The 8 Best Home Workout Equipments

If you want to have a perfect body as desired without spending a large amount of money on many professional gym memberships, working out at home should be a big money saver over the long haul. Moreover, many frequent reasons prevent us from going to the gym such as a little one at home, a tight schedule, a rainy day, … So, working out at home is totally not a bad idea. The first thing you need to prepare is your home gym equipment to start an effective workout.

Here are the 8 best home workout equipment that you may need. If you are in love with these products, don’t hesitate to use our workout equipment coupons and vouchers to get a better price.

1. Pull-up Bar

The Pull-up bar is one of the leading types of equipment in building strength in muscles. Exercises with a pull-up bar help stretch the whole body with the effect of gravity. It works on almost all body areas such as shoulders, chest, abdomen, back, biceps, ... At the same time, it provides flexibility to the spine and prevents many diseases of the bones and joints. Therefore, it will bring you a toned and balanced body as desired.

Pull-up Bar

If you need a simple and effective home gym equipment, you definitely cannot ignore the pull-up bar which will help you perform many simple but highly effective exercises. The price range of a pull-up bar is between $25 to $40 per each on Amazon, you can definitely cut this price down and find your most suitable shape using coupons that we provided.

2. Adjustable Dumbbells

If the disadvantage of traditional dumbbells is weight-fixed, adjustable dumbbells have the advantage of allowing you to reduce or add extra weight. Instead of spending a lot of money on a traditional line of weights with different weights, it only takes you a few minutes to get the desired weight. Therefore, these dumbbells are much more cost-effective.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Besides, this type of dumbbell is also considered to be a convenient home gym equipment because of its compactness. Owning a pair of adjustable dumbbells is a must-have tool if you are planning to practice at home! Price for a pair of adjustable dumbbells is around $60 and it can be lower if you make use of our coupon codes and vouchers.

3. AB Wheel

Another home gym equipment that you definitely cannot ignore is the AB Wheel (abdominal training roller) if you want to have a strong mid-body such as a strong abdomen, hips, and lower back.

If you exercise regularly, you will know that rollers work on many parts of the body at the same time, such as abs, buckets and intercostals through sit-ups and crunch movements while has a strong effect on your lower back and shoulders.

AB Wheel

No crunch needed, just with a roller is enough to make the workout much more efficient. Just maintain a level of exercise and avoid excessive pressure on the lower back. With 20$, you can easily have one on Amazon.

4. Kettlebell

Kettle bell

Let’s start your home training with a kettlebell. Because of its compact size, flexibility and durability, the kettlebell is a piece of ideal equipment for variable speed exercises that utilize breathing rhythm or exercises that increase muscle strength and endurance. The grip is also perfectly designed for weight swinging movements while providing absolute results in perfect muscle chain construction. If you want to add this equipment to your collection, using a coupon will be necessary.

5. Jump-rope

If you want to have a slim, toned body and a healthy heart, a jump-rope is a piece of equipment not to be missed. Jumping rope will help the body to be more flexible and agile while increasing endurance.


Jumping rope is a full-body workout that helps you too lose weight, burn calories, and lose fats faster than any other workout. It has a lot of more benefits to you which include its portability, and low risk of injuries. The main benefit that you will get from jumping rope, or any other form of cardio, before your strength and boxing workout, is that you will be able to reduce the possibility of a decline in muscle strength due to your cardio session.

6. Foam Roller

A foam roller can be strange equipment for a beginner, especially if you're just starting. But it brings many benefits.

Foam Roller

Firstly, a foam roller helps to circulate blood and relieve stress. At the same time, exercising with the roller also helps to provide nutrition for the neurons that control the muscles during exercise. Next, the roller also helps reduce the fatigue of the body, helps the body to be more flexible and expands the range of muscles. In addition, rolling the tube can also be considered a great warm-up exercise before entering the exercise because it will help increase performance, maintain strength and endurance during exercise while shortening the recovery time and makes the body feel less achy the next day.

7. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are effective home gym equipment because of its convenience. They are used for both endurance and strength training.

Resistance Bands

Another plus of these bands that it is both easy to carry anywhere and a wider variety of barbells and dumbbells. In many cases, the flexibility of them brings more exercises which have many good effects on the body. Even better than the free weights method if you practice the right way.

8. Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball is effective and interesting equipment for working out at home. These balls are ideal for a full-body workout that can be done with one piece of equipment. A high-intensity interval training move from these balls is ball slams. It will keep your heart rate pumping and pumping. This movement both strengthens the core and works the entire upper body while simultaneously engaging the lower body from lifting the legs up and down between throws.

Medicine Ball


Currently, there are many different types of them such as hardball, softball, and handball. All are designed in different weight levels. Instead of choosing to buy a variety of balls, you should choose to buy a ball with a moderate weight that suits you best. A 12 pound (6kg) dumbbell is the optimal starting level for you. 30$ is the price of buying a medicine ball. It’s quite expensive and you may need more of them so using coupons before making the payment is a good idea.

Above are 8 effective home workout equipment that we want to recommend for you. If you need any streaming workouts to follow, we also provide coupons and vouchers for many fitness online courses that you probably are interested in. Hope that it will bring you the great experience of working out at home.

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