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About Tep Wireless

Are you dealing with connecting the Internet when traveling? Having no Internet or just connecting to a slow, unstable and insecure really draws you crazy? Are you seeking out all wifi solutions? So Tep Wireless Wifi is the amazing option that you have to take your eyes on.

Tep Wireless system is the smartest way to travel – Tep Wireless portable wifi device for smartphones, tablets, and laptops in more than 100 destinations.

Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi

Tep Wireless was founded in 2009 to provide internet solutions for travelers. Their vision is simple to create a unique mobile service that allows travelers to remain completely mobile and connected globally without unlimited data. Traveling with Tep Wireless device means elevating your trip no matter where you go. You can search for information, send an email or message easily anytime and everywhere.

Tep Wireless specializes in providing Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi, Tep Wireless Prime Wifi, Tep Wireless App, Kitesting, Tep wireless inflight wifi, and more. Whatever your reason for traveling is, Tep Wireless Network got the right options for you.

What is Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi?

A pocket WiFi is a portable wireless device, also known as Wireless Wifi modem, MiFi (Mobile Wifi), mobile hotspot, or internet dongle, that connects any Wi-Fi enabled device ranging from smartphones, laptops, to tablets to the internet through a mobile phone network.

Tep Wireless often get good reviews from customers

It works like a Wireless Wifi at your home, generating a WiFi network with a radius of about 10-15 meters around you, but it fits in your pocket!

The cool thing connecting with the Pocket wifi hotspot device is that you yourself can have the movable wifi device which is able to be turned on and off in your control and not have to wait for the password from the slow and plodding Wifi connection of restaurants.

How does Tep Wireless work?

A Pocket Wifi works just like any Internet-connected device. The only difference is that it is kind of smaller and portable than your traditional modem at home.

Tep Wireless is easy to use

The mobile router transforms 3G/4G connection into a private Wifi signal to your different devices like smartphones, laptops, tv, smartwatch, etc.

In this sense, the portable wifi acts as a mobile wifi hotspot. It needs a Tep Wireless SIM card which supplies the internet to the wireless connection device like smartphone, tablets, personal computers. You can easily buy Sim Card at the London Airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, and Luton.

Portable Wifi generates high-speed broadband connectivity that can be shared by up to 10 users at a time.

How to set up or using Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi?

You can set up Pocket Wifi easily with 3 steps. You will get Tep Wireless instructions in each step when you log in.

Step 1:  Press the power button and turn on your Pocket Wifi

Hold the power button for a few seconds till the pocket wifi turn on.

Step 2: Check SSID (network name) and password (key)

On the Pocket wifi screen, tap the SSID icon.

Once the SSID and the password are shown up on the screen, you can change the settings.

Note: Some Pocket wifi routers have their SSID and password labeled on the back of the device.

Step 3: Select SSID and enter the password

You must have connected to a wifi network before. Follow the same steps.

Tap Wifi, select a network name and then enter the password.

Tep Wireless Pros

Fast and Reliable

Tep Wireless has seamless connectivity while in Europe. Tep Wireless Speed is fast and effective.

Wifi wherever you go

Tep Wireless is your very own portable & secure wireless hotspot.

Unlimited Internet

By using Tep Wireless wifi, you can enjoy unlimited internet on up to five devices at a time.

Perfect Tep Wireless Customer service

Now they often give Tep Wireless dicount code 2019, coupon code 2019 for customers.

What countries is Tep Wireless available?

Tep Wireless Coverage

Tep Wireless is available for the following destinations:

Tep Wireless India, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, the UK, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, Philippines, Italy, Ice Land, Ireland, Greece, France, Europe, Canada, China, Australia, Vietnam and more.

60+ million local Wifi hotspot worldwide

Tep Wireless Plans

  • Regional adventure: 1GB/day at 3G speed
  • Regional Discover: 1GB/day at 4G speed
  • Regional Explore: 3GB/day at 4G speed

Tep Wireless Contact/ Phone number: 877 888 3741

You can read more information at smartpocketwifi.com


Tep Wireless Reviews



There are many Tep Wireless (Peppy) reviews on the internet or Tripadvisor about this service. Here below we listed some Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi reviews:

“I was impressed with the device and I hiked a mountain and I had a signal. The battery life was great and I would definitely use it again”

By Juan

“I got this device for my daughter who was studying abroad over the summer... It was dependable and much more affordable than adding an international plan to my AT&T wireless account. Renting was easy and canceling the subscription was even easier. Will definitely reactive in the future when traveling abroad!”

