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If you are looking for high-quality products at an affordable price, Smile Direct Club is the perfect choice for you. With such strong points, Smile Direct Club gains customers' trust that the price of each item here is so reasonable. In addition, Smile Direct Club always tries to bring the great shopping experiences for customers with great promotions. They know the way to hit customers' minds by offering great deals. When you shop at Smile Direct Club, you can save a huge of money. The company often provides many coupon codes, discounts, voucher codes, for customers throughout the year. Especially, on sale events such as Labor Day Sales …, shoppers can save up to 90% off on various products. Moreover, new customers can also gain many special bargains from this discount program. Smile Direct Club often offers free shipping for your purchase. So what are you waiting for? Why don't you take advantage of this safe and economical way of purchasing? Let's visit Smile Direct Club and enjoy saving right now.

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Last Updated: Dec 6th, 2022

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20% Off Smile Direct Club Coupon Code

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About Smile Direct Club

Overview of Smile Direct Club

We've helped over 650,000 people transform their smiles – their before and happily ever after photos speak for themselves. We have grown to more than 5,000 employees with 300 SmileShop locations and counting.

Smile Direct Club

As a teledentistry company, Smile Direct Club was co-founded in 2014 by Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkell and now represents 95% of the doctor-directed at-home clear aligner industry. Smile Direct Club Headquarters is in Nashville, Tennessee, the US.

Smile Direct Club is specializing in producing 3D-printed clear aligners. After that, impression kits are delivered to customers, after which teeth molds are reviewed and validated by dentists or orthodontists who supervise the treatment process. Smile Direct Club reportedly works with 225 licensed professionals.

While the majority of business is conducted online, the company has 200 retail locations throughout 38 states.

Smile Direct Club has brought value to over 650,000 people transform their smiles – theirs before and happily ever after photos speak and define for themselves.

With the number of 5,000 employees along with 300 SmileShop locations and counting, Smile Direct Club has been gained a great reputation not only in the US but all across the globe, bring out value to all of us, to have a brighter smile.

Which aligners are right for you?

As the information from Smile Direct Club

"Maybe you want your new smile in time for a special event 6 months from now. Or maybe the timing isn’t as important as wearing your aligners only at night. Either way, we’ve got you covered."

How it works?

Make a good impression

Either book a 3D image in our SmileShop or get an at-home kit sent to you. A licensed dentist or orthodontist will review your smile plan and guide your new smile remotely from beginning to end. ($49 VALUE)

Get aligned

Then we send your clear aligners and premium whitening directly to you for only $1895 or a $250 down payment and $85 a month for 24 monthly payments. No credit checks. No forms to fill out.

Smiles are forever

After you complete your smile journey, you can order retainers to help maintain the smile you love for only $99 a set.

Smile Direct Club TV Commercial

Sign up to track 48 nationally aired TV ad campaigns for Smile Direct Club. In the past 30 days, Smile Direct Club has had 12,849 airings and earned an airing rank of #27 with a spend ranking of #94 as compared to all other advertisers. Competition for Smile Direct Club includes Crest, Colgate, Invisalign, Power Swabs, Plus White and the other brands in the Health & Beauty: Oral Care industry.

Smile Direct Club Contact/Phone number: 1 (800) 848-7566

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Smile Direct Club Reviews

Smile Direct Club before and after , Smile Direct Club Pictures, Smile Direct Club Results,...

Smile Direct Club

Reviews from Customers (All verified buyer)

Now better more - Kheriya O.

Absolutely Amazing!!!
I am so happy at the outcome of my daughters teeth! It's absolutely amazing!! What a difference in just 26 weeks! Her teeth look perfect!! Thank You!!!!! - Holly H.

Amazing job!!
I was wondering how the whole process would work. Especially because all I did was give them a mold of my teeth and they took it from there. 
It did take effort to wear my aligners almost full time for 7 months but in the end I had developed excellent oral hygiene and a beautiful smile. 
Thanks so much!! - aron M.

Best Decision for ME Ever!!!!
I'm smiling more than ever with a new found confidence. -Julie G.

SmileDirectClub unboxing: What’s inside the new SmileDirectClub box?
Smile Direct Club Videos

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Smile Direct Club FAQ

What is a 3D scan?

The 3D scan of your mouth is an easy and convenient alternative to an impression kit. Instead of taking your own photos and dental impressions, a SmileGuide – a trained dental assistant – captures a 3D image of your smile. That image will then be used to create your custom invisible aligners to straighten your teeth.

How much does smile Direct Really Cost?

