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40 Review

lucas walker Sep-16-2018

This is my second black series lightsaber and I was so excited to get this, the Kylo ren lightsaber box itself is huge and looks amazing, easy assembly, 3 AA battery and the blade lights up perfectly, accurate to the movies, the hilt is heavy, at least compared to the Rey lightsaber, there was a small hardly noticeable factory scratch on the blade, I would say in low light setting it does look slightly more orange than red, like a lava color. But in the dark it looks amazing and is a must get for the price

Amazon Customer Jul-22-2018

Good construction. Heavy! Side exhaust blades were not level, angled down a bit and also a bit loose.

AC83 Jun-21-2018

The price was right and the product is absolutely beautiful ! The details and sound effects are fantastic ! One of many that are going on my wall. Only reason I deducted a star is because of the shipping method. It was shipped in the original box so the shipping label and whatever else they use for tracking were attached to the actual box. I wanted that box to be sicker free and also be covered for shipping purposes since it would be left outside. Luckily no one stole it. To whoever ships these , for the safety of other customers merchandise, please put the box within another.

Chrystal Jun-16-2018

So well made and the shipping was quick! Bought this for my husband (he collects all the lightsabers). Nice addition to his collections!

the pieces of reeses Mar-08-2018

This lightsaber is freaking amazing! I have sparred with it countless times and its fine. however, compared to the Obiwan Kenobi lightsaber the light emitter and the sound coming out of the lightsaber is surprising less.

rmsteph Mar-03-2018

Love it! Another great addition to my son's Star Wars collection. Easy to mount and beautifully made. Not for the kiddos to play battle with but very sturdy for cosplay.

Matt P. Jan-24-2018

The product is great and is a great addition to any collection and as a toy. The only downside is not the product but the way it is shipped. The label was placed directly on the box so if I was trying to have a mint condition box for saving/collecting it would not be possible

Ryan K. Dec-27-2017

Hilt is beautiful, and sound effects are accurate, however low-quality with unnecessary static that is distinctly not the “crackling” of the unstable blade.EDIT: I got myself the Vader saber from the same Force FX Black Series, and the sound quality is significantly better than the Kylo saber, which is much quieter and with the noticeable “low-quality” static as if it’s receiving a poor radio signal. Either I received a broken one, and am in need of a replacement, or perhaps all the Kylo sabers are simply disappointing.This review rating has dropped from 4 stars to 2 stars because of this “defect”

TamandAl Dec-27-2017

Fantastic quality.....this thing is built like a tank and works great. Heavier than we expected. We are very impressed how bright it glows and how cool the sounds are when you waive it. We love it. Thank you!

Deanna Thomas Dec-25-2017

Youngest (23) received this for for Christmas. The video of the opening was epic. Seriously epic gift for any geek who is down with the force.

Chris Dec-18-2017

As a huge fan of Star Wars and Kylo Ren, this lightsaber is a must. The amazing detailing, sound effects, and how bright the saber is really makes it worthwhile and a great addition to anyone's Star Wars collection.NOTE: Be prepared, It DOES NOT come with batteries. It takes 3 AA Batteries.

Batman Dec-16-2017

Box was sealed when it arrived but there was a very noticeable scratch on the blade. Looks like someone definitely played with it before it got to me. Sad that suck a cook item was damaged.

Amazon Customer Oct-24-2017

I bought it for my little brother as a birthday gift. It seems sturdy and well made. He really enjoyed and takes real good care of it.

photobomb Sep-15-2017

I was very excited to receive this because we are trying to gather all the Black series force fx lightsabers. When it came, the box was pretty beat up. This is not like the other lightsaber toys where you toss the boxes after. With all my stuff, I tried to save the box in a very good condition as possible as I can. Having very mint condition when it comes to boxes for a collector is a must. This must also meet how good the item(s) in those boxes. I'm very disappointed with this purchased. Seeing the box pretty messed up, I'm glad that the lightsaber still works.

Cat May-31-2017

Perfect gift for my husband and son. Cost more at other locations so i was happy to get it for the price i did. This Force FX lightsaber has some special features that align amazingly with the movie. It is heavy so my 4 year old doesn't play with it, as we purchased it as a collectors item. However, when my husband uses it in the dark it looks amazing.

