The Easiest Way To Hunt For Sale On Amazon

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, especially during the pandemic, customers are afraid to go out to shop. Therefore, the trend of the future is online shopping. Amazon is one of the world's leading online shopping platforms. They offer a wide variety of products. You can easily find any product on Amazon and at the same time, this guy also offers a lot of special coupons, promotions, and discounts for users. This article will show you the easiest way to hunt for sales on Amazon.

Sign up for a 30-day Amazon Prime trial

Amazon gives you a 30-day Prime experience, and if you don't like it, take the opportunity to become a member to enjoy exclusive deals. As a member, you will get free shipping with Prime-labelled items and be able to schedule delivery according to your desired date and time. In addition, you also receive many other privileges such as watching TV, reading books, listening to music, etc

Sign up for a 30-day Amazon Prime trial



“Subscribe and save” for frequently used products

If you are an Amazon Prime member, "Subscribe and save" is very economical when buying on Amazon. You can order recurring delivery with a discount of 10-15%. You can change or cancel your order whenever you want at no extra cost.

Get deals on baby products from Amazon Family

Whether you're an Amazon Prime member or not, you can order baby products at a discount, cheaper than buying from supermarkets or other stores. But Amazon has better promotions with members, such as always 15% off baby diapers and wet wipes, and many other products.

Shop daily sales with Today's Deals

Every day on Amazon there are products on sale in the Today's Deals section. The sale items are quite rich and diverse, so you should remember to check the sale items every day to find the best product for you.

Amazon Prime Student for students

If you are a student, just pay the Amazon Prime membership fee of $3/month, which is half cheaper than a regular member. However, you need to go through the steps to confirm the email of the course and take a photo of your student card to be able to register.

Amazon outlet

Like traditional outlet centers, Amazon also has a separate center for new but outdated products, inventory. And please visit the outlet or clearance section to see if there are any items you can buy.

Amazon outlet

Buy/sell used goods on Amazon

At Amazon, you can buy or sell old items you no longer need. For old items you want to buy, please see the description of the condition of the goods to consider choosing the right product for you.

Exchangeable in 30 days

Amazon has a policy of returning goods if the product does not meet your requirements. Before deciding to buy an item, you should carefully review the terms and conditions of return and exchange for each specific product.

Buy cheap add-ons

For items with a cheap price of about $5, you will sometimes have to pay a shipping fee equivalent to the value of the item. Therefore, you should take advantage of choosing to add one to another item so that your order is more than $20, Amazon will freeship for you.

Hunt for sale on Amazon during the holidays

On major holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, New Year... Amazon has many cheap sales products. You should take advantage of the sale on occasions like this to own the item you like, at a cheaper price than outside the store.

Take advantage of the coupon/promotion attached below the product price

When buying, you should check these coupons, if you can use any, you should apply them. It's not much, but it does save some money.

Buy an Amazon Prime Pantry box

You need to pay a $4 handling and shipping fee for a box of cosmetics, drinks, skincare products, baby supplies... with many 10-20% discount promotions depending on each batch. This way of shopping is quite convenient, helping to minimize time and effort compared to going to the supermarket. However, the program is only available to Prime members.

Earn Amazon points

When you shop on Amazon, you can accumulate points gradually, if you pay with Amazon's credit card or some other reward program, you will earn more points, you can learn more.


Here are some helpful ways to make it super easy to watch on Amazon. Hopefully, the article has brought useful and useful knowledge to help you find the latest promotions, discount codes, and gifts from Amazon. If you want to find a lot of Amazon discount codes without having to search from many different sources, you can search for websites specializing in discount codes like to update the latest programs such as Labor Day sale on this occasion.


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