Best Free Software for Video Editing

This review-rating presents the best video editors for both beginners and more professional users. All of these applications run on Windows 10, 8.1, and Windows 7, and many have versions for OS X and Linux.

Video editing

The software mentioned in this article can be useful for experienced artists, as well as for beginners, and Arts students. Students will benefit from these simple tools, as well as from Essays Writing Help, where qualified writers help students with writing academic papers.

I will not describe in detail and give instructions on how to edit videos in each of the programs, but only list them and the manipulations with the video that they make possible. For some video editors, more detailed, detailed reviews are also provided to familiarize you with the features.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is the best video editor out of the free ones. The original versions were mostly designed to work with color, but since version 16, it is more than a full-fledged non-linear video editing tool, containing a variety of professional tools for the job that is likely to be able to cover any of your needs.

Even if you are not a professional and you do not need to create comprehensive movies, deal with color correction, DaVinci Resolve after a short training (and there are enough materials and video lessons on the web, free DaVinci Resolve tutorials are also available on the official website of the developer in the "Training" section») it can become a convenient tool for creating your videos with effects, transitions, titles, and quickly exporting projects using acceleration on the video card.

You will not be able to specify everything that DaVinci Resolve can do within this list of video editors, but almost everything that can be useful is implemented here. And when I get tired of paying for Adobe Premiere Pro, I'll switch to this product.


Kdenlive is a completely free video editor, available for Windows and Linux, and has very extensive video editing capabilities, although you will have to look for lessons on the Internet to master some of them.

Kdenlive is a completely free video editor, available for Windows and Linux, and has very extensive video editing capabilities, although you will have to look for lessons on the Internet to master some of them.

Everything you can expect from an almost professional video editor is here: including simple things like adding effects, transitions, titles, using multiple tracks and exporting to a variety of formats, ending with more specialized features.

Icecream Video Editor

Icecream Video Editor is a video editor, with an extensive set of features and, perhaps, ideal for a novice user. It can be described as a product similar to the editor from Movavi, but completely free. Effects, transitions, titles, filters-all this is present here, and in a very clear way for a non-professional.


Shotcut is one of the greatest multiplatform (Windows, Linux, OS X) video editors (or rather, an editor for non-linear video editing).

The software supports almost any video and other media formats (for import and export) using the FFmpeg framework, editing 4k video, capturing video from the screen, camera, recording audio from the computer, plugins, and HTML5 as clips for editing.

Naturally, there are opportunities for working with video and audio effects, transitions, and adding titles, including in 3D and not only.


Videopad video editor from NCH Software deserves attention as one of the most professional video editing programs and other video editing tasks in this review. This editor has everything that any user might need.
Perhaps, at the current time, I believe that this is probably the best free video editor suitable for both beginners and experienced users. One of the important advantages is that you have enough free lessons on video editing in VideoPad to get started (you can easily find them on YouTube and not only).

Briefly about the features of the video editor:

Non-linear editing, an arbitrary number of audio and video tracks.

Customizable video effects, support for masks for them, audio effects (including multi-track editing of soundtracks), transitions between clips.

Support for working with chromakey, 3D video.

It works with all common video, audio, and image files.

Video stabilization, playback speed and direction control, color correction.

Video recording from the screen and video capture devices, video dubbing, voice synthesis.

Export with customizable codec parameters (officially, the resolution is up to FullHD, but 4K also works when checked), as well as rendering for popular devices and video hosting sites with preset parameters.

Support for VirtualDub plugins.

VideoPad is available for Windows (including Windows 10, although no official support is announced on the site), macOS, Android, and iOS.


OpenShot Video Editor is another open-source multi-platform video editor that deserves attention. In my opinion, OpenShot will be easier to learn for a novice user than Shotcut, although it presents slightly fewer features.

However, all the main features: video and audio layout, creating titles, including 3D animated ones, using effects and transitions, video rotations, and distortions are available here.

Windows Movie Maker or Movie Studio-for beginners and simple video editing tasks

If you need a simple free video editor, in which you can easily create a video from several videos and images, add music or vice versa, remove the sound, then you can use the good old Windows Movie Maker or, as it is called in its new version — Windows Movie Studio. This is far from ideal and, perhaps, not the best software of this kind, but many users continue to prefer it.

Windows Movie Studio

The two versions of the program differ in the interface and some may be more convenient and understandable than the "old" Windows Movie Maker, which was previously included in the package of the Windows operating system.

Free Video Editor Windows Movie Maker

The program is easy to understand for a novice user and, if you consider yourself to be one of them, I recommend that you stop at this option.

HitFilm Express

If you are familiar with Adobe Premiere, video editing in the free video editor HitFilm Express may be your choice.

The interface and operating principles of HitFilm Express almost completely coincide with those of the product from Adobe, and the possibilities, even in the completely free version, are extensive-from simple editing on any number of tracks, to tracking or creating your transitions and effects.