in live never. Then in the dream. ??? But in real life is cause me to slap her back really hard? I woke up in shock and so did she. They there is just feeling really on top of things and very sharp. No a boy of fatigue. Its one am. The wofe is sleeping. Im writong this silly review. They i thought the dog hair in the house was getting to me because i was itchy. And i read its because brain neurons are growing. So its been a few days. Im getting so mich done. Not like cafenne. But like im smarter and making better choices. So. Im glad i descoveres this stuff. Im making it in a smoothy i make in the am. I also have added the cocoa mix. Dont tememeber the name. Its the two things new in my smooty of lots of vitamins and fruits digestives, aoy milk honey cinnamon aple sider and a bumch of other healthy stuff. It has helped with my stomic. Lost a bit of weight but sdding this teally made a differne. Again i had no real idea what the stuff was till after the effects.

Amazon Customer Oct-10-2017

Honestly, I don't know if this is working. I take so many nutrients that I don't know which one to blame for my perfect health.

Chronaut Oct-10-2017

I take two teaspoons daily, so far great results. If you have heart attack, stroke or any brain related issue you need to be taking this Lion's Mane Extract. Very happy with it, I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Caitlin Sep-29-2017

Best stuff EVER! I have an ap course and wasn't doing too well cause it was first thing in the morning and my mind was just not working well until I got this and now I'm getting 100s on quizzes and I feel happier more focused and awake! Love it 💕

Emma Sep-26-2017

I was skeptical, it changed my mind right after the first try. Never been so calm and productive at the same time.

Corey M Sep-21-2017

First of all it's pretty atypical of me to send complimentary emails on anything, but I wanted to let y'all know that I am very satisfied with Wild Foods Lions Mane Mushroom powder.I am a head and neck cancer survivor. The chemo/radiation treatments has definitely impacted my short term memory, cognition, etc. I have tried the "racetams", and several homeopathic supplements, (including two more company's Lions Mane powders). Maybe a little placebo effect from a few but nothing remarkable, or long lasting by no means! I am trying to cut back and eventually eliminate the synthetic crap that I have been on for anxiety, depression, acid reflux and such.I found Wild Foods here on Amazon and read the processing, ratio, verified that it's GMO and decided to order from you. Within 3-4 days or so I noticed improved concentration, sleep, memory enhancement and definite reduction in anxiety, which is not crippling but it definitely affects my thoughts, emotions. I take several supplements and vitamins but have not changed type or dosage so I'm pretty sure it's your product shining through! Impressive!Sincerely,Corey Morris

Kristina Baker Aug-31-2017

Great product. I mix mine with coffee and it doesn't affect the taste.

Rich Longden Aug-30-2017

I've been using Lions Mane every day for over a year. I've gone through different vendors and with out a doubt Wild Foods has provided me with theBest Quality Lions Mane by far! It's taste and smells amazing and works great! I've purshased 3 bags already from this company and will continue to do so! Great product from an amazing company that uses high quality ingredients!

Scott Embry Aug-15-2017

So far so good! I've experienced taking Lions mane before in tincture form. I thought powdered would be somewhat gross, but it isn't at all. I usually make a tea out of it.with a tap of coconut oil. It's my coffee in the morning. After 2 days of consuming it, I'm sure it's giving me clarity, calmness and a boost in intellect. Just the way Lions mane should feel

PPK Aug-01-2017

Over the past few years, I've grown to have a deep appreciation for this company and their products. I've purchased many of them and have always found them to be of high quality. This Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract is no exception. I put about 1/2 teaspoon in my coffee every morning and have noticed a marked improvement in my mood. The addition of this product is the only change I've made, so I have to believe it's made a difference in my day.I highly recommend this product. You won't be disappointed with this purchase!

Amazon Customer Jul-17-2017

It taste kinda like graham crackers which I like. It eliminated my anxiety, and keeps me more focused. I put a scoop in my magic bullet with chocolate syrup and milk can't beat it.

William Davidson Jul-02-2017

High quality product.

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