Best Online Shopping Tricks to Save Money

Online Shopping has caught the elegance of several people to save money. Several analysts have evaluated that some of the top e-commerce companies have surpassed the valuation of the mid-sized companies.

The profitability of an e-commerce firm is still a distant dream and to gain the mind as well as the market share of the customer offering discounts to be the survival tactics. So, here we are bringing the best online shopping tricks for you to save money. Let’s check out these exciting tips and tricks to save money.

Best Online Shopping Tricks to Save Money

Add Products to your cart and leave them there

It is one of the best strategies to get discounts on online shopping. Here, you can add the product you want to your cart and log out from the site. This cart is also known as an abandoned cart and is the major issue for the e-commerce players. For such carts, the one and the only solution is to offer the coupons or discounts to customers who abandoned the cart. Now, after waiting for a few days, you will receive an email or SMS to complete the online shopping order with a certain discount.

Credit Card Offers

Yet another way to get discounts. The only condition it holds is that you should be owning a credit card of the bank which has tie-up with a particular e-commerce player. If you will utilize this opportunity, then you can avail 10-15% off on the multiple products through online shopping by using the HDFC credit cards. The only drawback of this offer is that these deals are available for a high value of cart in online shopping with a minimum value of 7500 rupees.

High-Value Shopping discount

Some of the e-commerce websites offer a higher value discount if the total purchase value crosses a specific limit. One of these websites like offers about 20 per cent extra discount if the total purchase exceeds the value of 10,000. Well, that’s a wrong strategy to buy to get discounts only and the best solution to this is to do a cost-benefit analysis. For example, if your total bill is of 8000 rupees and if the brand adds merchandise of 2000 rupees to be eligible for a discount, then your bill will remain 8000 rupees, i.e., 20% discount. Another option is to create a shopping pool where several people can place the item in a single order to avail of the offer.

High value shopping discount

Discount Coupon

Nowadays, e-commerce websites are circulating and floating their online shopping discount coupons by themselves. And even discount coupons have lost their exclusivity. So, the logic of e-commerce companies is simple to create an impression of online shopping means discounts and savings. Even, customers who are not that tech-savvy may buy the product without discounts that will compensate for them who bought with a discount. That means, no retail market share of deal seekers at any cost.


Here, we are not referring to the cashback offered by the credit cards but of cashback offered by the payment gateways. The value of the cashback offered is very high on websites and if you will opt for any service from such websites, you will get a discount with coupon codes on both online and offline payments.

Group Deals

Although the concept is not that popular in most places but is a phenomenon that is somehow successful in gaining profits while saving money. Here, if you want any discounts on a particular product and do not want to buy any other product, ask your friend or family to buy on your order and you can save money on the final bill amount.

group deals

Comparison of price

Price comparison websites showcase the current prices of a particular product on several e-commerce websites. In a market place model, a particular or specific seller may offer the lowest price value but it is equally important to check the credibility of the seller. Even, sellers are now finding various ways to keep them listed on top of price comparison sites. That means they are representing the product in less price with a high shipping charge. The website is associated with the well-known and reliable price comparison portals that you can access.

New Customer

Online shopping marketing has even evolved over a period of time and nowadays, the marketing team of these e-commerce websites runs special campaigns for new customers. The discounts can be displayed over the air to new potential customers for online shopping. The websites also track the categories browsed and abandoned by customers and later the discount is offered accordingly. So, always browse these websites in incognito to get extra discounts.

Festive Season

Festive seasons are the best time to shop online with great discounts saving money. Although the competition is tough and people are willing to spend but do purchase by exploring all the possible discounts on websites like to save money on good deals.

New Registration discounts

Several e-commerce websites provide discounts only at the time of registration. Most of the people are smart and register every time they want to purchase something. But they do not know that three e-commerce handlers are smarter as they would like to increase their customer base and want you to register every time. So, it is being done to increase the company’s valuation. Well, it is so helpful in saving money so do not bother about it.

New Registration discounts

Shopping through a mobile app

Last but not the least, this shopping trick has emerged to make customers shop through the mobile application. On the apps, heavy discounts are offered while shopping and several shopping deals are available for customers on their orders. It is very simple to use and to get discounts.


As I have always said that money saved is money earned. So, always before online shopping try these exciting tricks to save money. There are other tricks as well but we have bought you the finest and the most reliable shopping tricks to follow.

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