Why do We have to Use Sunscreen Every day?

Many of us know the use of sunscreen, but most of us misunderstand that it is necessary to apply it only when it is sunny, and when it is cold, shady, rainy or winter, it is not necessary.

In fact, UV and ultraviolet rays always exist in the sun and not, when the weather is clear, these "agents" are twice as likely to cause damage to your skin than normal.

Sunscreen is an important skin care step. But have you ever wondered why we have to use sunscreen everyday?

Please follow the following article, to find the correct answer!

Why we have to use sunscreen everyday

1. Why use sunscreen every day?

In fact, sunlight is a harmful agent to the skin, reduces the ability to synthesize collagen, slows down the regeneration of new skin cells, causes damage and aging for the skin.

The main component of the sun's rays is UV rays, also known as ultraviolet or ultraviolet rays.

More than 90% of UV rays can pass through a cloudy cloud, so when it's cloudy your skin is still affected by the sun.

In which, there are 3 types of UV rays, which are UVA rays that impact the dermis to cause skin aging, wrinkles, skin cancer. UVB rays impact the epidermis leading to sunburn, sunburn and UV rays are absorbed by the atmosphere.

Therefore, whether it's sunny or shady, you still have to use sunscreen every day to protect your skin.

2. Distinguish physical sunscreen from chemical sunscreen

Physical sunscreen: Sunblock

  • Mechanism of action

Acting as a barrier, protecting the skin against the effects of sunlight. Destruction of UV rays reaching the skin

  • Ingredient

Two main ingredients: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

  • Advantages

Has a sunscreen effect when applied to the skin

The product is benign, does not cause irritation to the skin, suitable for sensitive skin, oily skin

  • Defect

The thick, thick cream can easily squash the skin if it is not cleaned at the end of the day.

Easily washed off if sweaty skin is not suitable for use when outdoor activities or in contact with water

Often creates white streaks when applied to the skin, not suitable as a makeup foundation.

Chemical sunscreen: Suncreen

  • Mechanism of action

Substances in chemical sunscreens absorb the UV rays that hit the skin and go through the transformation process by burning the UV rays and releasing them out so as not to damage the skin.

  • Ingredient

Organic substances: avobenzone, oxybenzone, sulisobenzone, ...

  • Advantages

Thin, light texture, less greasy, less clogging of pores.

Absorbs into the skin easily and does not cause the skin to shine

Only a small amount is needed each time

Rich products with different SPF ratings and diverse features to meet the needs of customers

  • Defect

Chemical ingredients in the product may cause irritation to some sensitive skin types

Easy to cause acne on oily skin due to the chemical composition of the product.

The effect only lasts for 2 hours

It must be applied 20-30 minutes before going out for the cream to penetrate the skin

3. Which sunscreen is good today?

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Comprehensive skin protection against UVA & UVB rays thanks to the exclusive Mexoryl filter.

Apply easily, absorb quickly, not stickiness, do not leave white streaks on the skin. Helps skin reduce oil shine.

Anti-oxidant, protect cell structure. Regenerates and nourishes the skin barrier, for healthy skin.

This sunscreen is non-irritating to the skin and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.


This is a favorite brand of sunscreen in America. This type of sunscreen retains moisture to the skin and has a separate line for oily skin.

This cosmetic company has carefully researched on age, skin color, skin structure, sun damage and sun protection standards to support the sun protection and skin protection in the best way. .

In particular, Neutrogena also produces sunscreen for babies.


Physical sunscreen only creates a thin film on the skin that will create a thin film that holds on the skin, but completely does not absorb into the skin.

Do not irritate the skin.

This sunscreen protects the skin from 2 UVA / UVB rays.

Suitable for oily, blemished and sensitive skin with light, coolness.

La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay sunscreen is known as a safe sunscreen for all skin types from the cult French brand.

Manufactured and marketed with 3 creams, gels and sprays.

The gel form feels cool, the cream will have the perfect sun protection effect and the spray form always feels dry.

With this brand you will have many choices for your skin from sensitive skin, dry skin to oily skin without any discomfort.


Avène sunscreen is a famous sunscreen cosmetic in France. This product is recommended by many experts and doctors.

They come in many different versions, such as creams, gels, and sprays. One of the outstanding products is Avene Cream SPF 50+ sunscreen with high sun protection ability with UV spectrum.

The cream is rich in Avène mineral water, soothing and anti-irritant, suitable for sensitive skin to help protect cells against free radicals (the main cause of aging and skin damage).


Above is the reason why we have to use sunscreen everyday and Some Sunscreen that you must have.

So no matter how many skincare steps you do every day, the sunscreen step is most important.

Using sunscreen every day will help you prevent pigmentation and premature skin aging, maintain moisture, and especially reduce the risk of skin cancer.

In addition, when going out, you should also equip some protective items for the skin such as hats, coats, masks, and sunglasses.

There is no specific time and no force, but it is best not to let the time pass any longer.

Enjoy the sunlight for 365 days with a dose of free opium called - sunscreen!