Top 5 Game Subscription Services

At this point, we are all familiar with subscription services. Whether they be for film, music, software or games chances are we’re all signed up to at least one as, well, they give you a tonne of bang for your buck.

The new kid on the block when it comes to subscription services is gaming. With the vast majority of services emerging, or bolstering themselves, in the last few years.

Let’s take a look at which services are most worth your while balancing the factors of value, game selection, platform and more.

Best All Round: Xbox Game Pass

Firmly leading the market, Xbox Game Pass is perhaps the gaming subscription service on the radar of gamers.

Offering up over 100 high-quality, contemporary games, many of which are AAA, for both Xbox and PC users for between $9.99 and $14.99 makes Game Pass hard to beat.

While Game Pass is already a behemoth, Microsoft plan to continue expanding Game Pass into their primary service, integrating cloud-gaming, more games and more supported devices in the process.

Of course, fans looking for PlayStation or Nintendo exclusive titles will be disappointed. But it is fair to say that PlayStation Now and Nintendo Switch Online are yet to hold a candle to the immense selection available via Xbox Game Pass.

Sports & Franchise Fans: EA Play

Formerly called EA Access or Origin Access, EA rebranded their subscription service as EA Play, opening up 90 games for subscribers to play to their heart’s content. With a price range from $4.99 to $14.99, and some tasty starting offers, EA Play is a no-brainer for fans who want to plug into FIFA, Star Wars, Battlefield and more.

EA Play’s highest ‘Pro’ tier also comes with a wealth of benefits, such as discounts on EA’s digital store, early access to certain games and a rotating selection of first- and third-party games not included in the usual EA Play subscription.

Indies with a Heart: Humble Choice

Humble Bundle has gained a heart-warming reputation with gamers, both for its incredible value bundles and its commitment to donating portions of each and every sale to charitable causes.

Retaining this heart, Humble Choice is a different take on gaming subscription services. Alongside offering the usual subscription-based affair of all-you-can-play titles, Humble Choice also gives subscribers access to a select group of games each month which they can download DRM free and keep forever.

While the types of games on offer here may not be for die-hard AAA fans, lovers of all things indie have a tonne to enjoy.

With their lowest tier weighing in at $5 and their top-tier at $20—including 9 keepable titles—Humble Choice is a great option.

Virtual Reality: Viveport Infinity

When it comes to gaming, virtual reality is often an afterthought. That is something which can be felt incredibly strongly through each and every subscription service which (to my knowledge) offers a grand total of 0 VR titles. That is, except for Viveport Infinity which offers up hundreds of VR gems—from established classics to delightful indies.

While Viveport may not be the VR hub of choice for most VR users, Viveport Infinity gives a huge reason to reconsider.

Weighing in at $10-$15 per month (depending on payment method), Infinity is virtually a no-brainer for someone wanting to try out the variety that VR has to offer. Making it especially worthwhile for new users.

On the Go: Apple Arcade

For those within the apple ecosystem looking for the best that mobile gaming has to offer, Apple Arcade is the place to be. Featuring over 100 titles from well-known publishers and obliterating adds and in-app purchases that are the scourge of gaming, Apple Arcade truly offers the pinnacle experience of mobile gaming.

Including a variety of genres and a cheap price tag of $5 per month, it is hard to complain about the vast array of experiences that can be had on Apple Arcade.

That said, Apple have gained a reputation for new releases being few and far between, especially in recent months. Meaning if you are a veteran of the mobile space, you may be better off elsewhere.

One such option is the Google Play Pass, supported on most android based devices, which boasts a much larger catalogue of over 350 games. However, Play Pass lacks the Apple quality, not quite sporting the same level of polish and quality.

Subscription services are coming to gaming, there’s no doubt about that. And thanks to their incredible value they are likely to be your best option if you’re looking to play. After all, at the fraction of the cost of a single AAA title, you can get your hands on tens, if not hundreds, of quality titles.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

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Above is information about Top 5 Game Subscription Services. In addition, most of these services have available discounts where you can save some money on your initial purchase. These discounts are often popular for users who are making the first-time purchase of the service. With only Googling the website name you can find available discount codes that can help you decide whether or not you want to try out these new platforms.

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