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About Stakich



Stakich is a family-owned company established in 1925, providing 100% pure and natural ingredients that that exceed the highest quality & purity standards.

With an extensive line of beehive products, herbal extracts, greens powders, superfoods, dietary supplements and other fine items, Stakich  takes care of your health and nourishing your body. Each of their products provides optimum nutrition and is effective in helping you lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.






“Love their Stakich bee pollen. Quick delivery, easy to order, a wonderful experience.” by Jean G.



“I have been using your Bee Pollen Granules for over 30 years with great results. I am 73 yrs old and my health and energy is great. I have sent many of my friends to your website. Keep up the good work and quality.

God Bless

Bob Gill :-)” by Bob G.


Works great

“Along with an icing routine and now bee pollen, my chronic back pain has been reduced greatly. note: no disc's in L5,L4,L3, and L2.” by Robert R.


good stuff

“thank you so much for your great product, my wife and I have been taking it for years and we love it. The order to delivery time is excellent” by Walter N.




Thank you!

“Thank you for the blessing of this life-giving product, and for the quick delivery too!” by Gregg H.


RD - Love the Royal Jelly

“First order on recommendation of friend who regularly uses Stakich Royal Jelly. Arrived on time, cold with two freezer packs in small high quality Styrofoam container. Using the product as recommended as part of healthy lifestyle. Love it. Highly recommend it. Company delivered on everything they said.” by Richard D.



“Thank you for his product which is for the healing of the nations.

Thank you!” by Direne A.


Royal Jelly

“So far, I believe taking royal jelly on a daily basis is making me healthier.” by Martha C.




Great pricing, fast service, friendly company!

“I definitely recommend this company if you are looking for quality beeswax. I recently purchased 10lbs of white beeswax. Best pricing I could find, arrived promptly, and the owner reaches out personally to confirm and thank you for your order!” by Robert A.


Will Only Purchase from Stakich

“I love Stakich beeswax I purchase from Skatich. It’s 100% pure. Other companies I purchased from add parrafin.” By Kristin S.




Kudos to you!

“Great product, courteous customer service representatives....will be ordering more wax soon! thanks Arlene Baker” by Arlene B.


Things you would love at Stakich

Easy to Use and Cost Effective with these amazing features:

LOST CHILDREN PREVENTION - Stakich® app alerts you when the child wearing Stakich® wanders out of your proximity.

WATER SAFETY ALERT - Stakich® is waterproof and its app alerts you if the child wearing Stakich® has fallen into a pool or lake.

SECURED WRISTBAND - Each Buddy Tag® comes with a wristband with a locking coin-screw to prevent easy removal.

NO MONTHLY FEE - Stakich® does not require a SIM card, so there is no monthly fee or any recurring charge.

NO CHARGING - Stakich® is low power, and its concealed coin-sized battery will last over a year. When the battery power runs out, contact us for our tag replacement program.

EMAIL WITH LAST SEEN LOCATION - You can program up to two email addresses to receive the last location your Buddy Tag® was connected to the app. It is perfect when your child is out with a caretaker.




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People also ask


We are headquartered in Troy, MI.


We do not have a brick and mortar store and sell direct to the public only through our online channels and in grocery and health food stores across the nation. You can find a store near you using our Store Locator. If you can't find us in your local grocery and/or health food store, but would like to, please let the associates at the store know so they can reach out to us to become a vendor to their store.


Our mission is to continuously look for ways to offer only the finest products that support a healthy and natural lifestyle. We believe in selling products that we would be proud to eat ourselves and feed to our friends and neighbors. As more people choose to live a healthier lifestyle, we strive to be the provider of ingredients for natural living.


Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST. If you are trying to reach us outside of our customer service hours, please send an email to and we will address your question the following business day.


Stakich Raw Honey has been produced in Michigan by bees which are kept on unfarmed fields where there are NO pesticides or chemicals used of any kind. Once extracted from the honeycomb, honey is only strained and quickly bottled; there is no other processing used. What makes it unique is that since it is unheated it naturally crystallizes and turns into a nice spread. Also, all the original enzymes, vitamins, carbohydrates and other nutrients, which would otherwise get destroyed by heat, are preserved. At the same time the Raw Honey's natural, delicious flavor is kept intact. Since we do not run it through a filter it also contains a small amount of bee pollen, which enhances its nutritional value. 


The only ingredient in our honey is 100% pure honey, that has been collected by the honeybees in Michigan, USA.