Bask In My Awesomeness Mar-16-2017

The Black Series Kylo Ren lightsaber is a true-to-the-movie replica. It is well detailed and has some weight to it. I echo what other reviewers have said about the stand. It's this stupid plastic piece of garbage. Not sure why they couldn't include a better stand. I liked the old ones they used to put in with the Force FX Lightsabers. Oh well, it's nothing I'm going to dock the lightsaber on.As far as the sound goes, it could be a little better but it isn't that bad. Keep in mind that, in the movies, Kylo Ren's lightsaber does not make the same sound as the other lightsabers. The sound is much better with bass, something you're not going to get in something like this. Overall, for what it is, I feel confident in giving it five stars.

deewane Feb-26-2017

Wow what an amazing lightsaber! I've had two Anakin lightsabers (that I sold on eBay), one from the black series and the other from master replicas and they don't come close to matching this Kylo Ren. A well built and unique lightsaber plus the sound is very loud on the one I got. Don't see myself selling this one anytime soon.

Jimmy B Jan-31-2017

All I can say is for people who don't understand the value of a quality item and see things like this as merely a child's toy, you're missing out. These are quality replicas of close to the movie props, and actual metal handles not plastic. I was very astounded and see why collectors jump on these items, and why they come with display stands

Dave Magg24 Nov-24-2016

In perfect condition and totally worth the money. I bought this when it was $153. Good deal. At first I wasn't too excited about the Kylo Ren saber, then I got it. The detail put into it, pretty much blows away any other saber. Cool new sounds are a breath of fresh air. And I didn't know the lights would flicker to replicate an unstable blade. Nice addition to my collection!

Jules Fitzegibbons Nov-22-2016

I've purchased a few different light sabers over the years. I have a Saber Forge red Sith saber, and the Obi-Wan Blue Force FX saber from 2010 which is actually worth quite a bit more than I paid for it. It still works and it's very loud when activated. That the one thing about this KYLO REN saber though that really is a miss for me: It just isn't loud enough. Other reviewers said it and I still bought it anyway because it was on sale for one thirty (compared to two hundo on launch). So I felt like it was still worth it. If it had the extra volume I'd go 4.5 stars. I almost think it's worth deducting 2 stars just for the meek volume on this thing. This is the ultimate Sith weapon and it sounds like a dying Ewok (not literally). But aside from that it's solid. It's heavy, feels like it's made well. But the sound.... could they do that to us after getting it right on a 6 year old saber! These things should only be getting better. They're not cheap! Also my older Obi-Wan saber had better accessories included - a stand and some little things that make the high price feel a little more justified. This Kylo Ren saber feels like a cash grab to me.

Amazon Customer Nov-03-2016

Some of those plastic lightsabers out there just have hollow blades and lightweight hilts. This thing has real metal for the hilt, the blade makes different sounds depending on how you're swinging it, and the lights look super accurate. Some of those lightsabers just have a light that turns on and off, but this thing actually flares on and off by going up and down, and it flickers like Kylo's too.

redstu35 Oct-09-2016

After giving a lot of thought to purchasing this collectable and hearing a few horror stories about the quality, I finally decided to give it a shot at $155. When I got the saber it was in good working order and looked very nice overall, however, there are 2 stickers on the hilt that must be removed. The stickers come off relatively easily but leave behind the tape residue from hell. First I tried to remove it with some packing tape. HUGE MISTAKE. The tape inadvertently pulled the paint off from around the goo.This paint will chip and being the practical person that I am, I kept trying to remove the goo. Next, I tried alcohol. It worked to some extent but left a shine on the otherwise dull finish. Lastly, with some of the residue left, I tried my good old reliable WD-40. Applying very lightly, it worked and restored some of the dull finish. Now seeing as how sending the saber back and getting another I would be encountered with the same decal removal problem. I decided to try to match the paint and fix the chips. Went to Hobby Lobby and got Testors Gunmetal and some fine tipped paint sticks and fixed the chips. It's not perfect by any means, but I am satisfied with the results.

