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Wazoo is here to provide high-quality products that are innovative, functional, and most of all, practical for every-day life. WAZOO creates Wearable Survival Kits! These kits are low profile enough that you won't even know they are there, but practical enough to contain the basics for fishing, trapping, lashing, navigation, and fire starting.

Wazoo  Belts

This company works with search and rescue teams, engineers, and survival enthusiasts to provide high quality, functional, emergency use items for the everyday person.

Wazoo Survival Gear LLC survival kits that blend into everyday life. Clip your school color keychain onto your keys, or wear your bracelet or anklet and you'll never have to worry about it. They will be there when you need them.



Things you would love at Wazoo


6 pockets covertly incorporated into a baseball-style cap. A hat for any Macgyver (especially if they have a mullet to hide!)



A modern version of an ancient piece of gear. Designed to be worn daily to keep any tool sharp and ready. Skol!


5% FOR S.A.R.( Search And Rescue)

Not only are their products designed to save lives, but they go further by donating a portion of the profits every year to Search And Rescue (SAR) organizations across the country who aid in life-saving rescue missions. Should you ever find yourself lost, stranded or truly in need: these are the volunteers who will actually be coming to save your Wazoo!


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Can I rappel on the cache belt | D-ring cobra buckle?

For legal purposes, our official answer is NO. It is not advisable to use the Cache Belt | D-Ring Cobra Buckle as a load-bearing device.

Here are some specifications regarding the Cache Belt | D-Ring Cobra Buckle:

The D-Ring crafted into the AustriaAlpin Buckle is rated at 22kN (≈4,945 pound-force). Each Cobra buckle is machined from 7075 aluminum alloy with solid brass and stainless steel internal release mechanisms. Each cobra buckle is frame tested to 9kN and are now powder coated for a durable finish. The webbing is MIL-SPEC A-A-55301 and exceeds 2,700 lbs break tests. Our custom design doubles the webbing over itself and utilizes 5, 27-stitch industrial bartacks to secure the buckle. The thread is Size 69/Tex 70/Govt. E bonded nylon thread.

Can I wear your necklaces in the shower/ocean/lake/river?

Absolutely, YES! We created this product to be worn everywhere, all the time so that you’re always prepared for any situation. Wearing the leather necklaces in the shower is actually better for them in the long run, since it assures that you’ll be keeping the leather clean - just as you are keeping your body. Saltwater and sweat can affect the integrity of the ferrocerium rod. As with any metal, they can corrode the ferrocerium rod if left on for an extended period of time. When rinsing off the necklace, make sure to move the ferrocerium rod up and down the leather to completely rinse off any residue from all parts of the necklace.

Why is my hat is discoloring?

We’ll give you just a few reasons why that’s happening.

Yellowish stains are typically from sweat and body grime (have you tried taking a shower dude? ) However, orange~ish discolorations are chemical reactions. These chemical reactions can be caused by:

Wearing your hat post-swim. Your hair will still be holding chlorine and other pool chemicals and they’ll slowly turn your hat orange. Facial products. Lotions, facial treatments (especially benzoyl peroxide!) and other creams will turn your hat orange. Haircare products. Same reasons as above.

Discoloration usually happens when sweat and chemicals sit on the hat for long periods of time. So if you rinse them off right away and wash them, it might minimize the discoloration. Lastly, discoloration of black happens because there's no such dye color as 'black' in the natural (cotton, wood, etc) world. Sun and washing machines will beat the darkness out of anything over time.


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