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Last Updated: Mar 23rd, 2023

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About Tep Wireless


kick and wifi_tep-wireless

Are you dealing with connecting the Internet when traveling? Having no Internet or just connecting to a slow, unstable and insecure really draws you crazy? Are you seeking out all wifi solutions? So Tep Wireless Wifi is the amazing option that you have to take your eyes on.

Tep Wireless was founded in 2009 to provide internet solutions for travelers. Their vision is simple to create a unique mobile service that allows travelers to remain completely mobile and connected globally without unlimited data. Traveling with Tep Wireless device means elevating your trip no matter where you go. You can search for information, send an email or message easily anytime and everywhere.

Tep Wireless specializes in providing Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi, Tep Wireless Prime Wifi, Tep Wireless App, Kitesting, Tep wireless inflight wifi, and more. Whatever your reason for traveling is, Tep Wireless Network got the right options for you.

What is Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi?

A pocket WiFi is a portable wireless device, also known as Wireless Wifi modem, MiFi (Mobile Wifi), mobile hotspot, or internet dongle, that connects any Wi-Fi enabled device ranging from smartphones, laptops, to tablets to the internet through a mobile phone network.

It works like a Wireless Wifi at your home, generating a WiFi network with a radius of about 10-15 meters around you, but it fits in your pocket!

The cool thing connecting with the Pocket wifi hotspot device is that you yourself can have the movable wifi device which is able to be turned on and off in your control and not have to wait for the password from the slow and plodding Wifi connection of restaurants.

How does Tep Wireless work?

A Pocket Wifi works just like any Internet-connected device. The only difference is that it is kind of smaller and portable than your traditional modem at home.

The mobile router transforms 3G/4G connection into a private Wifi signal to your different devices like smartphones, laptops, tv, smartwatch, etc.

In this sense, the portable wifi acts as a mobile wifi hotspot. It needs a Tep Wireless SIM card which supplies the internet to the wireless connection device like smartphone, tablets, personal computers. You can easily buy Sim Card at the London Airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, and Luton.

Portable Wifi generates high-speed broadband connectivity that can be shared by up to 10 users at a time.

How to set up or using Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi?

You can set up Pocket Wifi easily with 3 steps. You will get Tep Wireless instructions in each step when you log in.

Hold the power button for a few seconds till the pocket wifi turn on.

Step 2: Check SSID (network name) and password (key)

On the Pocket wifi screen, tap the SSID icon.

Once the SSID and the password are shown up on the screen, you can change the settings.

Note: Some Pocket wifi routers have their SSID and password labeled on the back of the device.

Step 3: Select SSID and enter the password

You must have connected to a wifi network before. Follow the same steps.

Tap Wifi, select a network name and then enter the password.

Tep Wireless Pros

Fast and Reliable

Tep Wireless has seamless connectivity while in Europe. Tep Wireless Speed is fast and effective.

Wifi wherever you go

Unlimited Internet

By using Tep Wireless wifi, you can enjoy unlimited internet on up to five devices at a time.

Perfect Tep Wireless Customer service

Now they often give Tep Wireless dicount code 2019, coupon code 2019 for customers.

What countries is Tep Wireless available?

Tep Wireless is available for the following destinations:

Tep Wireless India, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, the UK, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, Philippines, Italy, Ice Land, Ireland, Greece, France, Europe, Canada, China, Australia, Vietnam and more.

60+ million local Wifi hotspot worldwide

Tep Wireless Plans

  • Regional adventure: 1GB/day at 3G speed
  • Regional Discover: 1GB/day at 4G speed
  • Regional Explore: 3GB/day at 4G speed

Tep Wireless Contact/ Phone number: 877 888 3741

You can read more information at


Tep Wireless Reviews



There are many Tep Wireless (Peppy) reviews on the internet or Tripadvisor about this service. Here below we listed some Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi reviews:

By Juan

By Melissa

By Roy

By Mary

Tep Wireless Top Reviews

5 Reasons why you should have a Travel Pocket Wifi device

5. It perfectly fits for people on-the-go


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    Tep Wireless FAQ

    Does Tep wireless work on cruise ships?

    WIFI aboard cruise ships is slow and expensive. Tep Wireless enabled us to get online while in port. Most people will want to rent the Tep device because they willmost likely be going for a short holiday.

    Tep Wireless or Skyroam: Which Should You Get?

    How do I use my Teppy?

    What is the download/upload speed?

