Zoom: The best solution of remote working

Zoom is mentioned as the best solution of remote working in the time of Coronavirus

In the time of Coronavirus, besides caring health with vitamin-rich foods, that how to maintain the work but not have to go to the workplace is the common question of many people.

Currently, there are many apps that can connect people such as Skype, Facebook Messenger. They are of great help in online working. But, in ensuring specialized features for businesses, Zoom is probably not too strange for many users.

Zoom Cloud Meetings was created to support remote working as well as online meetings with video or voice anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Be engineered and optimized to work reliably

  • Easy-to-use, buy and scale
  • Offer the good and stable conversation quality
  • Support online video meetings, instant messages or screen sharing
  • Support to make friends, invite friends to use via Email
  • Be impossible to make friends, invite friends to use via Email
  • Support to work via WiFi, 4G / LTE, and 3G
  • Offer great features such as multi-platform support, simple interface, easy-to-use...
  • Up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 viewers
  • 2. How to use Zoom?

    Computer or laptop


    Webcam or conference cam

    Internet connection

    Zoom Cloud Meeting

    2.2. Sign up for a new account of Zoom


    Enter your email address and Sign Up

    After signing up, Zoom will send an activation email to your registered email address, access your email, click Active Account to activate your account.

    After activating, you will be directed to the page of filling account. You fill out the information including the full name, and password.

    Note: The password must be over 8 characters, including at least one Uppercase letter, one lowercase and one digit. It should not be formatted easily as 99999999, 123456789, abcdefgh...

    After filling your information, click Continue.

    After clicking Continue, the window of inviting people to join Zoom will appear, here you can invite your friends to use Zoom by filling their email into the box and then clicking Invite.

    So far, the process of creating your Zoom account is complete.

    2.3. Join the meeting room with Zoom

    There are two ways to get into the ZOOM.

    • Using software running on the computer (Recommended) to get the best quality
    • Running directly on the WEB browser

    2.3.1. Install ZOOM on the computer

    Visit https://zoom.us

    Next, click the Zoom interface on the computer.

    As the login screen appears, proceed to login to the Zoom account you have registered

    Zoom meetings interface

    2.3.2. Join Zoom meetings on the Web Browser

    For this way, you also do the same way as accessing with software on the computer. But the difference is to skip the step of installing ZOOM software.


    In the upper right corner of the home page, click SIGN IN. Then, type the information of created account into the box.

    After successful login, in the upper right menu, select JOIN A MEETING, you enter the ID here, or the meeting room link you want to enter into (the information of the meeting room will be provided by the host of the room you want to join).

    After filling all information, the system will ask you to download Zoom app. Here, click Cancel

    (Gif Source: Zoom Help Center)

    So, the system will start right in the browser without installing the software on your computer.

    3. Should Zoom be used for important meetings?

    Yes. With Zoom, the meeting can take place anytime and anywhere just with a stable internet connection. Zoom allows up to 50 people to join the meeting at the same time, providing clear images, high quality sound without interruption. Additionally, it also helps users to send files and messages quickly, and can invite any other person.

    Zoom is really a convenient and trendy solution for businesses in this time of Coronavirus. Zoom is suitable for people who have to move but still have to attend important meetings.