The actual Smile Direct Club treatment cost $1,850. A payment plan may be available at $250 up-front with $99 per month for 15 months. Then after you complete treatment, you can order retainers to help maintain the teeth position for $99 a set of top and bottom teeth.

Does Smile direct club accept insurance?

Many dental insurance plans reimburse customers for a portion of the cost of invisible aligners. In the meantime, you can get started with us by making a 3D image of your smile with an at-home impression kit or SmileShop visit, as those are not covered by insurance.

Is Invisalign or smile Direct club better?

The Smile Direct Club results can be just as effective as Invisalign results. The Smile Direct Club cost and Invisalign cost can also be comparable. However, Smile Direct Club does have some differences that may pose as an inconvenience for certain patients.

Can you get a refund on smile Direct Club?

Your custom-made SmileDirectClub clear aligners can be returned within the first 30 days of your smile plan if you're not happy for any reason, and all payments you've made for aligners will be refunded. It's that simple. And we're that confident.

Does smile direct club take insurance?

Yes. If your dental plan provides orthodontic benefits you may be reimbursed directly from your insurance company after purchasing your aligners. SmileDirectClub doesn't accept direct payment from insurance companies.

Does Smile direct club work with insurance?

According to Smile Direct Club company, your local dental office deals with insurance companies directly, many dental insurance plans may reimburse patients up to $500 of the cost of invisible aligners.

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Am I a Candidate for SmileDirectClub?

Smile Direct Club Coupon - Am I a Candidate for SmileDirectClub?

Regular dental cleanings

In order to be qualified as a candidate for SmileDirectClub, you need to be in good dental health. Customers must have visited a dentist within the past year for a cleaning and checkup to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy in order to use SmileDirectClub invisible aligners.


You must have any cavities filled before you can be approved by the SmileDirectClub evaluation process. If you know you have a cavity, go ahead and get it taken care of before purchasing your evaluation kit. Otherwise, the dental providers in our network will see it in your photo assessment or impressions, which will prevent you from moving forward with treatment.


Don’t worry, if you have crowns on your teeth, you could still be eligible for treatment. However, if you’re planning to get a crown in the next few months, then you’ll want to do that first. Adding a crown changes the shape of your teeth, which would change the fit of your aligners.

Implants and bridges

Like other invisible aligners, SmileDirectClub aligners can’t shift a permanent implant or bridge. Because implants are screwed into the bone, they won’t move during treatment.

Baby teeth

If you still have baby teeth, then you wouldn’t be a candidate for SmileDirectClub. You must be at least 12 years old and have your adult teeth in order to qualify for SmileDirectClub.

Wisdom teeth

Some customers with their wisdom teeth are eligible for treatment. You would need to discuss with your local dentist or orthodontist to determine whether you should retain your wisdom teeth during treatment, or if they need to be removed before you can be qualified as a candidate.

Over-bite, under-bite, cross-bite

The aligners are designed to not only help straighten smiles, but they may also correct bite issues. Complete a 3D scan or at-home impression kit so one of the dentists or orthodontists in our network can evaluate your specific needs.

Smile Direct Club Military discount

With SmileDirectClub clear aligners, you can straighten your smile while serving your country.

If you’re a member of the military or thinking about enlisting, but also want a smile you’re proud of, you don’t have to wait. Unlike braces, clear aligners are approved for basic training and active deployment. They’re also affordable – 60% less than other options – and convenient, whether you’re home or away.

#1. You can deploy with clear aligners.

#2. You get an exclusive discount.

#3. It’s easy to get started

#4. You get all your aligners at once.

#5. There are no monthly office visits.

#6. You can take them out.

#7. Our clear aligners straighten teeth fast.

Smile Direct Club and Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes has partnered with SmileDirectClub on a new initiative to spread positivity and benefit organizations, brands and causes that resonate with him personally. Its message: that confidence is gained with “an amazing smile.”

Said co-founder Alex Fenkell: “SmileDirectClub was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of, and we’re thrilled to team up with Shawn Mendes, who truly embodies the confidence that comes with an amazing smile. We know he’s a perfect partner to help spread our message and mission.”

“I’m really excited to partner with SmileDirectClub and collaborate with a company that aims to build confidence and spread positivity in an authentic way,” added Mendes.

Smiling is among 7 ways to nurture relationships with your family and friends

Your friends and family are among the most important things in life and yet they’re so easy to be neglected. It is inevitable that there will always be ups and downs in your relationships. By applying these tips, you can strengthen the bonds, making your life more cheerful and fulfilling.

