Top Sites for WordPress Themes

Top Sites for WordPress Themes

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In the era of information technology development, thousands of websites are being opened daily with different purposes such as business, experience blog and education. This is exactly the time that beautiful WordPress Themes ascend the throne.

WordPress Theme is now the keyword that is searched a lot on Google and other search engines. For its popularity, this article will share helpful information about this field and top companies providing the best Wordpress Themes.

What is WordPress Theme?

wordpress themes

In the most easily defined way, a theme is the interface of WordPress. For websites made with WordPress, the theme is a folder containing the entire interface design file. That is where WordPress allows you to change and edit the interface.

Obviously, each website has a unique theme. Once web developers can customize a nice theme, they can sell it on the market. There are now millions of free and paid themes on the Internet.

Different Kinds of WordPress Theme

Nowadays, WordPress Theme can be categorized as follow:

  • Regular WordPress Theme: The theme has a basic code structure in the API library and open functions in WordPress available support.

It usually includes main files such as index.php, header.php, footer.php, single. php, sidebar.php, archive.php and category.php.

  • Theme Framework: This is an advanced theme type which is structured unlike a normal theme and only for experienced users.

It has a very basic interface because its main purpose is for users to proceed to customize it into an interface infused with the developer's personality.

  • Builder Theme: It is completely different from a regular theme yet has a fairly simple usage. Specifically, you just drag and drop available objects into the interface and customize the colors to design your own interface.

This type is often used for ordinary users due to the slightly poor customization.

  • Starter Theme: The type is only for programmers or developers to design their own theme entirely based on the built-in structure. If you are learning how to make a theme, you should start with this.
  • Child Theme: It's a common theme but inherits the features of the parent theme, which is often used to customize the theme without interfering with the code of the parent theme. Except for some special themes, all other ones support child theme, including normal theme.

Benefits of Wordpress Theme

Themes are must-have in your website. All companies creating websites with WordPress must go through this directory to edit their interface. When installing WordPress, there are 03 free themes available such as twentyfifteen, twentyfourteen and twentysixteen. However, these are quite simple, often requiring additional editing to be able to use.

There are many providers of premium and free themes such as EngineThemes, AccessPress Themes, 8Degree, Mystery Themes, AF Themes, Specia Theme, Themebeez and Booster Theme. Average price per theme is $ 59 for lifetime updates.

Of course, whether it is a non-charged or charged theme, users can still customize and develop it according to their own needs.

Some common features of WordPress Theme

  • Simple installation with just a few taps
  • Easy to develop, modify and maintain.
  • Understandable management interface
  • Clear structure
  • Friendly to search engines like Google, Bing...

Tips to Buy WordPress Theme

  • Right category and need: If you need a theme to sell things, of course you should choose themes that are specialized for business.
  • Many purchases: On each theme site, there are the number of purchasers and reviews. People can immediately see if this theme is really good or not, easy to use or not.
  • Regular updates: Similar to purchases, the time to update new versions of a theme provider will be displayed right on the site. Those updated regularly by the developers will always be more optimized and safer.
  • Easy to install and use: In the description of a theme on the vendor, you will read its function or usage. The more detailed the guide is, the better.
  • Fast loading speed: Website loading speed is very important in recent years, affecting SEO and user experience.
  • Necessary features: Beside general evaluation criteria above, a suitable theme must offer features you need for your website.

Top Providers for WordPress Themes

As you may know, in spite of selling the same kind of product, each website majors in a certain field. The suggested sites below are reputable theme suppliers that provide specialized themes in every corner of life. Depending on your demand to use WordPress, you can choose a provider that suits you.

Mystery Themes

mysterythemes website

Mystery Themes is known by specializing in offering professional WordPress Theme. The main goal of Mystery Themes is to bring clean, beautiful free and premium responsive themes.

The thing makes Mystery Themes chosen by customers is that you can download awesome themes and make or give your site a professional and elegant looks. Along with that, highly customizable functionality and design to create a website you have always wanted is also one of the biggest strengths of Mystery Themes.

Amazingly, they are running >> a Black Friday sale event up to 50% <<. Hurry up!

Engine Templates – Best CMS Solution

Engine Templates website

If you are seeking a great content management system, Engine Templates is exactly for you. They provide premium Joomla and Wordpress themes with responsive layout, mobile-friendly and strong customization.Since 2013, Engine Templates team has released over 160 Joomla and WordPress themes, and still strived to find more and more topics with the desire to meet any customers’ need in as many fields as possible. 

You can find all Engine Templates discounts >> upto 50% Here at their Store <<

AccessPress Themes

AccessPress themes website

accesspress themes

AccessPress Themes is an online WordPress themes store providing beautiful and useful themes. All of their themes are crafted by professional and experienced designers. Particularly, the themes don’t lack the basics and don’t have a lot of non-sense features which you might never use.

Practical, concise and useful are what describe AccessPress. Users can apply their themes for any websites regardless of your site's purpose.

>> Products saled off upto 70% << are waiting for you at AccessPress Themes. Check it out!



8Degree is a group of experts who are passionate about making commercial WordPress themes and plugins. They’d love to work closely with all customers and make you happy with great after sales support. It goes without saying that 8Degree Themes is one of the best solutions to build and develop your business.

Let's find a helpful solution on 8Degree Themes Store at the best price with >> 30% off right now <<!

AF Themes

AF themes website

Established in 2018, AF Themes started off by releasing free WordPress themes on They have gain the popularity with themes like Elegant Magazine, Magazine 7 and CoverNews.

Recently, premium upgrade versions have been launched, Elegant Magazine Pro, Magazine 7 Plus and CoverNews Pro. Their modern blog/magazine themes ensure the most appealing appearance for a successful online presence.