Roman Mejia Jun-11-2016

The lightsaber is cool. It's really fun to play with but there was one problem. When the box is delivered, it is in really beat up condition. I was thinking that it was going to be delivered in an Amazon box or something but it was just the lightsaber box. I wanted to keep the box because I did not want to open it and just keep it in the original box. But the box was in such bad condition that I had to take it out. If you are looking to keep it in the box, don't buy it because it is in bad condition. At least there was no damage to the actual product.

Victoria May-01-2016

I have been buying Force FX lightsabers since 2005. I have owned more of them than I can possibly tell you before I downsized earlier this year. It's nice that Hasbro finally brought back the Force FX line after a 3+ year hiatus. I always preferred Master Replicas' lightsabers due to the higher level of quality control, but I was pleased when Hasbro implemented the removable blade features on several models. At the same time, their quality control dropped really badly during that time. With the Kylo Ren Force FX, I am happy that the overall quality seems to be very high. There are no blemishes on my hilt, though the blades do have a few scratches and scuffs. The stickers seem to leave residue behind when you try and pull them off, so I have left them in place for the time being. The electronics themselves work just fine, with the blade being reasonably bright and having a cool flickering effect. The sounds, however, are quiet compared to other Force FX models. I do appreciate the improved motion sensor that Hasbro is using as it adds to the realism. Due to the cross guards, this is a very unique model, and it's quite heavy. As far as the price goes, $200 is a bit steep in my opinion, but I can see why it would be more expensive than the regular lightsabers such as the Luke and Vader models. Overall I really do like it though, but I do feel that I would like it a little better with louder sounds.

Kaylee Mar-11-2016

I love this thing. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and collector and this is my favorite lightsaber replica I have ever owned. It's fully metal, the light is very bright, the sounds are accurate. It feels heavy, it feels like a lightsaber in your hands. The display stand isn't the best, but the lightsaber is amazing.

C. Rhodes Mar-03-2016

Star Wars is back and bigger than ever, and Hasbro has done justice to the newest lightsaber. The price is steep, but holding this monster in your own hands, you can see and feel the quality put into it.It's huge and fairly weighty, and the bright-red flickery blade effect (complete with crackling sound effects) is superb. The speaker is located further inside the hilt, so you may notice the sound is not as loud as other Force FX lightsaber models, but it's good enough. The ignition sound, and the exhaust blades lighting up on cue shortly after the main blade is a joy to behold every time. Very cool.If you love this new lightsaber design and have money burning a hole in your pocket, I can't recommend it enough!

Mr.Vu Feb-23-2016

For diehard Star Wars fans, its a must. There are a few quarrels given the price point. Hasbro has opted for non-removable blades; the sound could be better; the hilt is huge in comparison to the actual lightsaber prop.While I would recommend this to any who can dish out $200 for some merchandise, I feel like there will be other products that will be more "screen accurate".

Dirtrebel Feb-03-2016

Awesome lightsaber! Did some mod on the lightsaber blade to make the unstable look.

Ryan Chin Hing Jan-27-2016

Growing up with Star Wars, as a kid, I always wanted to have a lightsaber. With the new film series, the newly designed cross-guard blade was an interesting tweak to the weapon. The hilt is perfectly detailed with painting, a rubber wire that adds dimension and realism to the solid metal hilt, and the lightsaber itself, however somewhat heavy, is well balanced. The clear glass-like plastic stand is an interesting design by the new Black Series Force FX Lightsabers, and personally, I like them better than the previous saber stands. Overall, a fantastic product. I think it could be a little cheaper, but still worth the buy for any Star Wars fan.

