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About Greentrading

greentrading coupon- green trading health suppliments

Greentrading makes sure you get the best products that comply with all Fair Trade and Environment Policies. From personally visiting suppliers, right through to production – Greentradingcompany has invested in bringing you products that are not only sustainable and ethical but high quality.

Greentrading guarantees the quality of our products and personally visits many of their suppliers to see that they tick all the boxes.

What they look for is quality products and fair wages as well as safe and organic production techniques. Not only does every company they work with meet our high expectations, they often exceeded them by improving healthcare in their region and reducing the presence of hazardous organic materials in the environment.

With Greentrading's products, you’re not just receiving high quality and sustainable products, you know you’re making a difference.

Greentrading Vision

Their vision is to make our healthy living products accessible to those who need them most.

Greentrading Values

They follow a high governance standard, treat employees well and follow a fair wage policy. They’re environmentally sustainable and make a positive contribution to society.

Greentrading Mantra

They consciously choose eco-friendly products and services that minimize the impact on the environment and enhance the lives of people living in poverty.

They source all our suppliers on the basis that they’re working towards a better future for everyone, everywhere. They are always looking for better ways of doing things and being part of creating a better future for generations to come.

Things you would love at Greentrading

Organic certified

All products are organic or organic certified. And most of them are Bio-Gro NZ certified organic! All products are made with natural ingredients, so you know there are no nasty chemicals.

greentrading coupon-organic-black-seed-oilgreentrading coupon-organic-amla-powder-250g-

Ethical Production

Green Trading products are produced with the highest ethical work practices. You can rest assured we don’t test on animals or contribute to the destruction of biodiversity or deforestation in any way.

Contribution to Society

Green trading regularly donates products to schools and communities for fundraising.

How to get Greentrading promo code and have the products at the best price

“Couponing doesn’t make you cheap, it makes you smart”. Before checking out any item online, make sure that you go to coupon providers like a blog, social media network, coupons websites, and through their affiliate channels.

All you have to do to be able to use the coupons for discounts from Greentrading is to simply go on our website and follow these four simple steps:

  1. Go to our website and find Greentrading
  2. Copy all the latest Coupons/promotional codes & Discount codesor click to the deal you want to use; the site will automatically turn toGreentrading website.
  3. At the Greentrading’s Website, choose the product you want to buy
  4. Proceed to payment but REMEMBER to PASTE the discount/promotional code before finalizing the purchase

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If you are on a budget but still want to buy your favorite products or the products that you like is so expensive that you find it hard to afford. Then is the right choice.

Our website works with thousands of stores from all around the world, we provide coupons, discount codes up to 99%. It is very likely that you will be able to find your favorite goods here; ranging from food, furniture, medical supply, etc.

All you have to do is search for the name of the store you want to get Coupons, the website will list out all of the available coupons for you. A small fact about is that we always put the latest withthe highest couponcode on the topofthe site. Therefore, our website is very friendly and efficient to use.

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Greentrading FAQ

What is Native Neem organic neem oil and how it is different from commercial neem oil?

Native Neem organic neem oil and Native Neem organic neem oil (Insecticide) are now available to the market with least 3000 ppm azadirachtin. The oil is cold processed and produced by Indian Traditional way without heat, chemicals, petrochemicals and retains all the well-balanced nutrients in the oil - many which would otherwise Native Neem organic neem oil Native Neem organic neem oil be lost. It is non-toxic to humans, birds, earthworms, and animals.

What are the active ingredients in Native Neem organic neem oil?

Native Neem organic neem oil contains Azadirachtin A and B and several other isomers. It is also determined for other profiles and found to contain over 100 limonoids.

Is Azadirachtin alone active?

Studies prove that the biological effects of neem oil were dependent on Azadirachtin. All physiological impacts on pests have been attributed to Azadirachtin. Other neem limonoids do play a synergistic role with Azadirachtin and aid biological activity. Azadirachtin is an efficient crop protection compound in association with limonoids.

What are the primary modes of action of Native Neem organic neem oil, Native Neem organic neem oil (Insecticide)?

Native Neem organic neem oil is a powerful insect antifeedant and disrupts insect feeding. It is also a powerful Insect Growth Regulators and interferes with the growth of insects.

What is the supplementary mode of action of Native Neem organic neem oil?

  • Disrupt insect reproduction and sterilize insect reproductive organs.
  • Reduce insect egg laying capacity
  • Reduce egg hatchability
  • Affects insect digestion, excretion, and locomotion
  • Reduce insect fitness
  • Reduce insect population growth
  • Improve the pesticidal effects of conventional and biologicals
  • Augment Beneficials
  • Disrupt/delay/prohibit resistance

Are Native Neem organic neem oil safer to beneficial?