By Melissa

“This was my second rental for travel outside the US. We used it all over the UK and Eire with only a few connection problems that were solved by rebooting the device. It generally lasted all day (13-14 hours) without a recharge. I appreciate the easy return procedure. I expect to rent it again for future trips.”

By Roy

“The easy access to WiFi allowed us to travel throughout Ireland without getting lost! We were able to access our maps and travel without worry. The signal strength was strong enough for the second car with us to share the signal. The device arrived on schedule and was so easy to return. Much better to use than a GPS.”

By Mary

Tep Wireless Top Reviews

5 Reasons why you should have a Travel Pocket Wifi device

Tep Wireless internet

1. It’s much more convenient

2. It’s Cheaper

3. It’s Safer

4. It wouldn’t suck up your battery life

5. It perfectly fits for people on-the-go


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Instead of being charged when you use too much data on your phone, you can freely access the Internet without worrying about the data. Other things that you may not know is some Internet providers have hidden the chargers and put a limit on how much data you can use in a month. Getting portable global pocket wifi can be a lot cheaper if you regularly travel and move to another different place. Purchase once forever connection, it’s worthwhile!

At couponupto.com, we work with thousands of stores from all around the world, we provide Tep Wireless coupons, discount codes up to 99%.

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Tep Wireless FAQ

Does Tep wireless work on cruise ships?

WIFI aboard cruise ships is slow and expensive. Tep Wireless enabled us to get online while in port. Most people will want to rent the Tep device because they willmost likely be going for a short holiday.

Tep Wireless or Skyroam: Which Should You Get?

If you are a long-term traveler, you may want to consider Skyroam, because of their new GoData plan (1 GB a month for $9)—or there's always my personal favorite, GlocalMe.If you are a short term vacationer, Tep is a little cheaper and also offers unique services, like the Local Concierge or Kitestring.

How do I use my Teppy?

To connect to your Teppy, first power it on, then locate your Teppy’s unique network name (SSID) and password. Now find your Teppy’s network name in the WiFi list of your smartphone or another device, and enter the password. That's it, you will now be connected to the internet. The video shows how easy it really is!

What is the download/upload speed?

Non-technical answer: The speed of your Teppy’s connection depends on coverage. Basically, the stronger the coverage, the faster and more reliable the speed. Adverse weather can also inhibit your connection speed. But, unless you’re in an area with really poor coverage, your speed should always be fast enough for ‘normal’ internetting, e.g. browsing the web, sending emails, etc. If you want the fastest speeds possible, be sure to opt for the 4G upgrade.

Technical answer: You may have heard operators brag about their data speeds, e.g. 100 megabytes per second (Mbps) or even 1 gigabyte per second (Gbps) on 4G. While it sounds impressive, these are merely theoretic data speeds, i.e. conducted in a perfect environment where there is zero latency (network lag). This means that, unfortunately, when out in the real world, your speeds will never approach that speed (yet). For that reason, below we’ve outlined theoretical and real-world data speeds so that you can know what to expect:

How can I request a special delivery?

If you would like to request shipment to a country not offered on our website, or have specific delivery requests, please email us before placing your booking so we can make the necessary arrangements.

How can I return Teppy at the end of my rental period?

A few options are available to you:

You can drop off the device at London Heathrow Airport (all terminals except T1) or London Paddington Station.

If you’re in the UK or USA, you can get a pre-paid return envelope which you can use to return the device at any post office.

We can help you organize a FedEx collection at your convenience.

Alternatively, you can organize your own return

Where are the drop-off points?

Pickup and drop-off points are located conveniently in London Heathrow Airport and London Padding Station.

Heathrow pickup and drop-off points are located just outside the customs & baggage reclaim exit, at the "Excess Baggage Company". To get there, follow the signage towards "Left Luggage". Simply quote your order number to the Excess baggage representative, and they will hand you your Tep.

