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Rewilding From Within Coupons

Dance Into Your Wild Truth - Rewilding From Within

Get Your Transformational Groove On And Express Yourself

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About Rewilding From Within

If you love dancing and try to seek out some dance course, then you find the right place. Rewilding From Within is the best choice for you.With Rewilding From Within, you canget your transformational groove on and express yourself.  Now, let’s take a look at some information about Rewilding From Within.

As you know, dancing helps us relax and reduce stress. So Rewilding From Within is for you if youlove to dance & are ready to unleash your inner dancer or feel called to purify and activate your body's physical, emotional, mental & spiritual energy systems.



Christy Greenwood is a dance guide of Rewilding From Within Survey. Sheis a healing artist helping sensitives & creatives explore their growth edges & wild truth.  She embodies a deep and sacred space for transformational growth and healing. She work with individuals, couples and groups who are ready to pivot in a direction that nourishes a revolution in consciousness.Besides, she has been initiated, trained and certified to offer Massage Therapy, Kundalini Dance, BodyTalk, Lomi Lomi, Traditional Thai Massage, Hot LaStone Therapy & Hatha Yoga. She is devoted to her beloveds, medicine path, plant allies, nature & music.


Things you would love at Rewilding From Within

Connect your active mind with your body wisdom

 Bridging a clear connection between mind + body supports your thoughts to be rooted in heart wisdom + body intelligence. Pouring your thoughts & feelings into body shapes gives form and space for revealing and embodying wild truth.


Rewilding From Within


Process, digest and release stagnant emotions

 Grounding and centering with body awareness provides an opportunity to explore the therapeutic benefits of moving meditation.

Dance your friggin' heart out

Dance is an ancient embodiment practice used to connect with divine consciousness + the source of creation. Sacred movement has been utilized by cultures all over the world since the beginning of time for healing, play, mating rituals, entertainment, storytelling + sacred ceremony.

Rewilding From Within


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8 Eight Gateways To Your Inner Landscape

1. Root Chakra Earth Journey   

 Anchor Into Your Foundational Roots

Connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and nourish your roots with her rising feminine current. Dance into your relationship with your physical body, time, place and money. Explore your tribal roots and primal sounds. Ground, center and connect to your foundation on this physical plane. Rock on!

2. Sacral Chakra Water Journey

Flow Into Your Sweet, Sparkling Waters​

Dance into the watery flow of your hips and creative center. Gather your threads of focus towards the sacred sensuality that gifts you enjoyment in food, loving and life. Explore the pleasure of movement, breath, and sound. Water the dream seeds that lie dormant within you, waiting for the perfect moment to creatively sprout into your world. Dive into your flow.

3. Solar Plexus Fire Journey

 Activate & Empower Your Inner Brilliant Sun

Harness the power of the luminous jewel within. Explore boundary setting and the efficacy of your YES & NO! Immerse yourself in the dynamism of being funky & focused while cultivating healthy discernment. Get your goal setting groove on and take action for yourself. Move freely as a form of internal or external protest and stand up in solidarity with activated activists to unravel internal oppression. Dance into the faculty of your discernment and lean into your superpower aligned with love. Step into the fire.

4. Heart Chakra Air Journey

Cradle Your Loving Heart & Gently Open Your Wings

Gather your threads of focus towards your heart. Feel what is there. Be with what is and give your loving center the gift of compassionate presence. Dance into the forest of forgiveness and be with the many faces of your love. Feel into the aching tenderness that comes with the embodied opening. Nurture the strength in your heartbeat by connecting to the pulse of the earth. Bath your heart in the loving light of creation.  Invite your fierce, gentle, tender & strong love out to blossom in the light of creation. Soar!︎

​5. Throat Chakra Sound Journey

Embody and Express Your True Nature

Hear your inner voice. Bathe in deep listening. Explore the landscape of your communication and the expression of all that you are. Voice authentic sounds that move energy through your throat. Work with earth & sky energy to harmonize your communication channels. Purify and weave the bridge between your mind and heart. Dance into the fertile valley of your soul purpose.

6. Third Eye Chakra Light Journey  

 Enter The Gateway To Inner Vision

Allow the inner eye to reveal what is ready to be seen. Dance to envision, to know, to dream, and understand from a place that is far from the mind's daily chatter. Dance into the truths that are revealed from inner witnessing. Embark on a journey through the fields of your imagination. Discover insight and dance into your wild light.

7. Crown Chakra Spirit Journey

Embody Infinite Divinity

Root into the earth and let your thousand petaled lotus blossom towards the glorious sun. Dance on the mountaintop of divine love. Be bathed in the golden sparkling light of pure awareness and spirit. Effortlessly receive the light of creation into every cell of your being. Experience infinity in your body with safe grounding and necessary rooting. Shine.︎

8. Rainbow Integration Journey

A Ceremony Of Colourful Alchemy

Dance into the rainbow bridge that is you. Celebrate each of the chakra portals and dance into your radiant colors. Move & groove into the homeward stretch of this voyage. Complete your journey.


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