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77 Review

G. Deeth Jul-18-2018

Kind of noisy compared to others but works well.

Shay Jun-21-2018

Works as it should. Excellent quality and build.

Sawdust Monkey Jun-05-2018

Works great

H. Arnold Apr-24-2018

Works great on my 3D Printer.

JA Mar-13-2018

This is identical (17HS16-2004S OSM) to a motor I am using on a Bondtech BMG design I built for a Taz 4.It works great on the BMG.I bought this for a spare and future design work.It's a good reliable motor.

AR Feb-05-2018

This motor feels solid, well made, I dont think is made in China. Just got it, I have not tested it yet, I will report more later.

Richard O. Jan-29-2018

Works great as expected.

Thomas Jan-23-2018

Stepper works great, I'm using it on my FT 2020 i3 for the Y axis. The stock motor had a droning sound whenever the bed moved long distances at high speed. This one quieted it up a bunch. The stock motor was rated 4.8kg/cm but this one seems to have plenty of power to do the job.

Amazon Customer Jan-14-2018

Powers an astrophotography barn door style mount. Long leads helped with the project. Great product. Thanks.

Michael Goodfellow Sep-21-2017

I have used several of these to build 3d printers and have had no issues at all. Good product.

Max Sep-13-2017

it worked

Amazon Customer Aug-13-2017

Looks like excellent quality and turns great too.

KY6R Aug-08-2017


Jim Spencer Aug-01-2017

Nice looking motors, have more than enough torque for my purpose, and arrived unscathed in individual boxes with spec sheets.

Johnny T. Jul-26-2017

I bought this motor to replace a 1.4A motor in my 3d printer extruder. This motor provides excellent torque without slipping.

Mikey Boy Jun-07-2017

This motor is a beast. Using it on my Wanhao DI3. With a Flexion HT extruder. With the torque that this motor provides, i am able to tighten the jam nut much tighter than what i would before. Print quality and torque are very noticeable. Had to adjust stepper driver for 1.44v. The motor is a beast.

Amazon Customer Jun-06-2017


Tim Gardner May-14-2017

Really nice quality motor and has a plug on the end too and not bare wires.

Larry Smith Apr-22-2017

I ordered two of these to replace my Z motors on a RepRapGuru I3 machine. Only one motor was bad, but figured it would be best to replace as a matched pair and pull the good one aside for a standby replacement for any other failures.They were a bolt-up, drop in replacement for the stock motors. Though, this item has a higher amperage rating and slightly higher torque, so I can under-drive them a little an lose nothing in the trade.

B. Hostetler Mar-24-2017

Working great on my 3D printer build

Amazon Customer Mar-20-2017

As described.

RC Roeder Feb-27-2017

Very low coil resistance, l298 run very hot. When testing melted power supply wire. I will have to use other h-bridge.

Soynuts Feb-27-2017

Perfect drop in replacement for the extruder motor in my prusa i3 mk2.

Amazon Customer Feb-25-2017

Solid construction.

johnrechd Feb-20-2017

Runs great, plenty of torque and fine control for my use. Works perfect.

Amazon Customer Feb-11-2017

Works Great!

Robert Nemeth Feb-02-2017


AngellXP Feb-01-2017

This is my first larger stepper motor. I have used many smaller ones in the past. Everything worked well with the L298N driver that I was using.

3dprnt Jan-25-2017

Good quality motor, would buy more of them.

Kevin B. Jan-19-2017

Nothing I can complain about. I just wished I purchased something more powerful for my application.I beat up this motor, held it still while trying step, and turning it while it was trying to hold, but no complaints per the motor. I got it stupid hot in an attempt to really work it, and it still responds quite well. So I only have good recommendations for this motor.(I'm going to order the 84oz motors for my application, and use the same seller :D )

RogerWilco Jan-09-2017

Like all OSM steppers, this is an awesome little motor. I'm using it for a direct-drive MK8 Bowden extruder on a large Kossel delta. Running this motor at 1-amp makes it only slightly warm and provides plenty of torque to push over 120mm/sec ABS print speeds at .3mm layer height...that's extruding a LOT of plastic.I'm very happy with this motor and will continue to use them for all my extruders.

Victor Jan-04-2017

it works great!

fluke dgital multimeter Dec-17-2016

It would be 5 stars if the technical information include the actual voltage instead voltage per phase.

Heidi Obelenus Nov-14-2016

Great stepper for the RoBo 3DI built a clone and these motors work great with the RAMPS and default drivers.The wires are plenty long enough, and although I would have loved a connector at the motor itself, I can always add one myself.No issues with drift or double-stepping. Plenty strong enough for all 5 motors of my machine.

Mike Kai Oct-20-2016

Wrong wiring compared to mine but I moved around the wires in the connector to match my setup.

Mondo Oct-13-2016

very nice heavy duty stepper, well made, works greaat

Jason Oct-12-2016

The torque is a little week. But I experienced no drift

Caleb Sep-27-2016

Stepper motor online is the manufacturer, never had a problem with any of their motors. These work great.

Amazon Customer Aug-03-2016

great !!

Monkey Frazzler Jul-26-2016

This motor is exactly as advertised, and seems to be working well for our project. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a NEMA 17.

