Tips for working from home effectively in global Covid-19 pandemic

women working home preventing from covid 19 pandemic

Working from home is being carried out by many companies to limit the spread of Coronavirus declared as a pandemic by WHO. So how to work from home is as effective as working at a company? Please refer to the following suggestions.

1. Preparing workspace

You need to prepare a private workspace at home. It could be a private room or a small corner that is quiet for you to focus and comfortable to work. The home workspace should be equipped with the necessary equipment to meet your work needs such as laptop, internet, desk, even light and temperature.

According to a survey of American experts, working from home in the right way will sometimes be more effective than working at the company. Because, employees have a workspace as their hobbies, plus a sense of comfort at home, having time with pets, etc. All will make you create many new ideas in your mission.

2. Scheduling a working day

This is essential to help you work from home effectively during the Covid-19 pandemic. The to-do list needs to be in as much detail as possible since it helps you not to forget and is also the basis for you to report to your boss every day. More importantly, you must follow the items up and make sure they are completed on schedule. Don't think that working at home has a lot of time and you want to do it at any time, work according to the working hours at the company and strictly follow the time.

Planning plays a very important role. You can only focus and feel really comfortable after work if your job is well planned. If not, after a tiring day and working as a superman, you may still feel like you haven't achieved what you wanted.

3. Using external monitoring aid or time management app

Managing your own time can be difficult, but there are many helpful support tools that can help you organize and stay on your schedule. It is useful to use new applications and support time tracking. Visit for an example, some of my collegues found it helpful. There are also easy-to-find downloadable apps available online that can enforce good habits by turning off internet access strategies or specific websites such as Facebook or other social media. Besides, many awesome deals Toggl offers and saving tips here will help you shop the most economic way. On the other hand, towards people having a good discipline, they find that setting a timer on their phone or watch may also be helpful.

4. Limiting the impact of housework

This can be said to be a challenge for many people, especially those who live in a big family or have children. Therefore, you must identify in your mind that working from home is the same as working at the company and you still have to ensure to complete the assigned tasks. You also need to convey this thought to your family members so that they avoid interrupting your work at home.

For mothers with young children, this is a real challenge when working from home in an epidemic. But anyway, there must be a solution to help mothers work effectively at home. According to the most shared experience, it is a must for children to work at the same time with mothers. For example, if a mother works, she will assign her children to study, draw, etc. depending on their strengths and interests. After that, take advantage of lunch breaks or breaks, the mother will check whether the child has completed the task of the baby or not and have done well or not. Of course there are accompanying rewards that will help children be more obedient and do not disturb the work of the mother. On the other hand, the mother can buy books for the child to read through KidArtLit which provides picture books and art kits. This website receives a lot of positive reviews from the family with the incredible books and impressing new kidartlit boxes received every month. Moreover, it also know how to hit the customer’s mind with many KidArtLit coupon codes available for the mother to shop and save money.

5. Contacting regularly with colleagues

To effectively work at home, you should contact regularly with teammates or colleagues. People should be constantly exchanging tasks in online groups so that the work absolutely goes well without interruption. In an emergency, using a phone or video call to contact your co-workers can also make you less stressed and share your work with them quickly. In this technological age, working from home will be very convenient and you will not face with any disadvantages during a pandemic.

6. Increasing resistance at home

Whether working at home or at work, you must pay attention to rest and relax to ensure your health and recharge yourself. Similar to work at your company, you should not sit for long, do not look too long at the computer screen. After about 30 minutes, you should relax your eyes and rest; get up from the chair and perform some twisting movements to allow the joints to stretch.

After the works finished, you should do exercises with a dedicated bicycle to reduce all stresses. I would recommend the bike from Peloton which is considered as the best cardio machine on the planet because it is attractive, addictive and seriously whips you into shape. Besides, Peloton offers attached accessories to help you experience the most interesting workout. During covid, you should better be preparing home-gym equipment to train yourself at home safely.

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7. Use music properly

At your company, if you want to listen to a song you love, you can just wear your own headphones. On the contrary, at home you can turn up anything you want to hear. However, the advice of some experts is to listen to what you do not understand, which means that you do not listen to songs with familiar lyrics. Tip from these experts is that you should listen to video game music, instrumental music or Rap music which the lyrics runs quick so that you don't understand what the singer is singing.


In brief, at the time of the complicated global Covid-19 pandemic, working at home is an appropriate method applied by many businesses to limit exposure and spread of disease in the community. Therefore, if you have a reasonable plan, adapting and ensuring work efficiency when changing the working environment from office to home is not too difficult. And remember, wear a facemask when you have to necessarily go out.

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