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About Psychic School


The Psychic School is a global classroom where anyone can develop their psychic abilities over the telephone and online.

The Psychic School is a spiritual sanctuary where individuals from around the world come together and use psychic tools designed to unlock and awaken natural clairvoyance.

The Psychic School is dedicated to awakening the highest potential of the human spirit. They offer foundational courses, continuation classes, downloadable workshops, graduational programs, as well as psychic readings, spiritual healings, and meditation retreats to anyone with an open heart and open mind. The online courses of Psychic school have a suitable price that you can afford to create a more meaningful, healthy and joyful life.

Outstanding features at Psychic School

Personal growth

Expand creativity and awareness

Courses from home over the phone and internet


Connection with psychics from around the world

Optional MP3 attendance when time conflicts

MP3 copies of all classes for personal review

Psychic readings on all aspects of life and beyond

Spiritual healings that facilitate transformation

Easy and fun meditations with observable results

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People Also ask

Do I have psychic abilities?

Yes! You are already psychic with over twenty different psychic abilities. Everyone is psychic in fact. The word psychic is greek in origin, meaning “soul essence or soul personality”. Psychic abilities are the senses of the spirit. Your human body has five physical senses that allow you to see, hear, feel, taste and touch. But you are not just a body, you are a human being; human relates to your body and being relates to your spirit. The spirit part of you also has senses as well, it is those senses that make you psychic.

I don’t believe in psychic abilities, so why should I take a class?

“I will believe it when I see it.” This is a common phrase used by people who do not believe in psychic abilities and the paranormal. It is a phrase that we can agree with. Why believe in the psychic experiences of others when you can have your own psychic experiences for yourself. You will not have certainty in psychic perception until you begin to experience your abilities for yourself.

What is a telephone or online classroom?

The Psychic School uses state of the art technology that provides us with our telephone and online classrooms. These classrooms allow anyone with a telephone, computer, or smartphone to participate. Within these classrooms, you can listen to your teachers as they lecture, you can follow along in guided meditations, you can ask questions in real time, and you can share your psychic experiences during your course.

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