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43 Review

Manuel Sep-23-2018

I've had it with multiple phones, I have recommended it to friends and they love it and purchased it over and over as they change the model of their phones. Works perfect, as long as it is a smooth surface it will work. I have tried other brands and no-one works best.

Mariah Poindexter Sep-21-2018

Sometimes it sticks sometimes it doesn’t it really jus depends that’s the only bad thing I have to say about this product but I like it. I still use it from time to time mostly on my mirror though

Christian Lezama Aug-13-2018

Giving these 5 stars because they actually work! As long as you keep the back clean, the case holds onto walls easy! The different color backs that come with the product is a nice touch. I wish i remember to use more often than not as not a lot of situations call for it's use. Regardless, the product does it's job fantastically and so deserves 5 stars.

B. Dumire Apr-01-2018

Works great. Doesn't stick to everything but it definitely sticks to some things almost too well.

Frank Coleman Jan-24-2018

Positive: It works.Negative: my own insecurity. How long will the sticking last? LOL

Russ Moore Dec-28-2017

Works as advertised. Cool novelty

Denise R. Dec-28-2017

The case is great and the sticky feature works well. I love the color options for the protective backing but they are very slippery when sat on surfaces. I have to remove the backing in the car to use with my magnetic phone mount or else it will slip off. In my hand, it feels fine.

Susie Nov-30-2017

Please contact me after Christmas as this is a present for one of my granddaughters and she will not open it until then! Good luck and many thanks, Susie

Joseph C. Sep-20-2017

I've tried many of these anti-gravity cases, and they all work pretty well, but the Mega Tiny case is clearly a well-thought-out product that avoids the annoying issues the cheaper cases have. For example, the headphone / charging holes at the bottom of the Goat Case are too small to fit most cables through, so I had to actually cut part of the bottom off just to charge it. The Mega Tiny case, by contrast, has a ton of clearance in these holes, the most I've seen on any case. I'm sure any cable on the market would fit with room to spare.Another issue with other cases is that the micro-suction back clogs up over time, which at first seems like an unavoidable drawback of these cases. With my Cloudgo Case, I saved the plastic film that you peel off the case when you first open it, and would put it back on when I was done using it. Kind of worked, but the plastic actually attracts lint so when I would put the film back on, it would add way more lint than was already there. Plus it looked ugly. But the black/silver/rose/gold covers that come with the Mega Tiny case are more durable, don't attract lint, and look exactly like beautiful brushed metal.This case was already the definite winner out of the pack of micro-suction cases, but now, with the recent price drop and the additional option of the wallet and bottle opener backs, I couldn't recommend it more.

H. Viglione Sep-08-2017

Bought this for my wife. Buying one for myself next. Thanks for testing, wife. Hahaha. But it really is awesome.

kevin Aug-10-2017

High price, but worth it. I tried the knock off brands, and they haven't lasted nearly as long as this case.It sticks to all flat surfaces, but tile (with indentations) hasn't seemed to work for me. One major drawback with this case is that the protective sheet is almost required to preserve the stickiness.

Amazon Customer Jun-17-2017

Great product especially to be a newer one! An all around kit would add to sales- a small spray bottle/cleanin' device, a backplate where it could attach to more rough surfaces, to give more areas to stick for the actual case etc

Amazon Customer Jun-11-2017

Great quality! Super cute case! Highly recommended!

caroline nolan May-03-2017

Awesome !

Jennifer Brindisi Apr-30-2017

I do really love this case, but so far it only sticks to glass. It doesn't stick to walls or other surfaces for more than 5 seconds. So, if a glass surface is available, then it's perfect.

James M. Rustad Apr-20-2017

So far so good. It works as promised. I will be curious to see how it lasts in the long term.

Lisa B. Apr-08-2017

Works amazing - very happy with this product! I suggest it to everyone I know!

Dmitri Davydov Apr-07-2017

This product is pure genius.

Jose Apr-03-2017

I just bought it because I wanted to try it and was skeptical about it. It sticks to most things.

Danni Mar-25-2017

I've had this case for a few days now and have not had any issues thus far. I followed the instructions and have tried to stick it to a few flat surfaces and each has been successful. What I love about the case is the back cover plates that not only gives my phone a new case look when ever I change it but it also protects the part that sticks to the wall and such when it's not in use. Protective wise it does feel sturdy but I have not dropped my phone to really know. Overall I love my case so far.I also did not receive any type of discount on this product for a review. I paid full price with my own money.

KDecker22 Mar-10-2017

Loving the Megaverse case. Packaging is nice and I especially love the different colored backs that I can change out, it's like getting a new case without having to buy one. I've been testing the suction out on a lot of surfaces at home and so far the fridge is my favorite and my 2-year-olds. He moved his chair to the front of it and was watching Netflix. It's also worked great to take photos, stick to the mirror or flat surface and take selfies or groups photos without having to hold up the phone. The back suction doesn't feel sticky at all like I expected and seems like it will hold up awhile. I

Amazon Customer Feb-10-2017

Great for hands free FaceTime!

Amazon Customer Feb-01-2017

Works so well! Recommend highly absolutely 5 stars, sticks to everything! Right size for my phone, love the 4 different backs

B Good Jan-26-2017

Great functionality and as advertised. Easy to hang and take pics as well as other hands free uses. Very cool. Highly recommend!

Sara Rogers Jan-16-2017

Actually works on most surfaces! Different case colors are cool. Bought this as a gift but considering buying one for myself.

