Eco-friendly Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

Valentine's day is one of the perfect celebrations that have an amazing disposable nature. Also, it might have a costly price tag with it. Flowers can be sold by truckload. Sometimes they will include the flower that could grow beyond the two or a week. When you embrace eco-friendly gifts and cards, you can easily save some of the bucks; you can also create something eco-friendly and environmental. Here we are sharing ideas about how you can ditch the expensive and new ideas. Also, you can tune this into the other creative ways coming along your way. All of them will ditch the expensive and new that will turn things into other amazing ways to pull the heartstrings. All for the adults, kids are the perfect Valentine gifts that can get you the perfect gifts. 

Eco friendly Valentine Cards for Kids

Leaf Rubbing with Crayons:

What will be more than the eco-friendly, more than the fallen leaves? Either on the 14 February day or at the end of the winter, there are leaves all around the floors from where you must live. You can use the thin to medium paper that will arrange your leaves. After then you can cover the stuff with paper. You can use crayons to rub them onto them to reveal they are true colors. After then you can fold the paper in half then get the one you wish to have. You can consult these steps to make your cards more beautiful.

Magical Valentine Wands: 

The project is perfect in front of your child; mostly, some adults love to have such flowers for their Valentine's. Gather some twigs and head outside you can measure things in between 20 to 14 inches, making sure they must be free from dirt and clean. You must also wash them if needed, and then you must allow them if required before you are adorning them. You can take some pink, red, or color acrylic paint that you love to choose and then pour the cup at least 5 inches deep. Tempera paint works must be perfect, and then you must make it easy to clean up. You must dip the end, then twig of the paint, remove it, and then let the newspaper dry. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, just visit Etsy to choose one Valentine wand for your child and don't forget to take Esty's coupon code to buy your favorite at the discounted price.

Seed Packets Valentines: 

What is more perfect than the herbs or wildflowers growing from seed? You must gather some watercolor papers and some small envelopes that are not used. After then, you must head to the local nursery and get the largest packet that you can get from the seeds that will grow effortlessly in your area. Also, consider what is good for the caterpillars, butterflies, and the natives to grow well in your areas, such as bluebonnets, cosmos, and purple coneflowers. Decorate the paper or envelope after washing with the blue, green, and red watercolor.

Moreover, if you don't have the watercolors, you must dilute them with the paint that could work well. After measuring them, you must cut them into pieces and dip them into the watercolor. Fold it in half, and then keep it in the edges along with the important seeds. Moreover, check how the Valentine leaves are the perfect gift for them. Distribute the leaves as needed. With the homemade envelope, you can make the gift more amazing. 

Heart-Shaped Upcycled Drawer Sachets:

Heart-Shaped Drawer Sachets

You can use the old cotton scraps or perhaps the cutting into an old dress or the shirt that you don't wear, and then cut them into the heart shape together once you get them and then leave it to fill the bag. After then, you must fill them with the lavender dried and then essential oils to get the best smell. For children, you can fill it with their favorites. Seal the pockets by your hand after sewing them on the edge of the machine. 

Valentine Card which is Full of Coupons: 

Avoid buying flowers, jewelry, or chocolates, and instead of that, you can get the homemade card that could reflect you or your valentine the perfect Valentine Essenes. Instead of anything else, you can place the little handwritten coupons inside of the cards. Think to get the things to write it like the coupons, which is perfect for the 30 minutes foot massage. The coupons can be little to laundry folded, washed, or you can pull them away. You can play your valentine tailor or love to match your wishes or needs. 

Handmade Collaged Cards: 

Get the spirit of surrealism; when you are using the homemade cards, you can use them with the watercolor cardboard or paper, grab the nearest magazine, and then start cuttings. Cut stars, bodies, hearts, and flowers, or whatever emanates love and romanticism. You can then cut two animals and then place them side by side, after finding the two pictures of the flowers and then place them aside to get the best. 


Every year your loved one can get you the sack of Valentine's day cards and goodies. You can have fun looking through them and then seeing what is perfect there. Whatever the friends are giving, you need to consider the Valentine plastic toys, cards, and the tattoos, which is ended up here, and then you can not trash it.