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When Is St. Patrick's Day in 2023? What to Expect?

If you want a holiday where everyone is Irish, St. Patrick's Day 2023 isn't a bad choice. With its origins going back to the day when Christianity was introduced to Ireland during the Roman era, it has expanded into a worldwide celebration of all things green - and drinking, don't forget the drinking. So when is St. Patrick's Day in 2023 and what activities are done on St Patrick's Day? Find out in the article below!

When is St. Patrick's Day in 2023? 

When Is St. Patrick's Day in 2023?

St. Patrick's Day 2023 falls on a Friday, March 17, so be sure to start partying early!

In keeping with tradition, events will be taking place all over the world as Irish descendants take to the streets and bars to celebrate their heritage. In addition to parades and street festivals worldwide, there are a number of especially notable events going on this year. 

St. Patrick's Day Activities to Expect in 2023

Discover St. Patrick's Day parades and festivals now. 

St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin 2023

The annual St. Patrick's Day 2023 parade will be taking place in Dublin, Ireland on March 18th. It has been a tradition there since 1199 and is one of the world's oldest military parades to this day. Of course, since almost everyone from Europe descends from Irish ancestors, you can also expect parades all over the continent this year - Rome to London to Paris - all in celebration of everyone's favorite patron saint.

The Parade in Dublin this year will also be taking place on the 400th anniversary of the death of one of Ireland's most famous writers, Brian O'Nolan, who wrote under his own name and under a pseudonym that would become better known - Flann O'Brien. He is best known for his satirical novel The Third Policeman, which many believe was never completed due to his death. The Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies has generously offered a sum of money (rumored to be in the millions) to anyone who can complete the book and turn it in before March 18th. This will no doubt attract some well-heeled amateurs, but more than anything it guarantees that O'Brien's name will be on the tongues of many this St. Patrick's Day 2023.

St. Patrick's Day Parade in Boston Marathon 2023

The 2023 Boston Marathon is also expected to attract some extra attention this year as the Irish-American Athletic Club has announced its intention to once again stage an 'invitational' event. This race, which was first run in 2012, is for Irish-descended runners only and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Use of this event as a qualifier has made it the most prized invitation in road racing today - more prestigious even than Boston itself. It is expected that both Americans and visitors from all over Europe will be on the starting line on St. Patrick's Day 2023.

St. Patrick's Day in New York 2023

St. Patrick's Day is one of the best holidays to celebrate, especially if you live in a place like New York City with up to 500 events on St. Patrick's Day 2023 this year alone. New York is truly the city that never sleeps, and why would they?

New York is home to tens of thousands of people, and any one of them could be Irish. It is also the busiest port in America, so it's safe to say that many immigrants come here for a new life. New York gets over one million people every day on its streets just commuting to work or school. There are so many people here, so many events to attend, and places to be that it can get overwhelming.

One of the biggest celebrations in New York is taking place on March 17th on Broadway in Manhattan at Times Square. The event is called "The Great Irish Hooley" and it features 18 bands, 10 hours of music and dancing, and more than 20 kinds of beer. This lavish party starts at noon and will go on until 9:00 PM. If you have a chance, I would recommend going to the Great Irish Hooley because it is one of New York's biggest St. Patrick's Day events, and who knows when they'll hold another one? The ticket price for this event is $45 which entitles you to an hour-long open bar from 1:00 until 2:00 PM and a free meal at 2:00 PM.

Another excellent event to go to on St. Patrick's Day is from 8:30 PM until 11:30 PM. This event is being held by the Irish Arts Center in Manhattan, which is conveniently located at 553 West 51st Street. The event is called "Tightrope," and it will be an "enchanting evening of dance and music." This event is $40 per ticket, which you can buy at the Irish Arts Center.

Final Thoughts

This article gives a brief overview of several events that might happen during St. Patrick's Day 2023 events. It is meant to be entertaining and will likely be fairly inaccurate. If you want more accurate articles, try looking at the sources we've cited. 

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