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CouponUpto Data Analytics Department : Report for the Last 6 Months of 2019

With the strong development of online shopping, websites offering discount codes are an effective aid of shoppers.

Keeping up with that trend, CouponUpto has had a year of leaps and bounds in quantity and quality, gaining the trust of the online community.

This essay will introduce indicators, analyze website performance data in the last 6 months of 2019 to prove how thriving is, as well as estimate the site expansion for the New Year.


As we can see, these are all crucial indicators of a website. They determine the rankings, power, and coverage of a site. Except for Bounce Rate, the more increasing the data is, the better your website gets.

General Statistics

Notably, despite showing stability in the first 4 months in the chart, the number of Visits to CouponUpto soared in the last 2 months of 2019.

It can be easily concluded that these are the peak sales months of the year. At this time, there are many great shopping festivals taking place around the world such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and Christmas.

As a result, the demand for extra codes, coupons, promotions on was at its top. Specifically, the number of visitors went up from more than 60k in October to nearly 180k in December.

Besides, the bounce rate fluctuated even more intensely than the rest. The number of visitors leaving on the desktop underwent ups and downs during the last 6 months. Remarkably, the peak was seen in August when this figure was at 50%. Then it suddenly plunged in the next month, and gradually increased again. Finally, it surpassed the bounce rate on mobile in December.

Traffic Share

In December 2019, the number of people visiting on the desktop dominated by 65%, which almost doubled that on mobile phones. To balance this, is nurturing and intending to promote a more compatible website on the phone so that consumers have the best experience possible.

Traffic Sources

Users visit through 4 main sources. For more details, Direct and Search sources accounted for the largest proportion and also saw an upward trend over time.

Users have the habit of searching coupons on Google. And the number of clicks on CouponUpto page by this Search source also ranked highest at 135.7k in December 2019, accounting for 75.58% of the total. The number of Search visitors beyond tripled those who click on the page via the Direct source.

These 2 traffic sources started to rise dramatically from October and continued to keep that trend. However, the opposite trend was seen in Social and Paid sources.

Traffic by Country

Internet users in different countries and territories also contribute traffic to

Headquartered in the US, CouponUpto earned the largest amount of traffic from the US. On all devices, traffic from the US occupies 64.67%, which is 7 times higher than that from the UK - the 2nd candidate.


In brief, although some main indicators showed negative signs, CouponUpto is still developing very strongly and firmly with the remarkable increase of other indexes.

The upcoming projects of Couponupto promise to bring maximum convenience and comfort to consumers and partners. There will be more quality programs, exclusive discount codes, and useful savings tips on CouponUpto.