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Welcome to specializes in natural toxic metal detox supplements for eliminating heavy metals naturally from the body.


At, you can find high-quality products that work well together, including:

HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) – this product is an “intracellular chelator” that pulls toxic metals from INSIDE the cells and is the main product for removing toxic metals that are stored inside the body’s cells and organs – a mobilizer of toxic metals.

HMD LAVAGE – a mixture of different herbs that helps the detoxification organs such as the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system – these could be considered as the “drains” of the body – this, therefore, helps in the elimination of toxic metals from the body.


HMD CHLORELLA – this is a non-toxic, organic Chlorella that helps to mop-up toxic metals from outside the cell – in the gut and the mesenchyme or matrix (the space outside the cells) – therefore helping in the elimination of toxic metals.


The inventor of  HMD is Dr. George Georgiou. He is a world-leading expert in the field of holistic medicine and detoxification.  So all natural toxic metal detox products are designed for getting rid of toxic metals naturally – a true natural toxic metal detox supplement!


Why should you choose

High-quality products

Reasonable price

Scientific testing

Good for your health

  • More energy, clearer skin
  • Improved concentration
  • Balancing hormonal problems
  • Less joint pain and better overall health



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Is there a way of measuring the levels of toxic metals in my body?

It is impossible to measure the total amount of toxic metals in a living human being. However, you can measure the number of toxins that are circulating in your bloodstream during the last couple of months by using our HMD Hair Mineral Analysis and Toxic Metal Test.

Dr. Georgiou has written a peer-reviewed article on “The Use of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in Clinical Decision-Making Regarding Heavy Metal Chelation”

The paper discusses how the first analysis will show what toxic metals are in circulation only – not what metals are stored in the body organs and tissues. When taking HMD™ for 2 months heavy metals will be pulled from inside the cells and will usually rise on the 2nd Hair test. So, repeating the hair test after 2 months of taking HMD™ will show whether there are toxic metals in storage, or whether they have all been cleared.

How does HMD™ work?

The exact mechanisms of how HMD™ works have not been fully researched yet, however it is believed that the rich nucleotides present in various components of HMD™ [small protein-like molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other] combine with the other components to form a “complex” that grab hold of heavy metals and other toxins inside the cells and help them to cross the membrane of the cell into the mesenchyme (space outside the cell). It is here that Chlorella will pick up the toxic metals and eliminate them from the body.

What we do know from the extensive 3-year scientific studies that were conducted during the invention of the HMD™ is that the individual components of HMD™ do not work on their own – but when mixed together there is a synergistic reaction which makes it a powerful natural heavy metal detox product! We should not underestimate the synergistic aspects of nature and how these “synergistic complexes” that are formed when all the ingredients are mixed together are very powerful therapeutic agents!

Should I take HMD™ even though I have no obvious symptoms?

Prevention is wiser than cure! We have already seen that ALL of us are toxic to a greater or lesser degree – even newborns in all parts of the world.

So, taking HMD™ and related products at least once per year is going to help to eliminate toxic metals naturally and prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Given that heavy metals are an underlying cause of many chronic diseases that can cause life-threatening illnesses, then eliminating these from the body using a natural heavy metal detox formula is a wise choice to prevent disease, rather than curing it!


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