Amazon Customer Jan-14-2017

I had high expectations for this case I thjust ugh it would stick well to any wall even walls with some texture. I was a little disappointed to see it doesn't but in the description it does say only smooth surfaces. So the case was exactly as described but set my expectations too high.

laura Jan-13-2017

Sticks to anything. I love it. Sleek & convenient!

Steven Lua Jan-10-2017

Great product. I've always had problems with my phone sliding around in the car. My new case has eliminated that issue

Reader Jan-08-2017

fun gift

NML Jan-07-2017

Awesome case. I didn't know if I could trust it, but it works great (on mirrors especially!)

Thomas Jan-06-2017

Amazing case, really sticks to the wall

Kandiink Jan-05-2017

Purchased this for Christmas for my niece and she loves it. It sticks to walls and mirrors no problem. The various color snap-ons protect the suction portion when not in use.

Summers_Ocean Jan-04-2017


mdx Jan-03-2017

It sticks to any flat surface and it stays on securely and won't fall until you pop it off. Perfect for taking selfies or other types of pictures. Every cellphone photographer would find it uber-useful. I also like to stick it onto the wall while I watch videos. It has more then paid for itself in usefulness.

RedWiggler Jan-03-2017

Agree with the product description, much better than a selfie stick. My anti-gravity case was the star of my New Year's Eve party. It sticks to more surfaces than I expected. I've used it for group video watching (great when you're sitting around talking about last week's SNL skit and you can "hang" your phone just about anywhere for people to gather around) and selfies. Ironically, what I'm using it for the most is when I Waze to work everyday, it sticks perfectly to the navigation screen in my car.

Amazon Customer Jan-02-2017

Had to try this case, and it did not disappoint! So great to use and watch things while I try make-up tutorials (since I just stick to my mirror), or travel and stick to back of plane tray so I don't hurt my neck watching T.V.. Great product Mega Tiny Corp!

Martha A Arntson Dec-31-2016

BEST IPHONE CASE EVER! I bought one for my daughter in FL, but, unbeknownst to me, I thought she had the Iphone 6, not the plus! She received the product on time and went to try it out discovering that I'd ordered her one that was for the 6, not the Plus. I had her take her old Iphone 6 and put in the case and try it out on her mirror (which is where she loves to chat and listen to music when she's getting ready for work and going out). She said "Mom, this thing is like Magic it stays on the mirror and I would be able to do what I like instead of having it laying on the bathroom counter top and I only wish I had told you I had the Plus not the regular size"!. I contacted the company immediately (yesterday) they replied within hours! To my shock and amazement, Josh, who e-mailed me back said "We will send her another for the 6 Plus phone she has, and no need to return the 6 size, keep it and use it or give to someone who would like one"! I was literally like "what"? NO companies do that anymore, just replace it for free and didn't want me to have to have my daughter return it!I told her to look for her new case which I'm sure will be there very speedy as the first one was.I am looking into getting one now for my new phone the Iphone 7 Plus! It's such an amazing deal, and, the mirror that comes with it? My daughter said "Mom, now I never have to look through my purse for a mirror"!Kudos to Mega Tiny Corporation, and their employees for making a high quality product AND great customer service.

LeeP Dec-22-2016

This case is pretty sweet. It really comes in handy when you want to stick it to something (treadmill at the gym, mirror to watch the news when you are brushing your teeth, taking selfies with friends, etc.) The product is really durable, compact and does not lose its sticky properties. This is my second purchase from Mega Tiny and I continue to be really satisfied with their products. I am excited to see what tricks they have up their sleeve for future innovations.

Truth4Life Dec-19-2016

I'm satisfied with the product. Not only does it protest my phone but it's the top dog when it comes to taking selfies. It sticks very well to most surfaces. I bought the white one.

Mike Dec-18-2016

The case has been great. My selfie game has reached a new level. Using my iwatch + anti gravity case, I can stick my device to pretty much anything and get far enough back to include my calves, which I'm very proud of. I've seen a consistent 34% increase in my Insta-likes since getting this case. Thank you, Mega Tiny!

JardSquid Dec-13-2016

This is an amazing product. It's a sleek and stylish case that offers protection but the ability to suction to the mirror or dashboard are invaluable. Great present for someone else or yourself.

mreynaud Dec-13-2016

I absolutely LOVE Mega Tiny Corp! Their products are such great quality and never disappoint. The Anti-Gravity case sticks to basically any flat surface and is perfect for the kitchen when I need to reference a recipe while cooking or baking. I stick it to the tile of my backsplash and it literally stays stuck on the wall until I peel it off. No stand needed! It is so reliable. I also use it when out with a large group of friends or family to get everyone in a photo. It's like selfie stick but way more convenient. You don't need to carry anything extra around with you - just stick the phone somewhere, put on your camera timer and BOOM - perfect group image, time and time again! The colored backplates that come with it are great and are similar to iPhone colors which I like. You can change the backplates daily to fit your outfit or mood. They're easy to peel off and on without being flimsy. Super impressed with this company and excited to check out their MEGAVERSE case as well.

Curtis A. Hays Dec-04-2016

The case came in very nice packaging. It comes with 4 unique colored back plates. It was easy to remove the packaging and add a backplate to the back of the case where the sticky surface is. I tried it on a couple windows and walls in my house and it stuck perfectly. My kids cracked up when I stuck it to a mirror in their bathroom. They thought it was magic. The case seems pretty durable. I'm going to use it for watching media when I'm in my house or at work. I can stick the case on a mirror, window, or wall and turn on Netflix, news, or Youtube.

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