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Easter, also known as Resurrection Day and Pascha, is a Christian holiday. It is annually celebrated in March or April. The meaning of Easter is to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his Crucifixion. Nowadays, Easter is also considered as a special day for people of many countries in the world.

Unlike the Christmas that is usually fixed on December 25 every year, Easter is not fixed on any day but always falls on Sundays. On this day, people in many countries where Christianity is the state religion will have a holiday to celebrate Easter.


How is Easter celebrated around the world?

This year, the important holiday falls on Sunday, April 12. Previously, Easter was only dedicated to Christians, but later spread to many countries around the world, especially Western countries.



Easter is a big event in Argentina. Many different traditions and customs were followed on this holiday. The Saturday before Easter, Argentinians started a vegetarian diet, replacing all meat dishes with fish. On Easter, people in this country often share special Easter eggs and cakes called "Rosca de Pascua" to each other.

After that, they will celebrate together with a huge barbecue and a treasure hunt of Easter gifts held by local authorities in major cities in Argentina.


In France, church bells ring every day of the year except for 3 days of Easter. The legend goes that the reason that the bell stopped ringing was because they made a trip to Rome (Italy) to be blessed.

On Easter Sunday, people all over the country sprinkle eggs, chocolate on chickens and rabbits as they walk in each garden. Today, the French people also have a big meal with lamb.


In addition to wearing the best clothes and going to church, Americans often head to Washington, DC during Easter. Typically, on this occasion, the White House will open a lawn for children to participate in rolling eggs and telling story about Easter.

Additionally, jambon is also an indispensable dish on the American table during Easter. Usually, Americans eat jambon with pineapple and cherry blossoms.


In Greece, this is considered as the holiest holiday of the year and is usually celebrated for 1 week. In Athens, the most sacred event during Easter is that people flock to the churches at midnight on Sunday and bring along the unlit candles to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. After that, they lit candles with holy fire taken from the Lord's cave and enjoy fireworks, listen to bells from churches.

Greek Easter Sunday is the day for people to prepare a full tray of grilled lamb and colored eggs.


In Spain, Easter is celebrated mass across the country, starting on Sunday and ending on Monday. These two days in Spain are surrounded by a festive atmosphere with trumpets and drums.

Seville in Andalucia is the most famous Spanish area for Easter celebrations. There are 52 different religions here. On this day, people parade through the streets for almost 24 hours with floats filled with flowers, dance on the streets and enjoy traditional cakes.


Lebanese Christians make up nearly half of the country's population, so Easter is a major holiday here. On this holiday, all shops and restaurants in Lebanon are elaborately decorated with bunnies, chocolate, painted eggs and chicks.

On Easter Sunday, all Lebanese come to church to receive Communion. After that, all previous strict vegan diets would be disrupted by a massive party of lamb and eggs. In addition, cookies with the name "Maamoul" are also indispensable dishes on Easter in Lebanon.


Easter in Sweden includes food and festivals. On Saturday, children dressed up as witches, organized the game by drawing lots in exchange for eggs, candy and coins. After that, the eggs are exchanged and used in a game, which the participants roll the eggs with protective layers, then roll the eggs to see which eggs can go the furthest without breaking.

On Easter Sunday, Swedish people enjoy a party mostly composed of fish.

What gifts for Easter 2020?

Giving gifts on Easter is to send each other meaningful messages, which is to overcome difficulties and obstacles in life, to live in a right way, to do good deeds. So, what gifts do people often give on Easter?


Easter eggs

Egg is one of the Easter icons. The colorful egg with decoration is considered as a symbol of new vitality in the spring. In the days before Easter, in shops and online stores, many people look for color boxes to draw eggs. In addition, people who have plenty of time and patience can dye their eggs with the colors of natural plants.

Today, besides eggs, many young people can donate egg-shaped smart devices such as touch watches, mobile phones, speakers, or relaxation chairs...Stores and shopping sites also offer a lot of coupons on such products to meet customers demand.

Easter bunny

Easter bunnies seem to be an indispensable part on Easter. In some cultures, with the dizzy fertility, bunny is also considered as the symbol of fertility and strong vitality. However, more importantly, the bunny is associated with a legend about Ostara (also known as Easter), who is the goddess of spring.

Images of bunnies appear everywhere. In real life, some people often wear large bunny costumes. It symbolizes the happiness and joy of the children in their country. "Bunnies" will be given lots of sweet candy, presents or eggs.


Besides the image of rabbits and eggs, traditional jambon has never been absent on the tables of Christians around the world on Easter.

Colorful Gifts

An important element of this holiday is the color. The following colors are used as a feature of Easter: pink, blue, yellow and orange.

On these days, people can also give each other cakes, backpacks, clothes, flowers, stuffed animals decorated with rabbits, eggs...

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