#1. Keep in touch. Thanks to the development of technology, it is so easy to keep in touch with people around you. The problem is whether you want to keep in touch with them or not. For example, when travelling overseas, try emailing home regularly and you will be surprised at how great it is to maintain relationships with your family members. It’s a funny thing that you might not talk to each other much but with the help of technology, you become more intimate.

#2. Smile. People find you more friendly when you smile. Studies show that different areas of the brain light up when looking at pictures of people who are smiling versus not smiling. People who are smiling to any degree are generally labeled more attractive (and women are considered more trustworthy) than those with neutral expressions. If you and you friend or family member are in a difficult situation, just try smiling then you’ll see, all the confusion is likely to disappear. It is called the power of a beautiful smile.

#3. Remember birthdays & other dates. The reality even though people may not fusses at all about whether there is anyone remembering their birthday, yet they will truly appreciate the affection you give them by caring about their birthday. This is especially important to maintain good relationships with family and friends. If you cannot memorize all those special days throughout the year, just program them into your mobile phone. With important ones, you can set a reminder three days or even a week ahead of their birthday so you can have time to prepare a special gift.

#4. Listen more. This is probably the best way to improve relationships is to listen more, which shows how sincere you are and how much you care about people. Just listen carefully to what people are saying and make appropriate responses. Try to listen to them first before expecting them to listen to you. People really appreciate the time and sympathy you have for them.

#5. Look for ways to help them or make their lives better if possible. Do a chore they normally do, give them a lift somewhere, help them carry something. It’s just that simple.

#6. Do not take them for granted. It’s easy to get a bit too comfortable in some relationships. We get caught up in other areas of our life and forget about some friendships then wonder why they aren’t there for us anymore. Friendships need to be maintained or they will fade away.

#7. Open up. Tell them how much you value the relationship with them and how much they mean to you. Be as specific as possible. Tell them what it is that you love about them and why that is such a great thing.

Why not apply one or two of the above suggestions to the relationship that you’re tending to improve now? Smile Direct Club can help you with that! Get yourself a beautiful smile with aligners from Smile Direct Club and see how happy you are in the relationships with your friends and family.

Read More: How a beautiful smile makes the first impression

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Smile Direct Club​ FAQs

How can I find the Smile Direct Club teacher discount now?

Just follow the site, it may be easy to update the Smile Direct Club discount anytime. All of the latest coupons and discount codes are shown as soon as they're released. If any Smile Direct Club teacher discount is launched, you can also know as soon as possible.

Does Smile Direct Club apply 50% off for orders on Black Friday?

On some big events such as Black Friday, Valentine's Day,... Smile Direct Club will constantly offer up to 50% discount or more, so all customers can purchase well on their budget without worry.

How much discount will I get for an invoice over 100$ at Smile Direct Club?

With the aim to help the customer save their finance when shopping online, Smile Direct Club gives many discount programs for specific invoices. With an invoice over 100$, you can get 57%. Moreover, the larger your bill, the higher the discount you will get.

Is one discount code applicable to multiple items at Smile Direct Club?

Normally, one discount code is only applied for one offer. However, If the users put a vast of items in their cart, it is easy to use one coupon code to purchase items. It depends on Smile Direct Club's policy, you can contact Smile Direct Club via mail for your reference.

Smile Direct Club Coupons and Promo Code

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Smile Direct Club Reviews

You are finding an ideal place to trust in buying some items you want, and it is considered that Smile Direct Club is the perfect one. To strengthen your decision, you don't know how to know if all the services at Smile Direct Club are really good or just advertising, the only proof you can refer to is the client's reviews about Smile Direct Club services. You can see both the cons and pros sides of each service. Keep your reading all the following reviews to make your own decision.

 · Smile Direct Club Journey I’ve been aggravated at this ONE crooked tooth for YEARS but never wanted braces. I met a girl who was using SDC and she loved it. So I went in person for a free scan yesterday and it was great.
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 · I was super happy with how easy and effective Smile Direct Club was in correcting my smile. I'm also a huge fan of their whitening system and lip balm…
Read more ...
 · As far as customer complaints go, in October of 2019, the Nashville Business Journal reported that, according to a press release from SmileDirectClub, "In the past three months, SmileDirectClub ...
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SmileDirectClub Reviews has collected hundreds of reviews from verified SmileDirectClub customers. Overall, SmileDirectClub has a 4.0 rating with most customers very happy with their final results. Other customers cited the convenience, affordability, quick results, and customer support as key points in their high ratings.
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FIND YOUR FIT Get a new smile - and so much more. The fact that my aligners were clear and fast motivated me to change more about my appearance than just my smile, which led me to change my habits and lose 100+ pounds. #sdctruestory
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