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The popularity of the Internet is undeniable. However, besides big benefits, some negative effects involved, especially in private security seem to make most users not completely assure in using. There is a fact that we are faced with many complex privacy and security issues. More and more different entities such as spammers and advertising firms appear. They want to gain access and get our personal information for destructive intentions.     

It is really frustrating for us to use the Internet with worry. Many of us must have ever thought about how to solve this issue but it causes us wasting time or be impossible in optimizing uses as expected. In the process of experiencing, we found a solution named FastestVPN that according to us, is really effective.

So, all of “What is it? How effective is it? And How does it work?” will be explained in this post.

What is it?

FastestVPN is a Cayman Island based company founded in 2017. As mentioned before, with the belief that Internet freedom is every individual’s right, the FastestVPN was born with the expectation of providing security and privacy to its users from intruding prying eyes and hackers.

The main service it brings customers is a VPN software for a security solution for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firestick, Smart TV and more. Over the years, it has been further refined to up the security game adding features such as Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall, and Malware Protection, Ad Blocker and offering Firefox and Chrome browser extensions. All of them focus on the only thing is to help people surf the Internet without any worries. 

How it solves your problem?

Solution to third party interference is to create a secure tunnel network between you and your internet activities. FastestVPN is especially built with advanced protocols and 256-Bit AES encryption which secures you on public Wi-Fi networks, clears cookies and commendably protects your identity. It works as the best solution for anonymity, privacy and security.

What feature makes it helpful? 

FastestVPN Online Privacy & SecurityFastestVPN Fastest Blazing SpeedFastestVPN No Log Policy

Online Privacy and Security

Your biggest worry is attacks or annoyance over public and private social networks by spammers, advertisement agencies and hackers. FastestVPN gives you a big help in taking control of your security and privacy with advanced features (256-Bit encryption, best protocols, and anti-malware) that are incorporated in its connection.

Fastest Blazing Speed

Get endless bandwidth and ultra-high-speed while downloading and uploading. FastestVPN is optimized for P2P file-sharing; choose a server location and get the highest speeds. With 99.99% uptime, you can enjoy Fastest VPN connectivity round the clock.

No Log Policy

FastestVPN follow all policies very strictly including zero-logging policy. You can use the internet without any tracks because FastestVPN saves no data that could be used to identify you. Your activity is limited to your browser as FastestVPN does not maintain any activity or connection logs.

Additionally, in order to support customers with the best prices, FastestVPN offers a FastestVPN 10-Device Lifetime Subscription for $20, all of them come with specific features of which follows:


FastestVPN Discount

10 multi logins for up to 10 devices
256-bit AES encryption and NAT firewall
300+ Servers, 35+ Locations
Malware protection and ad blocking
Internet kill switch
P2P optimized servers with unlimited server switching
No-logs policy
Compatibility with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and 20 more devices

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