Native Neem oil is highly safe to beneficial. In fact, Native Neem organic neem oil augments beneficial population in treated fields.

Is Native Neem neem safer to Honey Bees?

Native Neem organic neem oil is highly safe to Honey Bees. In fact, Native Neem organic neem oil Spray as advised helps to cure “Nosemosis” and mite problems of Honey Bees.

Does Native Neem organic neem oil exhibit knockdown effect?

Native Neem organic neem oil does not provide a knockdown effect, unlike conventional chemicals. Insect mortality begins within hours of spray and extends over 3-5 days. However, insects stop feeding and damaging plants since the time of spray.

How Native Neem organic neem oil differs from conventional?

Conventionals exhibit knockdown effect, but however control lasts only for a few days. Native Neem organic neem oil exhibit slow and sustainable control of pests. Beneficials significantly aid control of pests with Native Neem organic neem oil.

What is the advice to Native Neem organic neem oil using growers?

Do not Panic when pests are found on plants within 1 or 2 days after spray. Native Neem organic neem oil work sustainably on pests and stops crop damage from the time of spray. The control of pests is equal in conventional and Native Neem organic neem oil within days of sprays. We advise users to understand the mode of action of the product. Native Neem organic neem oil is the best choice for ultimate grower benefits.

Can Native Neem organic neem oil be used with insecticides?

Native Neem organic neem oil formulations can be alternated or tank mixed most insecticides and fungicides. However, it is recommended to check tank mix compatibility.

Does Native Neem organic neem oil show synergism with Insecticides or Biologicals?

Native Neem organic neem oil can use in alternation or tank mix augment insects susceptibility to insecticides/biologicals. It makes insects physiologically weak and thus increases susceptibility to conventional and biologicals.

Does Native Neem organic neem oil help prevent or delay insect resistance?

Azadirachtin and neem compounds are known to disrupt MFO induction (mixed function oxidase) in many insects and thus it is believed that neem oil help prevents resistance. Field trials showed good control of resistant pest population when Native Neem organic neem oil is integrated.

Can Native Neem organic neem oil be used in IPM programs?

Native Neem organic neem oil is an ideal IPM tool for managing resistance in insects and help reduce insecticidal inputs.

Which pests Native Neem organic neem oil can control?

Native Neem organic neem oil is a broad spectrum product and control Caterpillars, Beetles, Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, Mites, Leafminers, Lice, Fleas, Grasshoppers etc.

Does Native Neem organic neem oil help to reduce insecticide use?

It has been proved that integration of Native Neem organic neem oil in pest management programs, reduced number of insecticidal spray by way of lengthening spray intervals.

Is there a Pre Harvest Interval (PHI) for Native Neem organic neem oil formulations?

There is no PHI for Native Neem organic neem oil. The product can be applied until the time of harvest.

What is the ideal spray interval for best results for Native Neem organic neem oil Formulations?

7 to 10 days depending on pest incidence. However, the actual spray recommendation should be based on actual pest incidence.

What are important tips for good pest control of Native Neem organic neem oil?

  • Early sprays as soon as pests are observed.
  • Good crop coverage
  • 7-10 day spray interval
  • Spray rotation with biologicals/conventionals in case of organic and conventional crops respectively
  • “PH” correction of spray fluid
  • Good pest scouting
  • Do not panic if we do not see dead insects in treated fields.

Does Native Neem organic neem oil formulations exhibit contact toxicity?

Soft-bodied pests like aphids, mites, whiteflies show contact toxicity to Native Neem organic neem oil.

Does Native Neem organic neem oil exhibit systemic activity?

Native Neem organic neem oil is exhibit systemic effect upon soil application. The systemic application provides good control of leafminers, aphids, whiteflies, and caterpillars.

What are the overall benefits of Native Neem organic neem oil?

  • Support organic crop protection.
  • Provide sustainable pest control.
  • Prevent or prohibit pest resistance.
  • Help reduce pesticidal applications.

How is Native Neem neem cake/granules Different from Commercial neem cake/granules?

Native Neem neem cake is produced by the natural way and which is 100% natural neem Kernel cake and clean and pure Free from Foreign materials such as stone, Shells, Etc.

What is Native Neem neem cake/granules Over advantage?

Field Studies have shown that Native Neem Neem Cake Powder /Granules dosed at 250 kilograms per hectare has the efficacy of commercial neem cake at a dosage of 1000 kilogram per hectare.

Please note that all our products have been made with organic and natural ingredients, none of our products contain harsh chemicals

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