Popular FAQ: Tep Wireless not working, is Tep wireless worth it, Tep wireless support, tep wireless return, tep wireless refund, tep wireless rental coupon, tep wireless drop off heathrow, tep wireless not charging, is tep wireless good, tep wireless return address, tep wireless troubleshooting, tep wireless vs my webspot, tep wireless vs xcom global.


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Skyroam is known as super-fast portable wifi and power charging wherever you go as it gets the fastest 4G LTE mobile WiFi speeds worldwide. It can stay powered-on all day long with 16+ hours of WiFi battery life. It charges your gadgets on-the-go with embedded 6000 mAh power bank and latest USB-C connection. It allows you access by one-touch to unlimited WiFi in over 130+ countries – no SIMs needed! You can connect up to 5 gadgets at once.


TEP wireless

Unlike your wireless router at home, Teppy doesn’t require any setup, cables or installation, and works seamlessly over the world. Just turn on and connect! A Teppy with a fully charged battery will last at least 6 hours while connected to one device. The device can be charged via a USB or wall outlet (both cables included). You can also get an external battery pack if needed. You can connect up to five different devices to one Teppy. About speed throttles, if you have the 4G upgrade, you get 1GB of high-speed data per day.


Keepgo is a mobile data operator with global coverage. It helps to connect your mobile devices to wireless networks in 180+ countries. Using Keepgo, you can stay online longer with up to 6 hours of battery time and over 300 hours. It allows you to connect up to 16 devices at a time and you can easily use it, by one push of a button then you have access to the internet while on the go.

Keepgo Internet

Travel wifi

Travel WiFi – a popular personal mobile hotspot (in France in particular), is available in 120 countries around the world. It provides unlimited data in 4G speed and an interesting point is that you can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. Their device lasts up to 10 hours on a charge.


Roaming man is an international wifi service provider that is used to connect any wifi-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets to 4G speed internet. It requires no SIM cards or cables. With Roaming man, you can have internet connection in 130+ countries and regions around the world. You’re allowed to connect 5 devices at once and use unlimited 4G LTE data usage.

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Outstanding Features of Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi – The best portable wifi for Travel

Pocket Wifi in Japan

How to rent Pocket Wifi in Canada at the best price

Pocket wifi in the USA


More about Tep Wireless

Tep Wireless Website

Tep Wireless Facebook

Tep Wireless Twitter

Tep Wireless Instagram



7 Review


Awesome service Just came back from Japan and China and my Teppy worked like a charm! Had great signal almost everywhere I went. I will def rent again on my next trip!


TEP HAS BEEN REALLY USEFUL ALSO THIS TIME Thanks to Tep also this time: your service has been really useful:I recommend to rent the extra power bank because if you use Whatsapp a lot you might need it. Nowadays it seems that nobody wants to talk on the phone anymore... they prefer to whatsapp...

N I.

Tep made my recent trip to Greece and Turkey a breeze. While at first I wasn’t sure it was working it turned out it was and I was the only one connected to the outside world 24/7. I shared my Tep information with many people. Hopefully it helps to improve your business. Thanks Tep!!


Great Customer Service The device arrived a few days before my trip to Colombia and it was easy to use. But while in Colombia, the internet connection was spotty. I contacted TEP customer service twice, once in the morning and once at night, to fix the problem. They were very helpful and fixed the problem right away. They even followed up with me to check on the progress. I've used them before and will definitely use them again.


Great in Mexico City Worked well for 3 users in Mexico City. Had to use a portable charger but that’s because we had it on for most of the day. Would use again!


Convenient Arrived 3 days before my scheduled trip. Instructions were clear and simple to follow. No issues. Great to have for peace of mind whenever we needed it in Peru. Cheaper than activating mine and my travel partners' phones each day. Was even able to stream a movie on it!


It arrived on time and was super easy to use.

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Tep Wireless - Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi

Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi - A pocket-sized personal WiFi hotspot, to keep you connected while in Europe. It keeps your smartphones, laptops and tablets connected in over 100 countries, with unlimited internet.

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