Effective Techniques Of Time Management

Nowadays, no matter who you are, whether a insanely busy person or the one with a lot of free time, time is always valuable for you. The thing that how to manage time well in order to accomplish a task or reach a goal seems to be the common concern of most people. For that reason, in this post, we will suggest you some effective techniques giving you a hand in time management.

Plan your day in advance

time management

This method seems to be the most effective way for us in managing time. Because with this technique, you can know clearly all what you have to do in the next day and then make a preparation for your work. Next day, you will wake up promptly with the first task without any procrastination. It is certain that you will gain better results if you plan your daily, weekly and monthly work well.

Settle into a morning routine

Settle into a morning routine

Presently, it seems that the first thing people do after waking up is to check the social media, which is completely a wrong habit.  Morning is the the start of the day, therefore, if you have a good start, all things coming along will also have the same results. Why don't you try to get up by making your bed, then having a healthy breakfast and thinking of your prioritized work with excited feeling.

Allocate your time in detail

In order to gain the most effective accomplishment, it is really important for you to know how much time you spend on particular tasks. If you know how much of time you allocate to works, you will have the well-organized plan and better workflow. There is a helpful suggestion to do this is to use time tracking software, or journals and planner of BestSelf Co, they must be a great tools in planning as well as organizing your work.

Say “No”

Say “No”

People often tend to say “Yes”, even with the irrelevant works, which seems to be counterproductive in time management. Because when you accept to do something asked by others means you are interrupting your own works by doing things that don’t contribute to your work and goals.  

It will be better to focus more on the main tasks and accomplish them in the best way. Quality always wins over quantity every single day.

Create a list of goals and circle most important ones and consider them as the priority.

Take Advantage of Gap Time

We have lots of gap time and downtime throughout days and how to take advantages of it really brings you a big benefit. Even though these short period may not enough to do a big thing at once, with little things we can create a huge work, development, and growth.

Some following recommend of using time in gap time may be helpful for you:

Learn a more language

Read books or articles

Plan what you want to do for the rest of the day

Take a walk and image