Since honey is a natural product, no two batches are the exact same. The color, scent and texture of the honey depends on the soil and weather conditions at the time bees collect nectar from the flowers. We are dedicated to keeping the honey as natural as possible to allow our customers to get the most nutritional value from their purchase. 


Honey should not be fed to infants under the age of 1 year old. As with any raw, unprocessed foods, honey is not recommended for infants whose digestive systems are not fully developed, a process that occurs usually in the first year. This is why we do not recommend it for children under 1 year of age.


Honey will naturally crystallize over time, and does not affect a honey’s flavor or health benefits. To re-liquefy your crystalized honey, stand the jar in a container of warm water for approximately 20 minutes. To encourage even heating, stir the honey a few times during the process. We recommend storing your honey at room temperature whenever possible to prevent it from crystallizing, which is caused by colder temperatures.


The crystallization is an attribute of pure and natural honey. Most pure raw honey has a natural tendency to crystallize over time since it is composed of two principal sugars: fructose and glucose. Crystallization does not affect the honey except for color and texture. Some honeys crystallize uniformly; some will be partially crystallized and form two layers, with the crystallized layer on the bottom of the jar and a liquid on top. When the glucose crystallizes, it takes on the form of tiny crystals. As the crystallization progresses and more glucose crystallizes, those crystals spread throughout the honey. The solution changes to a stable saturated form, and ultimately the honey becomes thick or crystallized.



No, all of our products are naturally gluten and dairy free. They contain no wheat, barley, rye or oats or their by-products. No gluten containing products are stored or used in our warehouse.


In order to preserve nutritional value and high potency of the Fresh Royal Jelly it needs to be kept frozen. However, it is safe to keep the monthly supply of Fresh Royal Jelly in refrigerator. When you purchase the more economical large container of our Fresh Royal Jelly transfer the amount of Royal Jelly which you plan to use, within a month, into a smaller container and keep it in the refrigerator. Freeze the rest of the Royal Jelly for later use. Then, when you need another monthly supply, just defrost it in the refrigerator for a day or two, transfer again the amount you plan to use within a month into a smaller container and freeze the rest.


Our beeswax is filtered and 100% pure! Pure Beeswax has a beautifully sweet smell of honey and is widely used in cosmetic industry as a main ingredient for manufacturing of fine skin creams, body lotions and milk balms. Artists model beeswax into beautiful works of art and craftsmen use it to make soaps and candles. We get this question a lot, so we have dedicated a whole blog post to the different ways that beeswax can be used.


Both bee pollens are collected by bees from flowers and trapped by beekeepers. However, the difference between the two is the area where the bee pollen is collected from, the color of the pollen, and the sweetness. Well known as one of the nature's richest foods, Spanish bee pollen is more multi in color and sweeter than the regular bee pollen. Don't worry though, both are as equally nutritious.


Herbs are a very high quality food that contain a highly absorbable form of vitamins, minerals and elements that balance the body in a natural and beneficial manner. If you want to greatly improve your health, herbs and herbal supplements can help. Herbs have been around for centuries as a natural means of preventing and curing many types of ailments and diseases. All of our extracts are cold pressed from the highest quality organic herbs into distilled water and pure neutral spirits or an alcohol free base so that every nutrient of each herb is fully extracted and preserved. Please consult with a doctor, or other qualified health care professional before using any herbal extract in place of your prescribed medicine.


The levels of the extract components are affects by the growing conditions of the herb (such as soil, weather, altitude) and factors of the herb itself (such as age of the plant, origin of the seed, and when it was havested.) This all comes to play in the final outcome of each batch of the extract, making each one slightly different.


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More about Stakich

Stakich Website

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Stakich Email


30 Review

Chris Aug-04-2018

Quick delivery with cooler bag. Taste natural .I reordered few times

Truong D. Jun-24-2018

Good product & Fas Fast shipping thank you

Wayne Apr-17-2018

The product is exactly as presented, 2-thumbs up !!

TheBoyScout Mar-10-2018

Good products, good shipping packaging.A few notes:- the packaging doesn’t specify the source / country of origin. I assume it’s China, where most royal jelly in America comes from. In the future, I would want to order another brand, that sells (Chinese) organic royal jelly, for about the same price.Organic is important here, taking in consideration the poor practices of some Chinese food producers. I hope this company will take this in consideration in the future.- This royal jelly has been frozen before, which means, you can’t freeze it again. By the time you receive it, it’s already thawed.So the only option is to refrigerate it. However, refrigerated royal jelly has a life shelf of about 3 weeks... which is not enough period of time to consume 1 kilogram of royal jelly.My question is:Would there be a way to split the kilo over 4 jars (glass would be ideal) and get them to arrive before thawing, so the client can freeze 3, and refrigerate the one to be consumed first?- I think that a plastic bag is never a good option to package food. It wouldn’t hurt to replace it with a glass jar, even if that means adding a few dollars to the price.

jimmy Mar-05-2018

the reason i'm giving 4 stars because the royal jelly came already warm. the box packing great, however there was only one very tiny ice pack inside and already melted. except this, all others are great. by the way, the shipping took 4 days. maybe that is way it came warm.