Pete Jul-17-2016

I bought this motor is replace the weak extruder motor on my Wanhao Duplicator i3 v2 that I recently changed to a RAMPS 1.4 board. I've been using it all weekend, and so far everything is working out pretty good. I haven't gotten around to reinstalling my Flexion extruder kit back on after changing back to the stock block with the all-metal upgrades, but this thing can definitely power that. Not that noisy (although nothing is that noisy when sitting next to the fans that came on the Wanhao), and haven't had any clogs or skipped steps yet.I know the stock motor is 34mm, but a 6mm difference is negligible for me, and the tradeoff in torque gain was worth it.One note though, I had to remove some metal from the heatsink to make it fit, since the shaft is a bit longer than stock as well. Also, be sure to adjust your voltage, because the stock motors run at a pretty significantly lower voltage than these.

GearMonger Jul-15-2016

I bought this stepper motor as a replacement on my 3D printer. I needed the shorter motor for clearance purposes. So far, the motor is running smooth with no re-calibration needed. The previous motor was loud with a lot of vibration. This one is much more quite with no vibrations detected. So far, so good!

Amazon Customer Jul-11-2016

High-quality motors! Come with flats milled and rather lengthy wires already crimped into female headers. Each motor comes with a GREAT datasheet, which includes all info about the motors you could possible need (including dimensions and coil schematics).

BP Jun-22-2016

As others have stated, they pull a ton of current. I'm safely using L298 units to drive this stepper with regulated voltage and current. When I tried with unregulated power, my poor H-bridge almost got toasted. The motors work as intended now.

Potato Tomato Guy May-26-2016

great very precise motors

cyberhawkv May-24-2016

Purchased Six of these motors, they work great. Using them on my 3d printer. Only gripe I have is I wished that the wires were removable from the motor side as a plug. But for the price it worth getting. They run smooth have not had any problems with them so far.

hbelcher May-20-2016

awesome motorworks great

Michael Allen Gale May-03-2016

Works great

Kelly A. Tinder Apr-26-2016

This is just what I ordered and worked perfect.

Buyers.Tips Apr-26-2016

This is a good strong motor. I only gave it 4 stars because it did not come with any mounting screws. Other than that I had no problems at all.

Drew V. Apr-24-2016

So far it's a good little motor, however the low 1.1ohm coil resistance is causing me some issues with one of the L298N H-bridge modules I also bought off amazon. In order to drive this motor you either need a current limited power supply

Terran Schatz Mar-29-2016

Great motors for our sE1X v1.5 kits sold at [...]

Casey W. Mar-19-2016

These are awesome motors. Very strong, lots of torque, both for pushing and holding. They work great for the laser engraver that we have designed and I imagine that they would work great for other simple CNC machines.

DanFlys2Hi Mar-03-2016

Very good motor, have them in a few projects, very good and very precise.

Expert User Mar-02-2016

Worked as expected. Decent torque and profile.

S. Hughes Feb-21-2016

I replaced the used steppers I bought on ebay with these for my old Prusa i1 3d printer. These have much more torque and work great.

Amazon Customer Feb-13-2016

they work perfect for my design

Nick ralph Jan-16-2016

Works seems good.. not sure how long it will last

Charles M. Ihler Jan-15-2016

These steppers are as good as the one's I get from Pololu.. they're pretty much average and worked great out of the box. They're 4-wire and have pretty standard torque... perfect fit with normal NEMA17 brackets.


Great little stepper. Bought as a replacement for my Folger Prusa i3 extruder motor. Stock motor didn't have a slotted shaft. This one dropped right in and has been performing spectacularly.

Amazon Customer Jan-04-2016

Great product.

Peter Menuez Dec-28-2015

Great Motor - It comes with long leads rather than an connector. I prefer the leads so can install my own connectors.

MJacob Dec-13-2015

worked great no problems

Sam Amazon Nov-22-2015

Awesome product works a treat, would buy again!

Wayman Bell III Nov-09-2015

Arrived as advertised and in a reasonable time frame.

E. Hicks Nov-01-2015

Works like a charm

A. Marks Oct-31-2015

Smooth, powerful, but a bit too much for my prosthetic hand prototypes. Very nice piece of equipment though. As solid as it looks.

Wu Yao Oct-11-2015


ThePawArmy Jul-23-2015

I'm using two of these on my EggBot Clone and they work fine.

William D Watkins Jun-28-2015

This little motor is very well made and has plenty of power.

larry w. Jun-27-2015

Items as described no complaints

Fuzzhao Jun-20-2015

Very high torqueGreat for use with a Flex3Drive extruderWires not twisted paired

Joe Kumanchik Jun-10-2015

Good product at a great price.

John H Mocho May-02-2015


Ralph Hunter Apr-29-2015

Works great as long as you dont abuse the voltage, 5v is ok 12v too much. gets hot, makes too much noise. 5v happy happy

Brian B. Apr-16-2015

I use 6 of these to operate my dual extruder 3D printer and they work fantastically. They are some of the quietest motors heard. They make almost no noise.

Richard Apr-11-2015

Works as expected. Used for a Z-axis on a shapeoko 2. Works great.

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