A person can be judged through the shoes they are wearing. A pair of shiny shoes are indispensable for a man especially when accompanied by formal suits. To create a luxurious look, the shoes are the part that you can't help but care about. understands this need and brings you Automatic Shoe Shine Machines. And of course, this has brought great success to them. You just need to put the coins and a liquid wax dispenser and there's a pair of shiny shoes right away. This machine has brought a huge profit to them.

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Shoeshine machines are simple buffers that polishes and buffs shoe nice and clean. Shoe shiners come in a variety of types and styles and they either work by electricity. The Shoe shining machine has two brushes each with 2 different types of fibres – Nylon/Horsehair and Cotton thread. Nylon bristles serve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the shoe before applying wax or polishing, after the cleaning process wax can be applied from the wax container located at the centre of the shoe shining machine. The container is loaded with neutral wax that can be applied for any coloured shoes (Black shoe or Brown shoe). The user can apply the wax by gently pressing the shoe against the roll-on tip at the bottom of the container, which applies a thin layer of wax required for shining the shoes/ polishing the shoes. After applying the wax, the user must place the shoes near the cotton threaded bristles that shine the shoe. Users with Brown shoes can use the red coloured/brown coloured cotton threaded bristles. These types of machines are compact and essential for the corporate offices, hotels, residence, shopping malls, showrooms and places where carpets are used to cover the floors.


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This special machine enables you to clean and shine shoes effortlessly and quickly.

  • Ideal for diverse types of shoes polishing, as per your distinctive requirement.
  • No need to dirty your hands with shoe polish
  • Hygienic and efficient machine
  • Last longer with almost zero maintenance.
  • An infrared system sensor automatically rotates soft brushes which remove dust and makes shoeshine and polish.
  • Utilize excellent quality rotary motors in addition to fibres inside the shoe shiners ensuring perfect spotless polish and shine for any type of shoe.
  • Highly reliable Auto shoe shine which lasts a long time without maintenance
  • Usage of the sensor plug makes sure there is no manual assistance needed.
  • Ensures comprehensive cleaning and shoes free of any deposits.
  • Easy to install at home as well anywhere, especially public areas such as restaurants, malls, hotels, schools, stadiums, offices, airports and so forth.
  • Auto Shoe Shine is becoming increasingly popular because it does not require you to manually clean your shoes (via


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