Amazon Customer Mar-03-2018

great product,came as advertised... we are giving it to our son, but not so easy to give to kids, so mixing it with juice...its effects will probably be seen in the long run, so do not get disappointed if you didnot see immediate results...would recommend others to give it a try and see for themselves.

Eric_S Feb-10-2018

I really enjoy the taste of this, I grew up eating this and it tastes the same.

masaru Jan-08-2018

This is an amazing product. The increase in available energy is very noticable. In my family all of us take it. We range in ages 17-91. We noticed not only that we are much less tired upon returning home from a long day, but also that we are not getting the colds that eveyone around us has.I recommend it to everyone I know. I would not want to be without it.

Darcy Nov-15-2017

Stakich royal Jelly has given me more energy and clarity of thought since taking it as a supplement. The taste is creamy and slightly spicy. I usually take a spoon of the jelly first thing in the morning. It brightens my day.

Tony R Nov-06-2017

I've been using fresh Royal Jelly for over 30 years, since it was introduced to me by my Sifu for energy and balance and will continue to use it for as long as ....Recently tried Stakich and am happy to report that the quality, value, freshness and delivery/packaging exceeded expectationsStrongly recommend the product

Dii Nov-03-2017

Love love love this Royal jelly !! It's v good quality and fresh. Customer service was helpful and patient with me. This product energizes and rejuvenates ! It's great quality for the price, It shipped to me in time,cold, fresh in a cooler Thank you..I will buy it again.

Tania S. Oct-23-2017

It has a decent taste. It was still with a good cold temperature when it was delivered to my home. I bought it once straight from Staloch but they never give discount so I will stick to Amazon that I am used to. I am very happy with it and I will continue to buy it from here for myself and my family. I mixed it with honey as well. Tania L.

Liu Sep-30-2017

Really nice product! Delivered in carefully prepared cold-shipping package. Can tell it's fresh and authentic royal jelly. Highly recommended.

RafaelK Sep-26-2017

Excellent! I got it two days after ordering. September order in mid west, it was hot. It came double packed in isolated box and ice packed, it was still cold. I have never tasted 'royal jelly' before so i have no reference, but quality seems top notch. I do enjoy the taste, it's not honey. I will reorder from stakich without hesitation again.

Jorge P.B. Sep-24-2017

Product is top quality. I bought for boosting my energy and manage my pollen allergies. So far, after four days of using it I can notice the difference. I am very happy and satisfied with the product and the seller. I will definitely buy again from them!!

Winnie Yang Sep-23-2017

This is the first time I purchased fresh royal jelly online. I had concern in the beginning that the product might lose freshness and potency upon delivery. But after reading so many good reviews, I decided to give it a try. I placed the order on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. The delivery is fast! The bottle of the royal jelly was still cold by the time the package arrived. The high quality of the product is comparable to the brand I bought at local Whole Foods Market but at a much reasonable price. I will definitely purchase it again in the future.

joy Sep-18-2017

Stakich fresh royal jelly is great!. It helped to control my acid reflux and is good for stomach condition. Taste is not bad. I tried another brand before which was horrible. I couldn't even swallow. I consume honey a little bit after taking royal jelly to get rid of sour taste. Shipping was fast and the bottle was secure in a stirofoam box with ice pack. I wish the fresh royal jelly of the largest jar would be in a glass bottle like a medium size of RJ. Probably, the shipping cost is expensive.

sarah softpear chun Aug-24-2017

I have had royal jelly such a long time. This product keep me my strong immune system and energy levels for sure.I'm over 55 years old and I'm standing more than 8 hours everyday at work but I don't get tired and feel good every day.

newjerseyli Aug-24-2017

nice and natural producy.when you buy 1 kg,it is really cheap.will buy again

Amazon Customer Aug-04-2017

I love it.

Amazon Customer Jul-30-2017

The product was packaged cold and nice. The product arrived on time as promised. This an excellent fresh royal jelly with the best value per ounce. This product is absolutely worth the money. It tastes fine with me. I feel this product gives me more energy. It is nice to be able to access the raw product at an affordable price.

