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Last Updated: 01-April-2020

Cosmic Reality Coupons

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About Cosmic Reality

Cosmic Reality

Shungite is a great gift from Gaia. Its existence on Earth has not been explained. The Shungite came from the Zazhoginsky deposits in the Russian Republic of Karelia, near the eastern border of Finland. They consider every piece of Shungite to be a sacred gift. They are continually in the process of creating new products.

There are many sources of Shungite products that have been machined shaped into pyramids, spheres, pendants and other forms. They think that any time Shungite is treated in this way, the natural energetics of the mineral are reduced. Thus, they only deal with Shungite that is mined but not processed, except for the use of Shungite Beads in jewelry.

Let check the shungite’s storeand see what you can find. In the store, there are too many stuffs that made from shugnite, this is some examples:

Cosmic Reality


Outstanding features at Cosmic Reality


- Water purification and water infusion with healing energies;

- Enhancement of growth in vegetation and livestock;

- EMF, microwave, and nuclear shielding materials;

Cosmic Reality

- Healing a variety of diseases;

- Creation of healing rooms by Russian Military Medical clinics;

- To balance the energy body that is the blueprint for the physical  body promoting physical, emotional, and mental health;

- Charging bath water & swimming pools and a Shungite pendant provides individual protection & balance against all types of EMF & microwave fields..

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People Also ask

What is Shungite?

Shungite is a mineral with the same basic CHEMICAL composition as coal. Shungite however is constructed with a very large molecule nicknamed the Bucky Ball or a Fullerene.  So unlike coal, Shungite does not burn,  is not effected by pressure and is of a greater hardness

Where is Shungite found?

There is only one Shungite source in the world. It is the Zazhoginsky Shungite deposits in the western Republic of Karelia, near the eastern border of Finland. However, fullerenes are found in small amounts in two gold mines (Russia and Canada), a meteor strike in Canada, a lightening strike that made fullerenes in the melted rock it hit in Colorado and in outer space.

What is a Shungite Environment?

The Shungite Environment is one where :

- the EMF/WiFi system has been subjected to the Shungite Modulator;

- the person is wearing a Shungite Pendant;

- Shungite energized water is being ingested;

These products can be obtained from our stores.

Where can you get Shungite?

Just Google and you will find sites providing a variety of Shungite products. At our stores (America and Canada), we only deal in "raw" Shungite, meaning it has not been machined into a shape like a pyramid or sphere or pendant.

We believe the virgin mineral has a natural energy power that is restricted when worked into jewelry settings and shapes.

We also make sure we are acquiring Shungite from the Zazhoginsky deposits. We went back all the way to the mine itself. But their minimum order was a ton. Help take us to a point when a ton will not fill the needs of the masses.

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