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Things You Absolutely Should Not Do on Halloween

Halloween is held every year on the last day of October (October 31) and begins in the evening and lasts until 12 midnight. Although Halloween is a festival to have fun and according to the concept, this is the day when the devil can freely walk in the world. So to avoid unnecessary disasters, we also need to pay attention to the following things to be taboo on Halloween

Things You Absolutely Should Not Do On Halloween

Avoid meeting black cats

Although the black cat is a symbol of Halloween, the black cat is considered by many countries to be a sign of bad luck as well as being dark and somewhat spooky, so they choose to stay away from cats black on Halloween. In Belgium and Spain, everyone avoids meeting black cats because they bring bad luck to those who meet them. According to the concept of the Church, black cats are a pair with witches, when they pass in front of you, it means that illness will come. 

Avoid using sharp, sharp objects such as knives, scissors...

During the Halloween festival, many countries have the habit of not carrying sharp materials such as knives, and scissors... to avoid encountering bad luck. Because they believe that bringing these things out on the street will hurt the souls wandering on this evil holiday. 

Don't go under built-in ladders

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Each place has a conception for the image of a ladder, but most concepts advise us not to go under the built-in inclined ladder. The concept of European countries that going under the stairs is like opening the door to the devil, this is extremely taboo on Halloween. There are also some reasons that guests think that the image of the built-in ladder is similar to the image of the gallows, a punishment for criminals, so it is also an unlucky thing to avoid doing.  

Do not wander alone in the vacant land

Like the month of ghosts, Halloween is the day when souls are allowed to go to earth freely, so if you do not want to meet these spirits, it is best not to wander alone in deserted places or vacant lots. 

Do not answer calls from behind

Many people assume that it is because spirits are teasing you if you answer then you will have bad luck. Besides, some beliefs say that answering back can cause the devil to capture your soul. 

Don't hit other people's pumpkin lights

Lanterns are hung on Halloween

According to the custom of European people, on Halloween, each person will make a pumpkin lamp. With the main meaning of being a guide for Jack's soul, according to legend, this is the character who saved the devil and received a promise that he would not be taken to hell. But because death and heaven did not accept him, Jack had to stay on earth.

That's why Europeans think not to knock or hit anything on the jack-o'-lantern because if you're unlucky, you'll knock on Jack's lamp. 

Do not let children go out at night during Halloween

For homes with young children, this should be kept in mind. Statistics show that more children go missing on this day than any other holiday of the year. Keep an eye on your kids on Halloween this year! 

Avoid spilling salt on the floor

According to the concept of church culture, this action is similar to that of the traitor Judas when the last meal with Jesus took place. Therefore, it is believed that if you spill salt, bad things will happen to you.

There is also another, simpler theory, explaining that salt is represented by the sacred, the value should be knocked down as a bad omen.

But if you have accidentally poured salt, remember to take a small pinch and throw it over your left shoulder, this also means that the devil hiding behind you will be attacked. 

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