    How can I request a special delivery?

    If you would like to request shipment to a country not offered on our website, or have specific delivery requests, please email us before placing your booking so we can make the necessary arrangements.

    How can I return Teppy at the end of my rental period?

    A few options are available to you:

    You can drop off the device at London Heathrow Airport (all terminals except T1) or London Paddington Station.

    We can help you organize a FedEx collection at your convenience.

    Alternatively, you can organize your own return

    Where are the drop-off points?

    Pickup and drop-off points are located conveniently in London Heathrow Airport and London Padding Station.

    Popular FAQ: Tep Wireless not working, is Tep wireless worth it, Tep wireless support, tep wireless return, tep wireless refund, tep wireless rental coupon, tep wireless drop off heathrow, tep wireless not charging, is tep wireless good, tep wireless return address, tep wireless troubleshooting, tep wireless vs my webspot, tep wireless vs xcom global.


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    More about Tep Wireless

    Tep Wireless Website

    Tep Wireless Facebook

    Tep Wireless Twitter

    Tep Wireless Instagram



    Tep Wireless​ FAQs

    Why do the Tep Wireless coupon codes I get never work?

    To avoid this problem, you should check out carefully Tep Wireless promo code before that promo code could be expired, some promo codes are tied to a minimum purchase, a first-time purchase, or tied to geography, and other reasons.

    Are all Tep Wireless Coupons here applied site-wide?

    It depends! Normally, the percentage that you can save with that Tep Wireless Coupon will be shown right on the page, so you can see if it is applied sitewide or not. However, once you are not sure, try it right on their's products you want to buy.

    Which occasion does Tep Wireless offer the most coupons?

    Most Big Discount Events of the year witnessed a vast number of coupons from Tep Wireless released. Especially, on federal holidays such as New Year’s Sale, Thanksgiving, Christmas... or on other important days such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Father’s Day..., customers also can buy at Tep Wireless with numerous coupons.

    Where will Year-End Deals from Tep Wireless be shown?

    All deals from Promotion Programs of Tep Wireless are collected here. For each certain occasion, its coupons will be on the top of the coupon list, and surely they always come with an expiry date.

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    Tep Wireless Reviews

    Have you ever made a purchase at Tep Wireless? Are you wondering what the Internet is saying about it?
    All of Tep Wireless evaluations, from its quality, its prices, to coupons, promotions are aggregated below. All are got from real feedback from users on Tep Wireless. Customers who are interested in Tep Wireless are encouraged to read this before making the final decision.
    Discover all things about Tep Wireless with us!

     · This is our honest review of the Tep Wireless travel WiFi hotspot, based on a few years of traveling while using our Tep! Updated in 2019! We first tested the original Tep a few years ago, but have now switched to the faster 4GLTE Tep. Everything we talk about in article is up to date and refers to the new Tep 4G LTE model.
    Read more ...
    full review. “. The Tep Wireless device is definitely a great option to avoid data roaming charges, but obviously it depends on the type of trip you are going on. It’s a great device for someone like me who needs to update social media, reply to emails and do work while on the road.
    Read more ...
     · TEP Wireless Mobile Hotspot Review 2020 This is a detailed breakdown and review of TEP Wireless to save you the trouble of pouring through their site for the information. I work with a rep at each hotspot company and I am very familiar with the industry, so I've done my best to transparently explain and review their service offering below.
    Read more ...
     · TEP Wireless is a portable Wi-Fi Hotspots and the perfect companion for Digital Nomads, Instagram Stories’ aficionados, business travelers and basically, everyone who wants to be always connected (or at least, those who want to be able to go online at any given moment of their choosing).
    Read more ...
    According to any TEP Wireless review, you’ll find that the battery life of the device is more than satisfactory. The router can be configured to work as a wireless Internet hotspot throughout the day, so you don’t even have to touch it again after turning it on.
    Read more ...
    The TEP wireless global hotspot comes in a few fun colors and is packaged in a convenient travel pouch. It’s designed for travelers like you and me and is a great investment. Having portable wifi for international trips is an important item to check off your travel to-do list.
    Read more ...
     · TEP Wireless offers a compact WiFi device that is super easy to set-up and even easier to use. The Teppy 4G has just a single power button on one side. Once you hit the power button, the Teppy automatically connects to the internet and you can connect up to 5 devices so your phone, laptop, and iPad can all seamlessly connect at once.
    Read more ...


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