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Some information about Honest Paws

Honest Paws specializes in offering CBD products spend to your pets. As a matter of fact, health is very important and at Honest Paws, health comes first.

Their mission is to create ways to help your pet live a longer, healthier, happier life. And, they realize that CBD is a natural ingredient which impacts effectively to pet's health.

Feedbacks from customers

In fact, Honest Paws received many good assessments from customers. They said that after using CBD products, their pets become more healthy. 

At Honest Paws, they commit to providing the best quality products by choosing reputable suppliers and testing a lot of times to ensure safety and effectiveness. Therefore, if you are having pets and you want to prevent them from diseases, Honest Paws will be one of the best suitable choices for you!!!

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10 Review

M Dewild Nov-17-2018

I gave these to mr 16 yr old lab a d he has zero issues eating them. I even take some of his CBD oil and drop it on the treat. This will be his last yr with us so I am grateful for any products that take his pain away.Right now he is on 3 drops of 1000mg CBD oil with this treat 2x daily. Has it made a difference yes. He now jumps into his chair and runs (very short distance) outside. Before he would just lay on the floor and hated going outside.

Amazon Customer Sep-12-2018

I have a medium size golden retriever mix and at first she turned her nose up to these but then started loving them. Worst case scenario you dip these in some chicken water and their hardness and tastlessness will be fixed. My dog has hip problems and anxiety so when she takes these, she's just a little happier and i think alot less in pain. They're pretty good, I would buy them at least once and see how they effect your pup. They don't effect her negatively in anyway, and she finds them pretty tasty.

Chad cline Aug-12-2018

I have two dogs , a High anxiety Lab (Nuala) who was rescued after some mistreatment and a Grumpy little Dachshund Jack Russell mix (Peanut) .We have started both on these treats and have seen a huge change in both dogs. Especially Nuala. We live downtown and seeing other dogs was a struggle. Nuala has become more calm and her focus had Improved DRAMATICALLY! This has helped her listen and she has had much more success remaining calmer in high stress situations for her. Peanut just thinks he is getting a treat , which he loves. He has also chilled out a bit.

Jen Aug-10-2018

Our dog hadn’t used his left leg and months until we started him on this product. He’s like a new puppy!

Ryan G Jul-29-2018

Dog loves it, actually works, moving twice as fast with his Arthitius then the prescription pills he got.

clara Jul-24-2018

The Honest Paws Relief treats helped my dog, Duke, who is a three-legged Golden Retriever. These have helped more than any other product I have given him. Since losing his leg, he has had difficulty with his joints, muscle pain and his mobility. These have made him more active and as a result of that, he has been much happier! :) Thank you Honest Paws!!!

GreyPup Jun-28-2018

My medium sized dog (Lhassa Apso/Poodle mix, 13 yrs old) likes them. He's been recovering from paw surgery and it seems to be helping him. I would need more time to evaluate if it helps with his anxiety. He's up and running but I don't know how much to attribute it to the treats.The only bad comment I have is that these treats are pretty hard to chew for my dog. I have to break them up for him. I'm sure bigger dogs won't have this problem.

giselle May-17-2018

My puppers loved them! Been testing new products out with Hemp and these seem to be the winners! Second bag has already been ordered :)

eva erato-rudek May-15-2018

my dog is picky but he likes these, and they seem to be helping him.

Martin May-13-2018

Our Great Pyrenees Stokely loved these!

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