Realist Jan-18-2016

This Kylo Ren lightsaber is awesome. It's a higher end product and thusly expensive. It always sparks the conversation with oohs and aahs and everyone wants hold it and swing it around. It's looks and sounds great. You actually feel like Kylo Ren when you hold it. It's seriously badass. The Mfg suggested price is $199.00 which is the price I paid. Be careful as many unscrupulous sites or 3rd parties are selling the same product way above the MFG suggested price taking advantage of the temporary shortage. Make sure you are buying the correct model which is B3925. It is copyrighted by Disney and Hasbro. This lightsaber is manufactured by Hasbro. The Hilt (handle) is made of metal and very detailed. It takes 3 AA batteries. It's fairly large in circumference at 6.5 to 7" at its widest point. The lightsaber is heavy and has a total weighs over 3 pounds. The blade and cross guards have a tough polycarbonate outer shell with an inner liner of plastic and foam surrounding and protecting the LED array. The lights sequence to the sword tip when turned on and then the cross guards sequence on. Very cool. The individual LEDs that make the sword and cross guards are well diffused and can not be individually seen. The red light is very bright compared to most other lightsabers. There are multiple sounds created when the lightsaber from when it's turned on or off, waved in the air or struck on a surface/another blade. The sound is nominally loud. Sounds great and different from any other lightsabers. The overall length is about 43.5 inches with blade length of 32.5" with the cross guards at 5". The enclosed stand is polycarbonate and offers several positions to display the lightsaber. The box is rectangular and the lightsaber is very well protected by internal foam packing. The box was shipped from Amazon just wrapped in protective plastic not in another box. I was concerned at first but all was OK.

Cyrus Winkler Jan-14-2016

With the exception of this taking so long to ship(it didn't move for a week then once it actually shipped it was here in two days) this is a quality saber. I have run into no snags with power outages or sound failings as of yet and I hope to keep it that way. Also I was hesitant to purchase because so many people thought the speaker was bad, but when you see it listed at 171 dollars you jump on it. I found the speaker is on par with my Vader force effects w/removable blade. Overall a solid saber to be used for display and to show that I have no allegiance to the light!

Taylor Feliciano Jan-14-2016

Allow me to say that ordering from Amazon is a habit especially catching the 200.00 offer, Especially that this Lightsaber feels and looks so beautiful. One of my first Star Wars collectables with Force FX. What makes me even more happy is the shipping, It came much more quicker and easier than ever and it was handled with the upmost care and precision.To anyone that wants to have a piece of Star Wars I recommend catching your hands on this beautiful work. 5 out of 5 stars would order from here again.

Amazon Customer Jan-13-2016

A must have if you are a Kylo Ren fan, or just collect fx sabers. The quality of the saber is great, as well as the details. It's heavy, but you really don't even notice it when swinging and slashing. It's metal, not cheap like some of the other fx sabers. The sound is not the best although not bad, but it is by far the best at movement hums and sounds at every swing. Not a Saberforge saber, but by far the best bang for your buck. You will be pleased Indeed. Definitely a must have!

Will Foxwell Jan-05-2016

Great light saber with great sound effects and pretty good brightness! Just a heads up, this is a collectible item and definitely not meant for dueling whatsoever. It will mostly certain break the blade if you try and duel with it. Overall though, the hilt is fairly sturdy and easy to grip, the sound effects are not super loud but loud enough and they make noises when you move the saber/tap it on things, and it's pretty well made. If you want a saber that looks great but you also want to duel with it, you'll need to head to somewhere like saberforge and spend an extra 200$ or so. Here's some pics of me in my Kylo Ren Costume with the Force FX saber here, and another pic of it hanging on my wall using a standard saberstand.

Pamela McCauley Jan-04-2016

0:100:00This video is not intended for all audiences. What date were you born?JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303120182017201620152014201320122011201020092008200720062005200420032002200120001999199819971996199519941993199219911990198919881987198619851984198319821981198019791978197719761975197419731972197119701969196819671966196519641963196219611960195919581957195619551954195319521951195019491948194719461945194419431942194119401939193819371936193519341933193219311930192919281927192619251924192319221921192019191918191719161915191419131912191119101909190819071906190519041903190219011900SubmitAdobe Flash Player is required to watch this video.Install Flash Player So I kept waiting for Star Wars to get more in stock AND the right amount of money in my account and it finally happened. Two words, WORTH IT. I love this lighstaber. It sits dead center in my collection proud and prominently displayed. It lights up just like Kylo's in the movie and even in the correct order, blade first and then quillions. It comes with a few stickers that need to be removed for full effect and I recommend having some goo gone or goof off nearby for that. I am going to look further into making the blade look more distressed but honestly this blade is going to be the closest you can get right out of the box. Love it.

