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About Buytfp

True Frequency Products LLC is here to provide frequency/grounding jewelries products that help improve your overall strength and balance. True Frequency Products LLC has developed a proprietary method of imprinting the frequency of the Earth (7.83 Hz, also known as the Schumann Resonance) into our products.

Stainless 2 Wire Cable Bangle w/Gold AccentsBuy TFP Stainless Cable Bangle w/ Silver Ends

At, you can buy products such as Tungsten Bracelets, Titanium Bracelets, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Stainless Steel Bracelets, Silicone Bracelets, Frequency Bracelets, Frequency Jewelry.

Buy TFP Bronze Matte Tungsten Ring w/ Rose Gold Stripe – 8mm wideBuy TFP Black Tungsten Ring – Thin Blue Line – 8mm wide

When you wear TFP products, you can counteract possible destructive vibrations or frequencies that come from radio waves, electro-smog, electromagnetic radiation (EMF), from cell-phones, computers and other electronic devices. Moreover, many people over a number of years have dramatically improved their balance, flexibility, strength, and overall wellness by wearing TFP products. Besides, Buy TFP products also help to take an edge off of their pain issues.



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Safety, Trust

TFP Jewelries have many benefits for your health. It not only helps counteract possible destructive vibrations or frequencies that come from radio waves, electro-smog, electromagnetic radiation (EMF), from cell-phones, computers and other electronic devices that surround you, but also take an edge off of their pain issues.

TFP products may give you a new quality of life and more vitality.

Buy TFP Silicone Pink Breast Cancer Awareness

Perfect customer services

Whenever you have any problems with your items, please contact to Buytfp shop and then they will solve your problems as soon as possible.

TFP offers a lifetime warranty on the imprinted frequency/vibration technology in all of their products.

Products Categories are various

  • Bangeles
  • Bracelets
  • Leather
  • Rings
  • Titanium Bracelets
  • Silicone Bracelets


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“Couponing doesn’t make you cheap, it makes you smart”. Before checking out any item online, make sure that you go to coupon providers like a blog, social media network, coupons websites, and through their affiliate channels.

All you have to do to be able to use the coupons for discounts from Buytfp is to simply go on our website and follow these four simple steps:

  1. Go to our website and find Buytfps
  2. Copy all the latest Coupons/promotional codes & Discount codesor click to the deal you want to use; the site will automatically turn to Buytfps website.
  3. At the Buytfp’s Website, choose the product you want to buy
  4. Proceed to payment but REMEMBER to PASTE the discount/promotional code before finalizing the purchase

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People Also ask

Why do we need protection from EMF?

EMF, or Electromagnetic Frequency, are man-made frequencies that bombard us daily, from our use of cell phones, electricity, etc. These harmful frequencies disrupt our natural frequency (7.83 Hz) and cellular communication throughout the body, resulting in less energy, lack of sleep, and slower recovery times from exertion and symptoms that cause us pain. Restore your natural frequency and your body becomes very efficient when it can properly communicate among its cells.

How long does the frequency technology last?

The frequency technology in all of our products is guaranteed for life. The frequency does not dissipate or fade away over time, so there is no need to “recharge” it.

How do I know my product is still working?

You can be sure your product is still working by conducting any of the demos with it.

Are there magnets in the bracelets?

No, our products do not use magnets, only frequency technology.

Can the various frequencies be worn together?

Yes, all of our products are designed to work together. For example, you can wear an original frequency all the time, and when you go to play basketball or football, you can put a sport band on your other wrist or ankle.

Do the products work with pets and other animals?

Yes, animals will benefit from wearing Frequency Technology as well! Pet owners have reported restored vitality and energy in older cats and dogs, as well as pain reduction in pets and horses (stop limping after wearing our products).


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