On the occasion of big holidays, AF Themes is running a super hot Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas for all items >> Here <<.

Specia Theme

specia theme

Specia Theme is a platform providing digital handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world. Their themes neatly match with commercial websites to help boost your sale conversion rate.

Specia Theme aims to provide you the best experience when using their service. They want to make sure you always get the kind of theme you need there. 

You can get >> 10% off on all orders << at Specia Theme Store!



Themebeez specializes in designing the niche-based professional WordPress themes carefully crafted by experienced designers and developers.

They are trusted by more than 50,000+ users around the world. Themebeez products are perfect for magazine, blog and news WordPress websites.

Themebeez is offering >> 50% off on their items << right now. This is exactly the best chance!! 

Booster Theme

booster theme

In case you are running a Shopify store, Booster Theme is what you're finding. For instance, they offer every Shopify Store owner a solution to increase their sales without having to empty their pockets on expensive monthly apps fees that can really be integrated in the theme coding. Their goal is to increase sales and impulsivity on Your Shopify Stores.

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Age Themes


If you want to seek for Joomla and templates for your website, Age Themes will be a great choice. In addition to Free Joomla, Age Themes also offers Paid Joomla with premium design that includes Premium and Onepage versions. Currently, with the best premium Joomla templates with outstanding design and nice performance, Age Themes is evaluated as the market leader in this field.

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With over ten years of experience in designing joomla templates, Olwebdesign make sure to provide customers with a wide variety of professional products. The team of Olwebdesign always works hard to create the best Joomla templates to give you everything you need to create your own website as unique as you are. Therefore, it will be a big regret if you don't consider Olwebdesign for your site.

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TemplateMonster website templates and various digital products

TemplateMonster has been known as the biggest provider of website templates since 2002. This is an ideal marketplace for the highest quality digital products matching the latest web standards. Additionally, TemplateMonster also offers premium-quality and free website designs that you can download for your creative web project. 

Grace Themes 

Grace Themes - WordPress Themes

If you want to build a website without code knowledge, there is no better choice than Grace Themes. This is a world of Beautiful & Professional WordPress Themes. Grace Themes makes the process of creating a website much easier, more straightforward, and affordable which is a great supporter for individuals, small businesses and organizations to grow their online presence and connect with others.

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WooVina is perfect choice for people who want to build an online store and sell with WooCommerce. WooVina is an intuitive and flexible, free WordPress theme offering deep integration with WooCommerce. In addition to design, fully responsive and endless customizability, WooVina also owns many incredible features such as Fastest Page Load Time, Search Engine Optimized and much more.

>>[Exclusive Coupon] Get 10% Off Your Order At Woovina<< 



Zetamatic is a stop solution for Latest and Professional E-commerce, ERP and WordPress Plugins. The team of Zetamatic is constantly developing new plugins to make your work simpler and hassle-free. Zetamatic is evaluated as one of the best choice for WordPress Plugins, E-Commerce Plugins, Woo-commerce Plugins and more. 

WP Shopify

WP Shopify

With WP Shopify, you can sell your Shopify products on any WordPress site. It is very fast and easy to get started with WP Shopify. Once you have the two platforms connected, you’ll be able to turn any WordPress page into a shopping experience.



GretaThemes is well known for premium WordPress themes and templates which easy to customize, easy to use for your businesses, blogs with responsive, friendly support. GretaThemes understands clearly the difficulties in setting up a theme looking exactly like the demo. So, GretaThemes themes are simple, clean and easy-to-use. GretaThemes can support you to get your website done in minutes. 

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ThemeRex provides premium micro-niche WordPress themes for both business or personal use. The main goal of ThemeRex  is to make their user’s experience easier and a lot more pleasant. Over the years, ThemeRex is appreciated by more than 30,000customers using their Premium WordPress themes to power websites including even some of the world's top brands and businesses. 

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ThemeMiles deals

For Premium and Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes, ThemeMiles can be named as one of the best choice with incredible support and many other great services. ThemeMiles's team includes expert WordPress developers, which ensures to bring you the greatest features. Customers mention ThemeMiles as Themes with Innovative Design, Easy & Fast Customization, SEO Friendly, Well Organized Code, Frequently Updates, Fast and Friendly Support...

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The4 deals

With over 8 years of experience in providing the premium Shopify themes, The4 is currently owning thousands of happy customers.  Their themes are designed to increase conversion rates and sales. It is evaluated as the best selling Shopify theme over the past years.

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HasTech deals

With a series of products such as HTML Templates, WordPress Themes, WooCommerce Themes, WordPress Plugins, Shopify Themes, HasTech is potential to become a global brand. The proof is that now there are 100,000 customers from more than 80 countries using their product and services. With a group of experienced designers and developers, HasTech is confident to fulfill you.

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99 Shopify

99 Shopify

Canadian e-commerce company Shopify is known as the top e-commerce platform, especially for online retail stores. 99 Shopify owns a number of beautiful, feature-rich themes which are clean, easily customizable, cross-browser compatible, responsive, mobile & SEO-friendly, and provide quality coding, dedicated customer support, custom settings panel.

You can check all of their sales programs >> Here at Booster Theme store <<. 50% is not a small discount percentage. What are you waiting for? 

In brief, a theme is a must-have component of a WordPress website. WordPress theme helps programmers shorten website design time. It also increases the professionalism of your website. If you need a professional WordPress website, do not forget the service of trusted companies recommended above, especially when 4th Of July is going to the last booming sale days. All shops are at a shocking discount campaign to help you get super hot price reduction.