EmilyLynn Jan-04-2016

0:000:00This video is not intended for all audiences. What date were you born?JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303120182017201620152014201320122011201020092008200720062005200420032002200120001999199819971996199519941993199219911990198919881987198619851984198319821981198019791978197719761975197419731972197119701969196819671966196519641963196219611960195919581957195619551954195319521951195019491948194719461945194419431942194119401939193819371936193519341933193219311930192919281927192619251924192319221921192019191918191719161915191419131912191119101909190819071906190519041903190219011900SubmitAdobe Flash Player is required to watch this video.Install Flash Player I bought this as someone looking to put a Kylo Ren cosplay together, not so much as a collector. So my review will be focused on this lightsaber as a prop, instead of a display item.First of all, though, it does NOT include the AA batteries required. Make sure you pick up a pack, or order them along with this!Some positives first. The attention to detail is really incredible. I love everything about the hilt, including the "discolored" metal near the crossguard vents. It really looks like the metal has been affected by the heat of the beam. The power up and power down sequences are amazing, too. The main blade lights up, and then the crossguards. When powered down, all lights fade down together, back into the hilt. When the saber is on, the lights are constantly humming and flickering, like Kylo Ren's saber in the film. This is my first Force FX saber, so I had no idea the lights would be this cool. I'm super excited about that.I know a lot of complaints involve the speakers. Personally, if they are quiet compared to the other sabers, I don't mind at all. I'll be carrying this around conventions and events, and I don't want to be blaring sound effects in a public space like that. If it were up to me, there would be a volume function somewhere. However, the sfx for movement and the blade hitting are so good that I won't take off any points for the fact that they're always on.A few negatives, or maybe just general comments on how I think this could've been improved. The label stickers (three in total) are basically glued on. It would not have been difficult to make those vinyl clings, rather than actual stickers. I'm still working as carefully as I can to remove all the residue without damaging the paint. The saber itself is also very heavy. While I appreciate that it does not feel cheap, it might be tiring to carry around an event for the entire day. And finally, the blade itself is very perfect, like the other Force FX lightsabers. It might've been cool to distort the glass to give the blade a more ragged look, closer to canon, but that's such a "wishlist" request.All in all, money well spent! I'm very excited to complete my costume and show this lightsaber off!

Nomad Jan-03-2016

Let me tell you that this lightsaber is AMAZING! This is my first high end lightsaber, and definitely not the last! I had been waiting for a long time to invest in a lightsaber, and the more I waited, the more impatient I got so I pulled the trigger on this one, and I have no regrets! It's got a great weight to it, great sizing, comfortable grip, fantastic plasma blade that actually flickers, adding to the instability and raw power of the weapon! I wish I could duel with it, but I like it too much as a collector's piece to risk damaging the blade! All in all, if you can get it, buy it! :D

Dave Genet Sep-25-2015

Really pleased with this lightsaber overall. Having owned 4 of the old Master Replicas models, this compares nicely to them.Blade glows nicely, coupled with a slight flicker and crackle sound effect.I personally don't think the speaker is that bad - while the older models might have a different speaker, this one isn't bad.Hilt looks and feels awesome.My biggest issue is the on/off switch - just wish it had a little more intentional resistance to ensure it stays on when moving the saber around. Minor complaint and still give 5 stars.Happy with purchase.

Norman Ford Sep-13-2015

I love this! The sound effects are great and it has a real heft to it. For this price, it's totally worth owning for a hardcore Star Wars fanatic. It's a little quiet compared to previous models but not enough to distract from how cool it is.

Taylor Smith Sep-11-2015

The coolness factor of this thing is off the charts. It just looks and feels amazing. And the way the saber ignites is completely screen accurate and perfect. The sound FX are great, but the quality of the sound isn't the greatest. I compared it to my Darth Vader Force FX, and the audio quality of this one isn't as good. But like I said, the coolness factor of the blade more than makes up for it. If you're a Star Wars fan and a collector, you won't be upset. This thing is badass. Side note, the stand is complete crap. I'm not using it, but a heads up for others, if you keep it displayed by holding just the blade, it will cause warping. Please don't do that! Why would they make such an expensive collectable with such a cheap stand?

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