Ms Hula Jul-04-2017

This is my 6th or 7th time ordering Royal Jelly from Stakich over the years. I have gotten smaller bottles before, however, I think 2.2 lb is the best bang for the buck. It comes in a plastic bag that you can easily transfer to another container, if you want. I used to be concerned that the ice have already melted by the time it arrives at my house. However, when I called customer service, they assured me that it is perfectly fine, and that it does not diminish the quality of royal jelly. They said when they get it out of the beehives, it comes from an environment that is already hot, so shipping in hot weather doesn't matter. I usually ordered this for my parents, who take royal jelly for numerous health benefits. I wasn't so fond of the sour taste (naturally sour), but this last time, I started mixing royal jelly with a spoon of honey, and it was great! I think Stakich sells great quality royal jelly, and will continue to order from them. Fast shipping, and always reliable.

Amazon Customer Jun-28-2017

Just received my product which was on time and packaged nice and cold. Both my wife and are happy with the product and its taste. Looking into what else they have to help us in our lives.

Lorea Jun-19-2017

Excellent quality - just as I expected! It was delicious when mixed as they recommended (3:1 of honey to royal jelly). I am eating this every day! It came packed with a little ice packet on a Wednesday.

Amazon Customer May-24-2017

We were skeptical at first because of the price and worried about the time it'll get here. However, it came within 2 days and it was still fairly cold. Although they could do a little better than giving a small pack of ice, it was worth it. We've been using it since receiving it in April. Taking it in the morning and before heading to bed, and we started to feel a difference. I think it would be better to separate them into smaller containers and store the bigger one in the freezer. It does taste a little weird at first but you'll get used to it. Other relatives have been using and they're loving it!

Rona Rose Apr-30-2017

Very nice quality and delivered on time. Real good. I like it

Amazon Customer Mar-30-2017

This is about the second or third time I have ordered this product. It's amazing, and I will continue to order and use this product.

tina Jan-23-2017

I have been ordering quite a bit of Royal jelly and I feel this is exceptionally good quality and fresh . I had concerns about freshness / shipping and customer service was helpful and patient with me . I feel this product is giving me more energy as well . It is a little bitter so I just recently started mixing in vanilla flavored protein powder in it . This company is committed to bringing a great /effective product to the market and making it affordable . I would like to see companies like this do well and this is why I'm taking the time to write a review :)

w00balla Sep-07-2015

The product is truly amazing - five stars, all around. I was previously given to me as a gift from my mom; she said it would help with my skin and, believe it or not, for once mom was right! I'm 30 years old, but have skin (read: acne) like a teenager. I was very skeptical at first, but to my surprise - my skin actually significantly cleared up, smoothed out and overall became more radiant after a few weeks of having a spoonful of royal jelly once a day. I realize I sound like an infomercial, but this stuff really works WONDERS!The three star review has to do with shipping. The product description on Amazon (as well as the shipping information on the brand's website) specifically says that no matter when you order, it'll ship out on Monday so as to ensure the product doesn't sit at the post office over the weekend. Unfortunately, it looks like this shipped out on August 28 (the day I ordered it), but despite the '2 day priority mail' stamp, didn't arrive until today - September 8. Needless to say, the insulation totally gave out and the product was h-o-t to the touch when I finally received it (not sure how long it's been baking in the Texas heat, but certainly more than a couple of days).EDIT: Given the long transit time and all the hooplah about needing to keep it in the fridge, I was concerned the product had gone bad by the time it got to me. I emailed Stakich to request a replacement or a refund, and they responded immediately (within one day), and said "no problem". They also mentioned that, for what it's worth, the royal jelly is often harvested in 100 degree+ heat, and they are quite confident with their package procedures and that despite the long shipping time, the product was still good (as they ship all over the world). In any case, they were more than willing to refund or replace (within 2 business days) without question. Talk about amazing customer service! Apparently royal jelly will have a very unpleasant smell once it's begun to spoil. Mine did not, so I decided to keep the package and not bother the company with either a refund or a replacement. So if yours takes a little while to come, no worries! I've revised my original 3 star rating (for the shipping time) to a 5 star rating, given the prompt, kind and helpful customer service (and quality product).

stephanie May-14-2015

This helps me sleep better and gives me energy. Before I always feel tire and after taking this for a couple weeks I have more energy and don't feel tire anymore. I'm happy with this product, the seller, and the packaging. I'd buy it again.

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